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  1. Gossip, coward, sexist and cheerleader....I love XRP community (not everybody). PS: Tiffany is joining XLM to destroy them from the inside .
  2. I like experiments, but why make things complicated? Stable coin is for definition stable with respect to another thing...usually FIAT. So IMO the most stable coin is a digitalized version of the FIAT itself issued by the countries. No third party risks, no volatility (see USDT volatility w.r.t. USD), no scams. This will happen sooner or later. But it doesn't solve the interoperability problem. How do we exchange digitalized FIATs? We still need to agree on a (possibly decentralized) protocol such as interledger. We need to agree globally. And to facilitate FX a "common" currency should be used. D(igital)USD can be the "bridge" currency, but also XRP or any other digital currency that supports the protocol. Each one will have their advantages and disadvantages (as already discussed many times here).
  3. What's the point? It won't reduce friction in payments. It'll increase fees because there is a FIAT-XRP and XRP-FIAT conversion You hold a very volatile currency, which basically becomes gambling with your money (you earn 100$ one day you can have 50$ equivalent next day). You don't add any liquidity. Actually you'll need liquidity to do that and you'll subtract liquidity to the market.
  4. And......price is going down as expected .
  5. Hi you can PM me here first. I'll disclose my personal email only if it's a serious problem. And BTW you should contact Ripple for a consulence probably instead of me.
  6. Probably there are some differences, but it's too early to tell, since it's the first time we have something as XRP in real economy. IMO they will both behave the same but I can't be sure.
  7. This doesn't make sense to me. Well done stablecoins are exactly like the counterparty of an open market asset (USD, CNY, XRP). As USD can collapse in black swan also XRP can. To me it's only a matter of who can push a standard to which the world will agree. Ideally it would be to have a single global currency of the world but it will never happen soon.
  8. There are more than you think. I already "saved" two exchanges with this "bug". I could have stolen millions of XRP only because they don't hire anyone expert on the field. They were lucky enough to find a good guy before the bad guys.
  9. You don't need a bridge if USD and JPY are digital assets that can be exchanged with a common protocol . A bridge is usually only an extra cost (spread and fees). In case of EUR and CNY if there is not a direct FX between the two you could use EUR-->USD-->CNY as you'd do with XRP.
  10. So you don't trust current economy and society. What are you doing here instead of living as heremit in a mountain? I really like the idea of a global currency without any party involved (XRP) but the reality is that right now 90% of the international transactions use USD as intermediate currency, so I don't see anything that will prevent the same architecture only replacing USD with DUSD (digital USD).
  11. I think stable coins provided by "unknown" entities like tether are too subject to risks, but stable coins issued by countries might be gamechangers IMO. Wouldn't you trust USA or china with their own issued CNY or USD? Sooner or later it will happen.
  12. I'm perfectly fine with this definition, but again it doesn't mean much on the practical side IMO. Because the definition of "fund" can change very much the practical effects of "settling". With this definition is Xrapid settling? Is paypal settling? Again we can give positive and negative answer based on the choice of the "funds".
  13. I'm fine with your definition . But you can understand that the choice of the "underlying asset" makes it almost pointless. Because with your definition a Paypal payment is settling if the underlying asset is "an USD IOU in the paypal ledger". And at the same time I could say that Xrapid doesn't settle if the underlying assets are FIAT in banks accounts. But at the same time I can say that Paypal doesn't settle if the underlying asset is FIAT in banks account and Xrapid settles if the underlying asset is IOUs in exchanges' ledgers. So you can uderstand that the definition is either poor or useless because to me it means nothing and all. To conlcude on my side it's useless to ask: "is Xrapid settling?" or "is transferwise settling?". Because it depends on the underlying asset .
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