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  1. Wait 1 day and buy lower, or wait 2 days and buy even lower, or wait 3 days and buy even lower, and on and on. **** this market.
  2. XRP can't even form a solid floor at my break even point.
  3. Is nobody going to comment on the fact that Alex called himself prepubescent?
  4. You really don’t think XRP will ever hit $15? Or you’re going to sell before that
  5. You’re back!! I got the boot from discord and the bg123 club here because I said we should let you talk not sure if you heard, but kich came back and called them peasants 🤣
  6. Typically over 20% and a few months. I believe we'll be higher than we are now at some point though, so I might as well buy.
  7. Been buying the dip all year. Bought more yesterday. Tired of buying the dip
  8. I guess depends on how you define "moon" in A. I think in 5 years we are at least double digit. Not counting on it, but definitely wouldn't be surprised if we broke triple digits either.
  9. @dontsellmeadog what, I don’t get a response but everybody else does?!
  10. I'm marking your words just like we marked your $10 prediction LMAO
  11. Haha that’s awesome. I’ve heard that he actually doesn’t like being so closely associated with Biff. Didn’t/doesn’t want to be type cast I think. No idea if it’s true or not. Just another character to him, but a gigantic part of pop culture to everybody else.
  12. I thought it was, “I’ll start by saying I own a lot of XRP, but...”
  13. My timeline may have changed from 3-5 to 5-10, but I've always had a lower EOY expectation. I believe my EOY expectation when that thread was made was $2 something.
  14. You're probably right about the profit taking. Trying to time the market is too stressful for me. I'll just gonna ride this out for the next 5-10 years til I hit my targets or it goes bust.
  15. BiffTannen


    I don't understand how people fall for this unless they are either 5 years old or 95 years old
  16. While I agree with you that $589 EOY probably isn't going to happen, and at this point I'd be surprised if we were over $1 EOY, don't you get tired of constantly bashing the 589ers? It isn't the fact that you don't think $589 EOY will happen that people label you as a fudster. It's how you present yourself and the fact that pretty much every single post of yours is talking about how certain prices are not possible. I regularly say that at this point I'd be surprised if we were over $1 EOY and nobody calls me a fudster. Because it isn't the only thing I do and I'm not in a constant state of negativity. It's like you're subtly fishing for a reaction from the forum, and then when you get it you play like that wasn't your intent.
  17. Yup. Sell while you can. Going to crash to 0 SOON.
  18. It’s never going to be over a dollar. Only downhill from here
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