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  1. Yes, in many "explorers" I wasn't able to get data because they were probably connected to SDF nodes, but the network was on. Also many major exchanges probably use public nodes and weren't able to do deposit and withdrawals.
  2. https://status.stellar.org/ The network is down since 8 hours. Anyone with more news? Actually it seems only related to SDF validators and they say the network is up, but all the major exchanges can't process transactions on-chain.
  3. But exchanges are offering services you can't have in a decentralized fashion. Porting ERC-20 to XRPL basically means losing the decentralization of ETH network for what? Speed of transactions? So why not simply trade the ERC-20 on exchanges? You'll have 0 transaction fees, less bottleneck in number of transactions and much more services than XRPL.
  4. The backup code should work...especially if you already used it to restore the wallet? What's wrong with that?
  5. Why none has ported XRP to ETH as ERC-20 or to BSC? I think it would be muche better because you open XRP to a billions dollar market. The orther way around needs lot of bootstrapping. BTW it's not an easy task, since making it centralized would require lots of trust in the company which is hard to get in crypto. If someone will ever solve how to run a smart contract which can handle private keys...
  6. I wonder what Gary Gensler, the new SEC chairman, thinks personally and not politically about XRP and ETH, since he teaches blockchain technology at MIT. I think he's the right man to push for more clarifications in crypto space and maybe to allow crypto ETF which will push the prices to unprecedented levels.
  7. For broadcasted what do you mean? A transaction with local tesSuccess is always "broadcasted" i.e. relayed to other nodes in the network. But it might not be included in the ledger (the block equivalent in XRPL) i.e. the transaction is not succesfully applied. You need to parse the metadata as described in the documentation or as said by Hero you can check with rippled the transaction by using the HASH unless validated==true. I reccomend to also keep trace of the LastLedgerSequence when you submit the transaction, which is the maximum Ledger number where the transaction can be included. If t
  8. I think you can't do something on-ledger completely, but you can make it opensource and provably fair, for example using the hash of a ledger which can be considered pseudo-random. But somenoe need to program it, a server will be needed, a frontend, an UI...it's a non-trivial work. Maybe the wallet with the money can be a multi-sig with 5-7 trusted people from this forum, just trowing random ideas, but I don't like gambling and I wouldn't work on it .
  9. Also IOUs in XRPL have counterparty issues. Not leveraging smart contracts capabilities the users using IOUs have a (non small) risk of the gateway defaulting.
  10. It's still an issue using the instructions here: https://xrpl.org/update-rippled-manually-on-ubuntu.html It worked with the instructions provided by carlhua on github but they seems ad hoc only for 1.7.0.
  11. Love the idea, but why Ripple is always late? CBDC, Stablecoins, NFT, ...they always jump in late. Hopefully for CBDC is still a good timing.
  12. Why rich people are paying millions of dollars for an original DaVinci when you can have for 100$ an almost exact replica? You are paying for the original idea and concept and the name of the artist. I'd never buy it, but I can understand why people do it.
  13. https://github.com/ripple/rippled/issues/3783#event-4396584490
  14. Right now mainly yes. Useless tokens which take away liquidity to useful markets. Stupid and useless NFT tokens. Scams. But I believe there is a big potential. The biggest problem now is TPS and cost of transactions. If those will go down (for example with Flare and Avax) then a new world of possibilities will open.
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