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  1. What are your selling points? Chicken broke my heart earlier saying he's selling 50% at $30. Makes me lose faith in my $100 price point
  2. It hurts me to hear you say you'll sell half at $30
  3. I like your snoopy pictures. Have you ever been to the twin cities? Lots of really cool Peanuts statues all over the cities.
  4. Eh oh well. Long run we’ll be good. I bought more just now at 1.11. Next few days, weeks, or months don’t matter as long as you hold your position.
  5. Did I ever tell y’all when I wanted to invest in apple back before the 7-1 split and it was like $70 bucks? This was when the first iPhone was about to come out and I thought man with this innovative technology aapl is bound to be a good investment. My “financial advisor” said it was risky and talked me out of it. I feel like XRP is as innovative if not more than AAPL at that time. TL:DR I feel great about ripple and it’s network. And never ever work with Edward jones. Burned me twice. Their “advisors” are a joke.
  6. I get hit with some "International transfer fee" or some crap like that. But it's only like $2
  7. Has anybody ever heard about Coinvest? Sounds like it could be a pretty neat exchange. They have crowdsale this Friday. I've been curious about putting a small amount into them but I never hear about them...
  8. How did Dogecoin go from .01 to .008 and have an increase of 11.57%?
  9. At my exit price I would probably just drop a blown LS in my firebird and put down 7-800 to the ground and/or have a closed deck engine built for my STI and put down 5-600 to the ground. This would be after all of my debt has been paid off and I have finances set up to allow me to never work again.
  10. The pessimist in me tells me this will be a $20 asset in the next couple years because this would be life changing for me if it hit $100+. But I'm a greedy SOB so I won't sell until it hits $100+. I'll probably be holding forever.
  11. I never understood this argument either. Isn't this just like saying an un-cut pizza is worth more than a pizza cut into 8 pieces because there's more pizza slices available?
  12. I plan on accumulating my holdings to 15k XRP so unless we see a crazy jump past 3 dollars, I'll probably buy up to $3.
  13. I wonder what the tax implications of something like that would be. Since you never really sell the XRP you have no wherewithal to pay taxes. It's just an exchange transaction.
  14. I plan on setting a stop loss at $100 for 20% of my XRP once I feel it has established a decent base above $100. I'll pay down my mortgage with that.
  15. Weren't you just talking crap about XRP a few weeks ago?
  16. I like your old picture better. Reminded me of a genie. Which then always made me read the first part of your name as Jinn. Idk where I'm going with this.
  17. My Master card does the same thing now $20 MF dollars. What a scam. Now I just use my debit card
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