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  1. We need more scientific approaches like this and less bullshits from cheerleaders in this forum. Thanks.
  2. tulo

    Bot trading with Gatehub

    I have zero experience with GUI except C#.
  3. tulo

    Bot trading with Gatehub

    Yeah, but I think that only integrates the API of different exchanges.
  4. tulo

    Bot trading with Gatehub

    Really? Well no tips for the competitors....joking . I'm working on beyond state of the art algorithms for all negatives cycles detection and generalized max flows to build the final arbitrage bot . Market making is not going very well...especially on XRPL. What I find awful right now is the low quality APIs offered by exchanges...any tip on that?
  5. tulo

    XRP adoption

    Exchanges can use a single address/wallet for XRP for all the customers, while for ETH and BTC they need one wallet each. So imagine one exchange with 1M customers, they can open one XRP wallet and 1M BTC wallets. Now multiply that for the number of exchanges out there
  6. So total XRP (or IOUs) can decrease. How is that working with invariant check? I thought in the case of payment of .00000001 to 10000000, the recipient won't change the amount owned, nor the sender.
  7. Cool, I din't know the triskelion was based on golden ratio.
  8. tulo

    Bot trading with Gatehub

    You can do part of the loop with a bot with Ripple-API, since Gatehub is a gateway on XRPL, but half of the loop has to be done manually. I run sort of arbitrage bot, but not to close the loop Bitstamp-Gatehub.
  9. I agree. The business model works. It's just the credibility and the regulamentation that leaves me some doubts. If they close and I loose all the XRP who will repay me? They are not a bank.
  10. 5% a year to lock my XRP and risk it on an exchange...no thanks! 5% a month...let's talk about it
  11. Because they voted in favor of brexit trying to fu*k the Europe and with a lot of ignorance. So if they want to be out of EU they'll have to loose all the economical advantages. It's too easy to keep only the advantages of being in EU without any duty/taxes IMO.
  12. OT: seems nice. Did you try it? What about the rates? Slippage? Can you tell us the results of a use case, because I might have some people interested. BTW that's xRapid made manually ;).
  13. I was expecting a prince involved .
  14. Probably not. But I'm not so sure. They'll have to discuss in the terms of the Brexit with the EU. I sincerely hope they loose any privilege of the EU market, including SEPA.
  15. What's an unregulated API? The guy was able to bring the pair down in minutes because the volumes are so tiny he was able with 1.5M$ to kill a market. It's not an API problem. Give me 1.5M$ to loose and I'll make the same with manual trades. Plus add that users use "advanced" features like stop loss and stop buy without knowing hot they work and the risks related. Tiny volumes + irresponsible users = possible market anomalies. It's not a matter of API.