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  1. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    Yeah, in fact I was wondering how to "interact" with contracts. The DAO problem is true and real. By keeping the contract very simple you can decrease the risks. And the code has to be checked formally and lots of tests. About the cost of running the contract: the Ripple issuer can have a transfer fee, or the contract can apply a deposit/withdrawal fee. The money gained can be sent to someone that will pay the contract, or make the contract sell some BTC IOUs (gained from transfer fee) for XRP and pay itself.
  2. Ehehe yeah I know. The problem is that there are 20M bitcoin around, but there are much more than 20M people that want a "full" BTC, that's why the price is so high
  3. I think everybody forgot that BTC was at 1300 USD then fell back to 200 USD, then surged to 20000! I mean, if you were smart and lucky you could have sold at 1300 and bought back at 200, but even holding from 1300 was a nice return As I wrote in another post I think there will be at least two more "mainstream" waves, i.e. when cryptos will be more mainstream in some continents (africa, south america, part of asia, part of europe). It might be in 5 years, who knows.
  4. tulo

    When will XRapid actually go live?

    But it's too late [creepy music]...
  5. tulo

    What do I BUILD on Codius?!

    For good ideas you might want to try being super stoned instead.
  6. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    Yeah, not for HFT for sure. But it's not a big deal IMO.
  7. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    Nope, because that is only an interface. The secret never leaves your computer and the owner of the platforms cannot send any transaction. Moreover since it's on RCL you can choose the platform you want (gatehub, theworldexchange, rippleAPI, sign transactions by hand and send the blob).
  8. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    You have to build a very strong platform to interact with RCL and make it a smooth experience for the users. Then you can have advertisements around, and I think being the first real completely decentralized exchange can be a game changer. I would instantly trade there if it existed and many other friends think the same. Moreover there are already all the APIs (ripple-lib) and tools (ripple chart, ledger explorers, ...). Like 90% of the work is already done by Ripple .
  9. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    Yeah, with an ICO on Ripple...and the owners of the token get some of the fees back proportional to the token.
  10. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    So who is up for making a startup to build a REAL DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE on RCL and Codius ? @Sukrim @Graine @yxxyun @jn_r @Professor Hantzen
  11. Lol, as if banks saving money would buy food and homes to poor people .
  12. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    The problem is that it is not clear at which point the technology is (alpha? beta? expecting dragons? completely safe and working?) and if there is already some usage of it, i.e. someone needs hosts to run their software.
  13. tulo

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    I think having the users to set their price and devs pick their host is VERY DANGEROUS. You risk that a few huge actors will have all the contracts running, loosing any decentralization.