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  1. How did Dogecoin go from .01 to .008 and have an increase of 11.57%?
  2. At my exit price I would probably just drop a blown LS in my firebird and put down 7-800 to the ground and/or have a closed deck engine built for my STI and put down 5-600 to the ground. This would be after all of my debt has been paid off and I have finances set up to allow me to never work again.
  3. The pessimist in me tells me this will be a $20 asset in the next couple years because this would be life changing for me if it hit $100+. But I'm a greedy SOB so I won't sell until it hits $100+. I'll probably be holding forever.
  4. I never understood this argument either. Isn't this just like saying an un-cut pizza is worth more than a pizza cut into 8 pieces because there's more pizza slices available?
  5. I plan on accumulating my holdings to 15k XRP so unless we see a crazy jump past 3 dollars, I'll probably buy up to $3.
  6. I wonder what the tax implications of something like that would be. Since you never really sell the XRP you have no wherewithal to pay taxes. It's just an exchange transaction.
  7. I plan on setting a stop loss at $100 for 20% of my XRP once I feel it has established a decent base above $100. I'll pay down my mortgage with that.
  8. Weren't you just talking crap about XRP a few weeks ago?
  9. I like your old picture better. Reminded me of a genie. Which then always made me read the first part of your name as Jinn. Idk where I'm going with this.
  10. My Master card does the same thing now $20 MF dollars. What a scam. Now I just use my debit card
  11. I think this is realistic. Obviously would love more, but this seems realistic to me.
  12. Prepare to be chastised. oh and then have your XRP stolen
  13. Don't worry I'm going to either buy or sell a random amount of XRP. Now nobody will know exactly how much I own again and I'll be safe from having them stolen
  14. Listen, I'm not here to make enemies. If I had known that I'd get such strong reactions to this I never would have made it. If a mod would just delete this thread I'd be more than happy.
  15. You're lucky I don't know how much you have otherwise I would have stolen them by now
  16. Jammed up my thread? As if I've had some sinister plot foiled. My second post after somebody told me there was already a thread like this was asking how do I delete the thread. You might need to put your tinfoil hat back on if you think "tax and law enforcement authorities" are checking to see how much XRP you have. You're just looking for a way to be offended. Like I said before if you don't want to post how much XRP you have then just don't. I'm not holding a gun to your head. And is saying how much XRP you have the secret key to letting them be stolen? Like if somebody wanted to steal your XRP they would just be SOL unless you posted the amount in a thread? If somebody wanted to steal XRP and knew of a way to do it via an open forum don't you think they would just steal from everybody, especially the major forum members here that obviously have more than the average Joe? It doesn't take a genius to know that the major posters on the forum, and you know who I'm talking about, own more XRP than the average Joe. So why wouldn't hackers have stolen their XRP by now? Is it because they don't know exactly how much XRP they have and that's the secret key to stealing XRP? orrrrr is it because simply knowing that somebody owns XRP doesn't make them able to be stolen? Ya'll need to come back to reality, posting how much XRP you have does not make you anymore susceptible to having them stolen than just being on the forum, period. And before anybody comes back and says that posting how much you own puts a target on your back, then all you major posters on here better just delete your account now because like I said before it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you own a substantial amount of XRP and by this logic you've put a target on your back just by being so involved in the community.
  17. I would hardly call posting on an open forum a question about how much people own the same as asking somebody directly how much they make. If I called specific people out and asked them how much they in particular own then yes that would be uncalled for. I prefaced my OP stating that some people are weird about posting how much they own. If somebody is not comfortable with posting how much they own then they can simply not reply with how much they own. But either way I guess I'll add a disclaimer to this post and my OP DISCLAIMER!!! IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE SHARING HOW MUCH YOU OWN PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T TELL ME OR ANYBODY ELSE.
  18. Well **** how do I delete my thread po op is censored?
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