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  1. Who says we don't accept reality? I accepted reality when in Nov 2017 it was at 20 cents, when in Jan 2018 it was at 3.80 dollars, when now it is down 90%... come to think about it.. can one actually not accept reality? That would seem so.. unreal.. don't you think?
  2. Ik zou er graag bij zijn geweest, helaas zit ik dan al op Lowlands
  3. I referred to the last sentence in the first post where retep asked "if there would be enough money to let everybody cash out at 100 dollar".. This question was not really on track and therefore I explained one of the basics regarding supply and demand. I'm well aware of the fact that retail investors won't significantly change market prices individually..
  4. I really advice you to take some basic classes in supply and demand (no offense, just try to help) When you cash out, somebody has to be willing to buy this asset. If XRP hits let's say 100 dollars. Then total market cap would be around 10 trillion dollars, this does not mean that every owner of XRP could cash out at that instance (for 100 dollars). If everybody wants to cash out, the supply would be extremely high, whereas only a small portion of demand would want to pay this 100
  5. Question, do you know basic economics? Not everybody can cash out at 100, who would be the buyer then?
  6. Care to explain. I don't get your point sorry Emi tweeted that she was in Hong Kong yesterday.. The announcement of Ant Financial (Alipay) and Standard Chartered was in Hong Kong yesterday also.. We more or less hoped these two were connected.. Her next tweet was the one shown above, so no connection... yet..
  7. With this kind of effort for 1 post I'm not surprised you're only at 36 posts on xrpchat.. what a work!
  8. ? (easy 'likes' generator?)
  9. Hey peepz! First question, is there a certain goal for this club? I mean, no problem to join.. but how does this distinguish itself from for example the zerpening? Always wanted to be a knight though:P
  10. and enjoy! Try to learn from the experienced members here (i'm far from experienced still). Polite and sincere questions are (almost) always answered with detail and patience, truly nice chat this one!
  11. Definitely! The entire community enjoys videos and AMA's of Chris/Brad/David/Stefan/etc like a real treat! The recent Tour the Schwartz had this video of SlushTokyo with David and Stefan posted by Ripple, other appearences where taped by random guys in the audience.. Would be great to always see these performances on the Ripple channel of YouTube (high def).. These fill up my lunchbreaks at least..:P
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