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  1. When they say: does it mean that MoneyGram moved 10% of it's transaction via XRP or a generic ODL (which includes in part also XRP)? Not really clear.
  2. I think there is no solution at all, unless subscribing to all transactions. PS: the stream is ordered with increasing tx_count also if subscribed to a subset of transactions.
  3. PS: the gains of that account are not in the main account but in the 8 "satellites".
  4. It is, it depends where you live If you make 300$ and you live in china it is worth it. If you live in US probably it is not worth the effort.
  5. But some people were hacked with strong passwords. It's unlikely they bruteforced those.
  6. To me it is not clear yet HOW they got the funds from the leaked database. But I didn't read all this thread. Anyone with some info?
  7. It used to be public, but since 2 years or more it's private only, and I agree with that.
  8. I know it's a "bug". Now I'm sorry I mentioned that in the github issue because they'll fix it .
  9. That is a password to Ripple database. That database has moved to Gatehub for the migration which is now discontinued. The only chance I see is to recover the database which was unfortunately leeched from gatehub and see what you can do with it and your passphrase. I don't have any link for the database but it was circulating some time ago. I don't have any info on how that database is structured so I cannot help more than this. Prabably @Sukrim has a better understanding of it.
  10. This is true only for proposed transactions. Since I'm interested in validated transactions rippled knows exactly all the validated transactions when the ledger closes and streams them 1 by one immediately (a few ms after the ledger closes).
  11. Since I ask only for validated transactions, when the ledger closes rippled knows ALL the transactions it have to stream. Let's say it's 5 transactions. Rippled streams transaction by transaction. Since I'm doing everything asynchronously I'd like to know when I received the last transaction in the stream (i.e. the 5th) without having to put timeout or waiting for a new ledger to be sure all the stream is completed. It's "very" important to not lose any time. BTW I'm using ripple-api, which is based on rippled websocket api, so the stream is basically the same, a JSON response for each transaction. An option can be to "analyze" all incoming transactions which I know in advance the total number so I know when I'm done, but it's a waste of computation (and time) since I'm not interested in all the transactions.
  12. Very close Yes it's for circular payments. It's very clever and it shound't work this way, but apparently it works.
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