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  1. tulo

    Stupidest Giveaway EVER!

    WTH is going on? People spamming like hell. It's time for the banhammer....
  2. tulo

    i'm not ready to miss the train again

    Be careful because Ripple trademarked most of the symbols (including the triskelion). I'd avoid to pay thousands of $ in lawyers to gain 300$.
  3. tulo

    Stupidest Giveaway EVER!

    3000 PS: if I win I'll start another giveaway with the money
  4. The "approved" from Ripple scares me on the decentralization process
  5. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    Please, spend your time doing research on XLM instead of teasing yourself .
  6. tulo

    Perspective from a trader

    So why are you spending time here instead of enjoying the infinite amount of money you made with your crystal ball?
  7. tulo

    Bitbank's JPY Gateway

    Out of Ripple's plans...the decentralized exchange is slowly dying.
  8. And this wasn't a bug...just a bad use/understanding of the rippleAPI.
  9. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    Someone can help with number/list of supported exchanges, and independent wallets?
  10. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    IBM is a partner. We don't know the deals and how many people they'll allocate to the project. But it remains a partner. Unless they are planning to buy and incorporate SDF. We could say the same of all the Ripple's partners. But we don't have any data.
  11. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    Added that to the features. I forgot about it. Added employees numbers too.
  12. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    It's not so easy. Would you say XRPL is decentralized or not? Ripple with its 48% could stop the liveness of the network whenever they want.
  13. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    Cobalt came out a few months ago. Stellar consensus a few years ago. Either they knew Cobalt was a work in progress or the consider stellar consensus trash.
  14. tulo


    I like how when XRP was @2$, people were saying: "damn I wish I could buy @0.5$", then XRP falls at 0.5$ and everyone is sh!tting in their pants and not buying .
  15. tulo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    It also seems that the IOUs volume on stellar is way less compared to XRPL, but it's hard to give numbers since it changes every day...ideas?