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  1. @ecent posted this on another thread Well if we must know it seems he got the imagery from here -> http://bigthink.com/errors-we-live-by/sciences-mobile-army-of-metaphors
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if Ripple opened a local office in Charlotte soon.
  3. Wishful thinking here and probably not realistic but this is the chart pattern I would like to see from March through Dec once we have more PoC confirmations and we start seeing everyone want in on Xrapid at the same time.
  4. For the record I am pro-XRP an I like your posts. Keep'em coming! Different perspectives keep us balanced.
  5. Agreed, but once 2 or 3 big banks go public that they will be using xrp I think the others will be lining up almost instantanious to use xrp. In other words, the chart won't have this massive straight line it would look more like stairs. Which is fine with me as long as those stairs end at the moon.
  6. XrpAdvocate


    I also advocate for bitstamp. For me they set the bar for what I expect from an exchange. Wish coinbase would follow their lead.
  7. Happens all the time and that's why I believe we are "in" early on xrp. This hasn't gone mainstream yet and when it does it will be too late to make any meaningful gains. It's like google, Facebook or Amazon; sure you can buy stock now and make some money but nothing life changing like the hodl'ers who got in when it was under a $1.00. If things work out and I have all the confidence they will we will have life changing money real soon! All too often I see my friends and family have a sheep mentality, what is cool to them is what's cool to everyone at the time. They listen too much to the media and what they read and don't research things on their own and look for multiple sources to confirm if something is true or not. I believe that most of the members here are thought leaders who have done their research and due diligence.
  8. Do you have a debit card? I read those are still good on coinbase. You can also go into Canadian group on this forum and ask them, I know they have recently opened a couple of exchanges that deal in both usd and cad. Best of luck but don't rush we are on a price spike right now I would suggest you buy into the dip.
  9. $25 without regulation this year, $500 if goverment regulation of cryptos/digital assets happens this year.
  10. That would be insane! Can you imagine where the price would go to literally overnight.
  11. No one ever made life changing gains without taking risk. The question is are you comfortable with that risk. I have kicked myself plenty of times for taking advice from others and not getting in on bitcoin in 2014. I live with regrets. Do your research make your decision on your own. Some level of risk is healthy IMHO.
  12. 42, looking to be debt free and spend more time with the kids and not stress about my job. Always dreamed of having F U money if you know what I mean. Mid-level manager here and tired of taking crap from hi level management that haven't figured out the better you treat your employees the harder they will work for you.
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