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  1. Where does Toast calculate price from?

    Probably it takes the latest price in the market, or directly the top offer in the XRP:USD book.
  2. Unfortunately there is not much liquidity on XRPL to consider having a large fund to invest into MM. Also doing MM against XRP is still very risky because of the high volatility.
  3. Time to Build on Codius

    They have so much money they need to diversify.
  4. Coinbase double charge and reversal

    They have 20M customers, it's the biggest (and worst imo) exchange in the world
  5. Time to Build on Codius

    Was it you @MaxEntropy ?
  6. This weeks TOP Ripple news

    But then maybe in a month we'll see the 3x It's a weird market.
  7. National Bank to Bank Transfers

    If it is same banks it makes no sense. If it is same country but different bank it can make an impact.
  8. They use liquidity at exchanges, so: It's market price (the price at exchanges) It is subject to fees of the exchange. It is subject to slippage. It is subject to market spread.
  9. I don't get why people use coinbase. They have already astronomical fees not considering this issue. We are talking about 2-4%! Crazy. Is it possible that none come up with a good working and safe exchange with reasonable fees?
  10. Well strategies for arbitrage are easy, buy low in a market and sell high in another. Then there is triangular (and quadrangular, pentangular, ...) arbitrage. The difficult part is to find the right markets.
  11. Nano S... Receiving address on Nano itself?

    Only BTC app has that option, but I suggest everybody to install the ripple app, see the address, deposit there only 0.1XRP, check if you can send XRP from Ledger, then you can be sure the wallet is ok and you can copy that ripple address and use that all the time for deposits. Also be sure to check when doing payments, because Ledger team didn't say anything but a man-in-the-middle attack can work also for payments, where a corrupted app can tell ledger to make a payment to a different recipient.
  12. We don't have that problem in Europe Everyone has access to the most advanced health cares for free.
  13. I'm 29. Following Ripple and crypto since 2013.
  14. Yeah I agree...I'm planning to travel a bit now, but then I already have plans. I have a few ideas for a startup, I want to do some volunteering and since I quit my job lots of people are asking me for very interesting positions...let's see .