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  1. Up until we go down, then down until we go up
  2. I trust my ledger more than I trust myself to securely generate a paper wallet. If I was more computer savvy I might do paper wallets. Ledger is so convenient though and I have trust in it.
  3. Do you think there will be a difference for XRP holders since it was the ERC version of EOS that was in question and not the new EOS coins?
  4. Sweet!! A nice convenient quick way for the average Joe to lose half the value of their investment in a few days. This is incredible!
  5. "Keep an eye out for more high-profile partnerships to emerge from Ripple Labs during the balance of this year" Congrats Ripple Labs you're killing it! and you're also killing my MFin portfolio.
  6. You mean to tell me that Corda is just another SBI, Bakt, CNY, Wallstreet Bonus?!!!!! Tell me it ain't so! I'm SHOCKED!
  7. I can’t believe bakt is still being talked about in a positive light. I’d be SHOCKED if it resulted in anything other than a negative impact on the price. Just another CNY, Wall Street bonus, coinbase, and every other event. For gods sake MG resulted in a whopping 5% that reversed a day later. XRP community is becoming a desperate circle jerk cult in constant confirmation bias. I want XRP to succeed as much as anybody but Jesus Christ wake up. Nothing that has been circle jerked on in the last TWO YEARS has helped the price. XRP will rise when the rest of the Alts rise. That’s IT for the time being and the near future at least.
  8. I'm out of the loop on this. Institutions now have to buy on the open market?
  9. He’s lucky he sold it before I could hack him and steel his XRP
  10. Algo says tomorrow. This is how we move. @TheXRPNinja
  11. I'll wait for Arrington to tweet again before I get very mildly excited
  12. haha accidentally posted that thinking this was the zerpening. But that's a moto I live my life by
  13. My DCA is .86, so I guess 50% would be more accurate. I'm used to saying 60-70% since that's what it was for the longest time.
  14. lmao that was spot on "Oh mah gawd" lmaoooooooo
  15. On a side note I wonder how CKJ is handling the tax implications for these donations. If he's receiving XRP from people to donate, the XRP he's received still counts towards his gross income and he needs to pay taxes on it.
  16. Is there a video of SamIam saying this or a tweet?
  17. Is the effect a lower price? Aren’t the OTC sales just dumped on the open market driving prices down even more?
  18. 8. Claire Arthurs makes a bunch is really stupid tweets, embarrassing Ripple
  19. These companies pay amazon for the right to sell. Similar analogy in the future could be Swift partnering with Ripple to utilize the network.
  20. Yea but they lost a gigantic share of the market. To amazon alone
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