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  1. They claim 3ktps. But I'm a bit skeptical. But for sure they are pumping more transactions than xrpl.
  2. Yeah I think it's the same. Maybe some pyramidal scheme with btc involved.
  3. Since we don't know what really happened it's hard to tell. I'm not sure it's because of leaked gatehub database.
  4. Well it was not bad. 100 tps on 50943666. Any idea how much was the open ledger fee after that? BTW it seems that the fees escaleted after 4-5 ledgers. Is that expected behavior?
  5. @Gnosticplayers To prove it was you why don't you write some secrets of emptied walled? Otherwise it's bullsh!t from someone who want it's 15 min of "glory".
  6. This is what scares me the most. Sending millions of transactions means tens of thousands of pages. How can we do that?
  7. Because they don't know the laws?
  8. Yeah that was my starting point too...4-5 exchanges with good API, LIFO and a single country. I have my accountant which can follow me on the legal part.
  9. Hi, I write this topic because in part I need it and in part for a preliminar market research. Are you aware of any software which outputs all the paperwork for tax calculation for crypto in Europe (for the different countries)? If not how do you do it now and would you be interested in a software that can make it? I was planning to do a software that could interface with exchanges API and make everything automatically, especially when lots of exchanges and trades are involved.
  10. In Libra there are basically: Multiple entities running validator-like nodes. Those entities are decided by an association which includes many parties (private companies, universities, FIs, ...). Probably the members itself of the association will run the nodes, but this is not yet clear. It's very similar to XRP, the difference is that Libra is saying explicitly that in the first 5 years it will be a permissioned network, where the permission to join the network is decided by this association (which is not that bad IMO). XRP is theoretically permissionless, but actually everyont is using the same UNL list provided by a single company (Ripple). Also Ripple owns 20%+ of validators which allows them to stop the network progression whenever they want. So on the paper it's better XRP, but on the practice it's worst right now. Also Libra said that when the technology will be ready (5 years) they'll switch to a permissionless network. There are sort of authorized gateways which act as a bridge between FIAT and Libra. They'll also act as custodians for Libra reserve. I see nothing bad in this, unless the requirements to become a gateway are too strict. They are of course different products, or at least they are sold as different products, but basically they offer the same features (more or less), so the crypto itself can be one or another to serve the same scope. Libra could be used as bridge currency and XRP could be used as global currency and vice versa. It's all the ecosystem around them that will bias the use cases.
  11. They are both with counterparty or both without, depends on the point of view. XRP has counterparty too if you consider that some of the validators could fail and make a network failure. Why? Where do you read this? It's exactly as XRP. The network is controlled by validators-like parties. LibraBFT is more scalable in terms of numbers of validators, because the leader mechanics greatly reduces the number of communication links. If there are 10F validators, LibraBFT only requires 6F+1 good validators to have liveness and safety properties, while XRP consensus requires 8F good validators. LibraBFT directly takes into account a delay threshold in communications to ensure robustness. There is no proof of robustness under delayed communication in XRP. Just to name a few...source: https://developers.libra.org/docs/assets/papers/libra-consensus-state-machine-replication-in-the-libra-blockchain.pdf
  12. What is the big picture? I also think Libra won't happen now. The world is not ready. But a Libra 2.0 will happen sooner or later. The world is not ready yet to think globally. We still have nationalisms, borders, wars , huge economical discrepancies around the world. Probably to start thinking as humans and not as Chinese Americans French and so on, we'd need a common enemy. Aliens maybe? .
  13. Potentially yes. Don't use the device to store large amounts of crypto. Also you publicly said part of the amount of crypto you have which is very wrong since crypto-social hackers are really good nowaday. For example without doing any research I know you are a whealty person originating from holland and you belongs to a particulare age zone. With a slight research (5 minutes) I know you probably have 1M+ XRP, you used CEX.IO, Bitstamp, Gatehub, Wirex. Scary .
  14. It's not "Facebook's friends". There are private companies, payment companies, FIs, telecomunication companies, not-for-profit organizations, universities....to me way better than XRP's idea of becoming only a tool for FIs.
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