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  1. If you know when it's high and when it's low then you'd be milionaire. Doing that kind of bot it's easy but clearly it's not easy to tell when it's low and high ;).
  2. LOL... This makes me laugh and be sad at the same time. This is what people think about XRPL outside XRP community I'll add a bit about: 1) You can have a node or a validator. They run the same rippled code basically (OPEN SOURCE CODE JESUS!). The only difference is in the configuration. The simple node will only be "passive" in the network, but it will have access to all the data of the ledger. The validator can take part in the validation process as described in the papers. Validators use (a bit) more resources than normal nodes. 4) About the delay: actually it has never been taken into account in the theoretical framework nor in practical public tests afaik. I'm waiting about this from Ripple since years. Right now there hasn't been any problem related to this, but who know. But it will always be faster than Ethereum :).
  3. What did you use to rekey? Were you on MAC? What do you mean with "the original only half works now"?
  4. I must add that running a validator (or a ripple node) gives you a reliable source of data about XRPL. There are public servers but you can have a much faster connection to your own server. If you are running a busines that need to use XRPL, having a good performance validator/node is a must.
  5. Where did you come up that R3 uses XRP for corda? Did you read the article?
  6. As @KarmaCoverage already told you it is infact one of the two ways of creating not-anymore-controlled accounts. There are smart ways of using it as a feature, so I don't know if it is a "bug" because it's actually doing what the user requested, but maybe it's a "not nice feature" because users can get tricked. But setting regular key and disabling master are advanced features, so I believe who is using them knows how to deal with it.
  7. You want to invest 100k USD and you ask this kind of questions on a forum? Good luck.
  8. I tell you why I wouldn't build anything on RXPL (but my opinion is changing): XRPL was centralized until mid 2018. All the nodes in the UNL of basically every server were controlled by Ripple. You can understand that building a business with a piece of software that basically could stop anytime because it's owned by a single company is not that good (unless you sign contracts with this company and they guarantee you the service and so on). But in 2018 the things changed and we moved to decentralization which was awesome IMO. TPS: Ripple claims the XRPL can handle 1500 TPS but I haven't seen any theoretical nor practical proof of this. Imagine I build a decentralized exchange on XRPL and then 1M users sign up and we discover that XRPL can only handle 100TPS. It would be a disaster. Interfaces: ripple-lib seems the most advanced tool to interact with XRPL, but the documentation sucked until last year, and it is continuously changing making impossible (or very time/resource consuming) to build something with it. In 2018 we have seen lots of changes, but maybe next year Ripple will hire someone else and he will change everything again as already happened (3 times already). One can build their own tools to interact with rippled but since it's a very complex system it'd requires lot of work. But as I said things are getting better and better...so maybe it's just a matter of time.
  9. If you also consider the alignment of the planets and the mean temperature of Arizona correlated with the standard deviation of the Higg's boson speed I can predict a bear market.
  10. Excited to see what their minds will produce
  11. EDIT: there is an exception. If you are sure that you transaciton matched completely when placed, then you can check only for "balanceChanges" to have an easier way to get the mean price. But most of the time you can have part of your offer not matched so it's a very bad way of doing it.
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