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  1. IS THIS MORE SARCASM?! IM LEGIT CONFUSED RIGHT NOW. @zenkert @LilBender @RubMyXRPs am I thinking of the wrong person?!
  2. Hold the **** up. I can’t tell if this is the most subtle sarcasm I’ve ever read, or if you’re serious. Since when are you bullish
  3. Woof. This thread is getting crazy
  4. My money has been coming back in all year long. Somebody ask me how that's going for me.
  5. I would venture a guess that eth and BTC have much higher wallet numbers than XRP because prettt much every single coin needs to be bought with either eth or BTC. It’s not that eth and BTC are being used more for their use case, they’re used to buy thousands of other coins
  6. Can somebody ELI5 how it would **** the crypto market if everybody dumped their tether into other coins?
  7. idk man more like 1 giant step forward, 10 medium size steps back, and 100 small steps back.
  8. Low. Been on this downtrend literally the entire year. 1 step forward 3 steps back.
  9. At this point you could tell me XRP would be .50 in a week and I wouldn't believe you
  10. Jesus you guys must have gigantic stacks for those goals. Price would have to stay down for a looooooooooooooong time for me to hit that
  11. I usually comment to try and defend Alex as just being passionate about his investment and trying to be involved in the community, but lately it's just seeming like an ill-informed money grab.
  12. Can’t wait for this joke of an announcement. Not sure what’s more annoying, uphold for announcing they have an announcement in hopes of hyping people up for some bs, or people actually getting hyped up over this bs.
  13. Ooooo any chance I could get the low down in a PM?
  14. I don't think he was comparing prices though. He was giving price increases. Not explicitly as percentages, but he gave price ranges so that we could easily compute the price % increases ourselves.
  15. I’m confused as to who’s side you’re on with this post ?‍♂️
  16. A few decades?! In a few decades probably even XRP will have been replaced by something better. No way in hell is BTC going to be be #1 for more than 2-3 years, let alone a few decades.
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