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  1. People still don't understand that Facebook only developed the tech but they won't control any currency nor own any personal information on clients. To me the idea, the tech (we have to still see it in action) and the userbase are much better than XRP.
  2. Yes but...what is the point of this post? Are you looking for funds? Are you looking for developers? Are you looking for visibility? I don't get it. Just random ideas in a post. To me it might have potential, but it needs a shitload of funds as every decent game you want to develop.
  3. And it would be the only transaction that "releases" XRPL resources. It should be the opposite i.e. very cheap.
  4. Yeah so 3 tenth of something is "something" * 3/10 which is bigger than something * 1/10. Source: PhD in engineering. Source 2: type "100 millionths" in google.
  5. How can in the world be 1 millionth > 100 millionths? Substitute "millionth" with anything and it doesn't make any sense. Is 1 apple > 100 apples? Is 1 dollar > 100 dollars? BTW yes 1 milionth > 1 bilionth. And 1 thousandth > 1 millionth. So 100 millionths are closer to one thousandth.
  6. If you say 100 thousands you are multiplying one thousand (1000) by 100. So I don't get why 100 millionths you are DIVIDING one millionth by 100 instead of multiplying it. 100 millionths is = 100 x 0.000001 = 0.0001. In one hour it is 60x60x0.0001 = 0.36$. If you have 1M viewers for 1 hour it's actually 360k $. Not bad imo. But I don't get why people cannot decide the price for their stream and it's instead decided by coil. I'd pay much more for hodor reading than alexcob reading.
  7. The problem is that the graph shows the Tenitoshi liquidity index which is actually not clear what it is. It can also go negative according to the graph. So it's not the xrp volume which can be easily seen on coingecko and it is not increasing.
  8. Frontrunning is feasible. I have two "bots" that already exploited it in two different ways. They are profitable and IMO not fair. PS: bumping this topic for @nikb who asked for "solutions" or mitigations. The mitigation is described previously and it consists in changing the canonical order.
  9. I can answer one: "Frontrunning" is a possible "attack"! But right now it is not really considered an attack but an intrinsic property of the system. To me it is not an acceptable property but it's there and there are some ways of mitigating the problem as already discussed in a topic here, but Ripple seems to not be interested in fixing it.
  10. I have a few ideas BUT: I'm not really into rippled so they can be lots of bullshits For sure I'm not disclosing it in a public forum They require much more study of rippled For the other question @mDuo13 already explained. If the server ends the RAM, depending on hardware and software it could use swap but it's going to be much slower than RAM, risking in falling behind the consensus. Right now the RAM usage of my node (not validator and with medium-low settings) is using 10+ Gb of RAM which is high IMO, but not high for a server.
  11. Why not simply increase the fees based on memo size? After all XRP reserves and XRP fees should be used to "pay" the network resources. BTW I'm more worried by an attack which increases the memory (RAM) usage of the validators, which could really break the network.
  12. It is not clear yet how they bruteforced very strong passwords if they only obtained access to encrypted database. They are not telling all the truth.
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