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  1. You know what most people don’t want to do? Take on the responsibility of functioning as their own bank. Banks and other FIs solve a lot of problems people typically have little time or interest for.
  2. Only one week? Several times this year I've had clearance times of two weeks.
  3. It’d be interesting if we had a resident billionaire, or a close approximation, to weigh in on that firsthand. Between some acquaintances that do estate management and investigative reporting, there seems to be a point where it’s akin to quantum mechanics. Rules and logic you and I are accustomed to with finance get turned sideways.
  4. 2008? “Interesting” monetary policy started long before bad private lending behavior and capital management near completely imploded the US economy. As an aside, I made good profits off that mess. Now I’d like to make good profits from institutions being smart.
  5. Countries outside of the US are cutting their own path, especially in Asia. For the North America crowd does anyone know what’s up with Mexico and Canada? I haven’t seen much of anything about either.
  6. As pointed out there, the numbers are somewhat opaque because many of the biggest accounts are the exchanges holding XRP for an unknown number of people, which puts you back to square one as far as figuring out how many individuals actually hold. Despite being in what I would consider the late early-adopter phase and so you would think people would be a little more wise, it's pretty clear there are a lot of derpy lunatics leaving whatever assets they hold on the exchanges. If that behavior were to change I think the 1.2M number would increase. There doesn't seem to be a good way to infer by how much however.
  7. Here's a classic from 2015 which gives you everything you need to know about Jed, along with some backstory on the history between Stellar and Ripple and XRP. The Race to Replace Bitcoin
  8. If it peaks at $10 USD nobody currently here is in the red and that’s a sufficient enough percentage increase even if your DCA is the ATH that any other investment would consider it a ? to the moon.
  9. Here's an easy mental test for the SEC to determine if XRP is a security: If they were to litigate Ripple into the ground, would XRP stop working? The answer is no. Question asked and answered. Now bring on the fat sacks of cash money.
  10. Business Insider Resorts To FUD As Tesla Streamlines Model 3 General Assembly Lines Here's a quick read which sounds awfully familiar as XRP usage gains traction via the efforts of Coil, Ripple, and the future-sighted maniacs which hang out on this board. When the coverage and complaints and lunacy are increasing in both volume and how outlandish the claims are, you might be onto something good.
  11. Given how badly BTC performed in Dec/Jan, figuring in the sort of load above and beyond that WU would create, and the fact all this Lightning work at least at the moment looks DOA for transfers above $0.03 I can see WU's marketing pitch for that rollout: "Now with our new blockchain solution your 5 day transfer only requires 20 days, and the fee is only $800, plus think of all that value you're storing in Brock and McAfees pockets."
  12. EOS has the stink of Brock on it. Whether or not it goes big doesn't matter to me, I won't touch it on moral grounds.
  13. From my rough eyeing of the market it would not surprise me if BTC hit the low $5k USD mark and dragged everything with it. I've been queuing up fiat the past several weeks for that scenario. However I didn't do the research and can't accurately predict the future so rolling the dice with even part of my stack out of excessive greed is absurd. After months of riding out lower price points and doing nothing but gradual accumulation while hunting for the bottom it would suck to screw up all that work were something unpredicted to be announced (ETH security ruling, anyone?) Here's a question for anyone considering doing this if it is such a sure thing: Is the OP and the "experts" willing to reimburse you for your losses if you sell half your stack and the market then moves in the complete opposite direction? If the answer is no then just stick to your current plan. If the answer is yes, get that in a signed and notarized contract first.
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