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  1. 8. Claire Arthurs makes a bunch is really stupid tweets, embarrassing Ripple
  2. These companies pay amazon for the right to sell. Similar analogy in the future could be Swift partnering with Ripple to utilize the network.
  3. Yea but they lost a gigantic share of the market. To amazon alone
  4. I think the same thing was said about brick and mortar stores
  5. At this point I’m hanging my hat on the fact that the market moves as one. If bitcoin ever has another bull run, XRP will follow just like every other alt. Fundamentals have zero play in this market (right now) as far as I’m concerned.
  6. haha hey man, yea I've been lurking a bit, but trying to stay off the forum. Dealing with more pressing life/relationship issues for awhile now. Hope you're well.
  7. Honestly, @Dario_os response says it all. This has been discussed beyond enough times. If you can't do enough research to type in a search bar for this question, you should probably not be investing in literally anything. You're either a troll, or just somebody that is extremely lazy and shouldn't be investing because they can't be bothered to do something as simple as use a search bar.
  8. Granted I've been drinking, but I can't find the form...
  9. BiffTannen

    Hi! I'm Bob

    David liked my post and it made my year. I feel like I got an autograph from a young Steve Jobs. Ima frame this screenshot if I ever get out of the red with XRP
  10. BiffTannen

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @JoelKatz Hi Joel
  11. I have a hard time with a “real potential” price considering the fact that an absolutely useless piece of **** like bitcoin managed to reach $20k, let alone $1. XRP could reach $1 trillion dollars per XRP with the logic that brought that piece of **** bitcoin to $20k
  12. I'll preface with I've been drinking, but I personally don't give a **** what good news is out there or who supports XRP. We could be named the new world currency for all I care, but as long as we're being manipulated into 30 cents it doesn't really matter to me. I'm in this for the money.
  13. I believe that’s a wash sale and not eligible to take a loss on
  14. As expected I get a 7 year old response hahaha so pathetic. Well good luck with your fantasy and false prophets. If you ever want to grow up, I’d be glad to up that wager to 10,000 XRP that XRP doesn’t hit $50 by eoy
  15. What facts have been presented by any of these frauds? And you never responded if you want to test your faith and bet me 2,000 XRP that we don’t hit $50 by EOY. Your false profits have presented literally no facts, unless you consider the fact that they have been lying and manipulating people. In that case yes, two of them have presented some facts. So I ask again. Do you want to test your faith and bet me 2,000 XRP that we don’t hit $50 by eoy, or are you going to respond with some 7 year old response by name calling?
  16. I'm not sure what RR's prediction was, but Kich predicted $50 by late Nov/early Dec. and we all know what the original troll stated for EOY
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