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  1. tulo

    terPRE_SEQ and tesSUCCESS

    You can have terPRE_SEQ but the transaciton can later be succesfull...check carefully the metadata.
  2. tulo

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    On mercury website it's clearly written that users have to fund their account: https://www.mercury-fx.com/about-us/how-it-works. But if that means faster and cheaper rates it's worth it. I think we are not yet in the perfect scenario where xRapid can be used straight from bank to bank, but there are still some middlemen (the Mustard to Bitstamp for example). But if xRapid results better at least in some illiquid corridors it's a win.
  3. tulo

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    That would be nice, but there are still missing some important variables. Transaction of bitstamp? How did GBP-EUR conversion happened? Were there extra fees? Bitso has around 0.5% fee, was that already taken into account in the Bitso transaction, otherwise instead of 86633 MXN, it would be 86200.
  4. tulo

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Well they have very nice FX rate for GBP-MXN. For 5000 GBP it's 24.6874 which is 2.8% better than the first quote from Barclays (24.0159). So transferwise it's actually saving aroung 100GBP w.r.t. banks. For 50000 GBP it's 24.686 which is 2.1% better than the best bank (24.177) saving around 700 GBP. Now I'd like to compare time and rate with xRapid. Can we have a decent info or only random useless propaganda?
  5. tulo

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Not now but they are looking at the tech. I just would like a compare with transferwise because right now it's the fastest and cheapest technology for cross-border payments. Just saying it's cheaper and faster it's like saying: "Hey I build a transportation system that is 50 Km/h faster", but the compare was done with a bicycle and the reality is that it's way slower than a car or a train.
  6. tulo

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    They saved £79.17 w.r.t. what? I'd like a compare with transferwise. Also I'd like to see how did they perform in seconds. MXN payment locally can take seconds, but what about GBP. And which exchange was used in UK?
  7. The problem is having the history back to 2015. I have 20+ accounts and at least 1M+ transactions up to August 2015 I'll need to study and make a script that checks all the transactions of one account...or just rotate the accounts and lose 400 XRP.
  8. Let's say that the person who found the bug doesn't want anything from them, just inform about the bug. The problem is that if he tells them the vulnerability they'll find which accounts did that. If he doesn't tell them probably someone will sooner or later use that vulnerability and they'll again find out all the accounts that exploited that . But in this case it will be worst because someone can have exploited that badly with huge losses.
  9. Come on, this looks too much imo . Why do security researchers do that?
  10. I wouldn't ever send any security issue to US government since they treat security researchers as sh*t.
  11. But in any case I see a loss of time/money for nothing in return but "fame" .
  12. I'd like to hear your opinion about this topic. All the info are suppositions. Let's suppose that: I find a very severe security bug in a website/system The security bug can compromise the website/system very deeply They don't provide in the ToS or website any info or legal notes about bug report/bug bounty I attack the website/service causing minimal to no damage only to test the vulnerability. I attack using an account which can be lead back to my person I contact them via fake mail and don't receive any legally valid document that protects my data and my person in case of liability for "attacking" their system to test the vulnerability What should I do? How much is the risk of being sued in case I report the but technicalities and the account where I performed the attack (as happened for example in this case https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/20/dji-threatens-legal-action-researcher-reports-bug/). What is the legal protection for researchers that "attack" systems to test vulnerabilities?
  13. XRP is not a main currency, only FIAT, BTC and ETH . Also they have the shittiest API.
  14. For sure python is not well know for performance. If that is your goal go with C/C++ or assembly. BTW 25 folds seems more likely not optimized implementation.
  15. We can meet face to face...just remember to bring your hardware ledger and the 24 words recovery sheet .