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  1. It's the new .25 until we drop back down to .25. Give it a few weeks.
  2. Ah didn't know there was a 4% fee with CCs
  3. I wouldn't say that necessarily. If the fees were the same as debit and it didn't count as a "cash advance", I would use a credit card over debit card to get the points. He just might not feel comfortable linking his bank account.
  4. They’ve hit the goldmine of information right here
  5. I can't wait to hear all the excuses come end of year as to why we haven't even hit $1, let alone $50 or $589. Maybe I'll make a new screen name in 2019 so I can come back as the new trolling prophet. I mean I already have the insider information, I just wish I could say more.
  6. His "Insider" he was following that predicted a 24 hour run to $50 in late November/early December.
  7. Don't worry about him, he's all butthurt because his lord and savior Kich came back to Discord to call them all peasants, right before he disapeared forever. He's not capable of having a rational conversation. Only resorting to name calling.
  8. Idk how many times the community has to be burned before they decide to be skeptical from these "insiders". It's becoming a ridiculous joke at this point. Get some verifiable for once people. If you are that trusting that you don't need proof somebody is an insider, then boy do I have some insider information for you. Straight from the top. Garlinghouse, Bezos, Cook, all on speed dial. Just let me know what you want me to ask them.
  9. Gotta get them views. Views are more important than substantiating somebody's claim to be an insider. With that being said, my insider said we'll be at $15 in 72 hours. Hold on to your butts! I wish I could say more.
  10. Sorry to hear that man. I'm VERY good friends with somebody on the inside of BOA and he personally knows the CEO. He says he's sorry for the $120 bag of jerky, but he also says he wishes he could say more about XRP.
  11. God I wish I could say more guys. Hang on and I'll make some cryptic drawing
  12. Wait 1 day and buy lower, or wait 2 days and buy even lower, or wait 3 days and buy even lower, and on and on. **** this market.
  13. XRP can't even form a solid floor at my break even point.
  14. Is nobody going to comment on the fact that Alex called himself prepubescent?
  15. You really don’t think XRP will ever hit $15? Or you’re going to sell before that
  16. You’re back!! I got the boot from discord and the bg123 club here because I said we should let you talk not sure if you heard, but kich came back and called them peasants 🤣
  17. Typically over 20% and a few months. I believe we'll be higher than we are now at some point though, so I might as well buy.
  18. Been buying the dip all year. Bought more yesterday. Tired of buying the dip
  19. I guess depends on how you define "moon" in A. I think in 5 years we are at least double digit. Not counting on it, but definitely wouldn't be surprised if we broke triple digits either.
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