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  1. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if one day I woke up and xrp was at $1000. well obviously I’d sell as I’d have multi millions, but where the hell do u put that kind of money straight away??
  2. I’m saying I have absolutely no clue about my investment and what the Fvck it’s gonna do 😂
  3. What made Eth so special to get to 1200 and xrp can’t?
  4. Property portfolio returning 6% is £60,000 a year, surely you could live on that?
  5. Only way for me to get remotely close to millionaire If the price goes up because if I had access to them I would sell way to early. Don’t want to cash out at £10 when a few months later there at £250+ And I could retire with a lovely property portfolio bringing me in £10,000 a month. That is the dream, time will tell.
  6. will xrp make me money? Quite possibly, will it crash and burn? Quite possibly. are my xrp locked up to stop me selling early? yes they are, so the chances of me making a lot of money are high depending on what price xrp reaches upon not crashing and burning. IMO the odds of xrp making me millions are similar of that of winning the lottery, very slim. something better always comes along and with the slow progress of xrp (price wise) it probably won’t be long until it has serious competition. all obviously just in my opinion which I believe I am entitled to??
  7. Why?? Because we will never see the gains that we saw over that time again, ever. (In that short a time anyway) Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be wrong and see those returns again (sooner the better) as I’d be retired a multi-multi millionaire 😀 however I don’t have that kind of luck
  8. Xrp will never reach 200 in my lifetime I bet (32yrs old) maybe 20 in 10yrs + I hope to god I’m so wrong on this 😬
  9. Maybe he was given a boatload of xrp on joining, knows it’s going to 589 very soon and can retire a multi-multi millionaire on this number so jacked his job in 😂
  10. It won’t even make $5 in the next decade, I’m only keeping mine on the off chance it goes on a mega bull run. Iv pretty much wrote the investment off now as it’s doing nothing and don’t see it doing a lot more than that.
  11. My luck it would hit that as soon as I sold. i don’t need the money so price really is irrelevant at the minute, however I may of allowed myself to dream a bit too much of what il do with my riches as I hold a decent amount, I’m sure if being honest I’m not the only person on here to do this. So after all maybe I’m not going to be out and we may hit multiples of a £1, good luck all I wish us all the best. Now if only I could forget about them for a few years 😂
  12. Yes I think you are right on this one. Far too emotionally attached to my xrp clearly.
  13. Yes mate exactly that, I need attention don’t I because I’m sad that my investment didn’t work out and I’m not going to make the millions I thought we all would. Please please tell me everything’s going to be ok??
  14. Not exaggerating it’s a clear typo which should say 1.5yrs not 2.5yrs. An easy check on my past posts would of made this quite clear
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