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  1. Just to be clear, it was a fake app calling itself MetaMask not actually from the website MetaMask.io.
  2. Why is this so clear to me and not to him? Is there an alternative view I'm missing here?
  3. He may not realize that money is actually just credit for bartering goods and service. I guess we are too far removed from this fact to remember it
  4. Or you could simply increase the maximum number of transactions per second to increase liquidity. This is a traditional problem to a non-traditional solution. Not even relevant. Also, your definition of currency is archaic in this context. XRP is a settlement currency, not intended to be a spending currency. Even if you settle in XRP; you'd still need a nation-state to adopt it as the national currency in order to spend it locally (or have it be a complimentary currency at the very least)....otherwise you'd need to sell the XRP to spend it. I think sounding the alarm bells of a future world dominated by XRP causing an even more future liquidity crisis isn't practical. And even in that scenario, refer to my first point about increasing the transaction speed to increase liquidity. You don't actually need to hold XRP to use XRP or have it increase in value either.
  5. Earthport has a preferential deal with Ripple that predates exclusivity contracts. Earthport was one of the first Ripple gateways The value of said deal to whomever owns the contract increases proportionally to the volume of transactions being done this way. You can put the rest together Also earthport infrastructure is valuable in right hands and that alone would cover cost of the deal .
  6. I just saw this post. Are you sure he didn't have the plausible deniability on? He may need to put a second password. I'm actually almost 100% sure this is the case. Edit: I didn't see your post. It seems I was wrong but this may be helpful for someone else. The new desktop software (the one with graphs and stuff) will help with hardware syncing issues. I had the same driver issue on multiple devices. It wouldn't pick-up my nano after entering the pin. I would had to download this secondary software for it to work. Problem was, it gave me an error when sending XRP but it actually worked so I ended up double spending. Yes. Nano drivers are buggy.
  7. My point being is at some point won't XRP be sufficiently differentiated that the old decision to just hop onboard the crypto exchange infrastructure no longer makes sense? How inherently dependent are we on crypto exchanges?
  8. Interesting. Seems too soon for them to be giving up on b2b connect. Maybe they're integrating earthport somehow? It would just be totally dumb to buy earthport for such a high price (300% over share price) and not be planning on using their new DLT api connected to Ripple. Earthport API drastically reduces barriers to signing up & installing Ripple products. Especially given 2019 looks to be the year when many smaller banks join team Ripple, it would be a very odd move.
  9. When did they announce the hyperledger partnership? Because it seems Visa had bad luck in their blockchain experiments. May be a change of strategy? Or a two-pronged approach?
  10. I was wondering if there was a way if XRP could work without cryptocurrency exchanges. Maybe a traditional bank or a large corporate structure takes over the exchange's role in xRapid. In the simplest case, imagine say Google had an exchange for all fiat currencies and XRP. No other cryptos. Would this work? Nothing would stop multiple companies doing this as well. A large multi-national firm could even use their international payment accounts to self fund a large chunk of the initial currency investment. I'm mentioning this because it could be the fastest way to get off the Bitcoin leash. I'm wondering if anyone has given this any serious thought.
  11. This may be the biggest news I've heard in a long time that's not some pipe dream optimism. Visa is truly getting into the game.
  12. Does that mean oil is a security? How about USD? Is that a security? Because I know plenty of investors who buy both of those with the expectation of profit Whataboutism at its finest .
  13. It was explained to me by one of the Ant Miner engineers that a 51% attack would become increasingly difficult the more ledger validations that were done ie the further back in history a transaction is, the greater the % control needed. And any ledger alterations would be temporary This is just what I was told. I’m curious of any opinions on this
  14. After being around for over a year now, I’ve begun to believe that market maturity is when a random spike clicks in permanently due to market expectation and self-fulfillment. Its more of the age old chicken or the egg problem here
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