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  1. 26 minutes ago, Dymac said:

    1. Claire Arthurs Kart made Head of Community and goes on XRPChat and Twitter..

    2. Claire Arthurs Kart gets XRP symbol changed.

    3. Claire Arthurs Kart disappears.

    4. Miguel Dissapperance.

    5. Bob Way comes out of nowhere and provides massive amounts of info on Ripple and XRP.

    6. JK dericks.

    7. XRPTrump Dissappears.



    Feel free to add


    8. Claire Arthurs makes a bunch is really stupid tweets, embarrassing Ripple

  2. 13 minutes ago, Freaky said:

    Blessing in disguise for them, they can sell on Amazon as well. Even more exposure. 

    I don't think that reference is the same though with Ripple and SWIFT.

    These companies pay amazon for the right to sell. 

    Similar analogy in the future could be Swift partnering with Ripple to utilize the network. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, Freaky said:

    SWIFT is an old boys club run by some very wealthy and powerful men. It's not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

    11,000+ banks are using it.

    I think the same thing was said about brick and mortar stores 

  4. 27 minutes ago, GoldenGoose said:

    I think XRP will be left behind. All other digital assets are currently enjoying ubiquitous adoption, due to clear use cases and outstanding teams behind them. And they never sell any of their personal stash. XRP is the only scam.

    And like most things from the 1970's (e.g., Disco, shag carpet, leisure suits, wood-paneled station wagons), you really can't improve upon the SWIFT Network. It's a model of speed, transparency, and efficiency . . . all at an affordable cost. I've used it countless times for wires from the USA to Europe, anytime I have absolutely, positively had to get money there eventually. Then again, I'm like a kid at Christmas; I like surprises. 

    Can’t tell if you’re joking or not 

  5. Honestly, @Dario_os response says it all. This has been discussed beyond enough times. If you can't do enough research to type in a search bar for this question, you should probably not be investing in literally anything. You're either a troll, or just somebody that is extremely lazy and shouldn't be investing because they can't be bothered to do something as simple as use a search bar. 

  6. Just now, BiffTannen said:

    I'll preface with I've been drinking, but I personally don't give a **** what good news is out there or who supports XRP. We could be named the new world currency for all I care, but as long as we're being manipulated into 30 cents it doesn't really matter to me. I'm in this for the money. 

    I'm a miserable person right now so ignore me

  7. 2 hours ago, RegalChicken said:

    My initial 100% cash out price in January 2018 was $10-12.
    As things went awry, I had figured I'd sell around 10% at $5 last summer.  
    I've spent 2 years adding to my stack now, and learning about what is going on in crypto, Ripple, and XRP. (as well as fintech, in general).

    What I am seeing, I believe, is the same thing that happened to traditional media.
    I think current fintech is on pace to absolutely destroy banks in the way that blogs, websites, and modern online media killed newspapers.

    I think Robinhoods, squares, binances, Upholds etc could kill the banks and exchanges the way Amazon.com has killed retail brick and mortar. 

    So currently I have no sells planned under $48.

    I can appreciate that

  8. 1 hour ago, ImTheRippler said:

    I’ll do you one better, I’ll bet you 10000 XRP you can’t hold your breath until December 31. Let me know if you’re interested!

    As expected I get a 7 year old response hahaha so pathetic. Well good luck with your fantasy and false prophets. 

    If you ever want to grow up, I’d be glad to up that wager to 10,000 XRP that XRP doesn’t hit $50 by eoy

  9. 5 hours ago, ImTheRippler said:

    Whether the prediction comes true is secondary to the facts presented

    What facts have been presented by any of these frauds? And you never responded if you want to test your faith and bet me 2,000 XRP that we don’t hit $50 by EOY. Your false profits have presented literally no facts, unless you consider the fact that they have been lying and manipulating people. In that case yes, two of them have presented some facts. 

    So I ask again. Do you want to test your faith and bet me 2,000 XRP that we don’t hit $50 by eoy, or are you going to respond with some 7 year old response by name calling?

  10. 5 hours ago, xSODAx said:

    what does this mean?


    1 hour ago, Dymac said:

    They all had their own prices predictions by EOY I believe

    I'm not sure what RR's prediction was, but Kich predicted $50 by late Nov/early Dec. and we all know what the original troll stated for EOY

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