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  1. tulo

    New emoji are awful

    Oh thanks...I didn't see them
  2. Really? I think you are the only one on earth to not know Google is your friend.
  3. tulo

    New emoji are awful

    As title. Why were the emoji set changed? And they are super slow to load.
  4. This is only first stage of falcon heavy
  5. There are all the features for a good scam. But a well done one 😀
  6. I found some transactions without the tfFullyCanonicalSig flag. I've read this: https://wiki.ripple.com/Transaction_Malleability, but it is still not clear to me which can be the consequences of sending a transaction without that flag.
  7. I was wondering how the deterministic execution of payment transaction works in case of path field in the payment, in particular when the tfNoDirectRipple flag is OFF. As example suppose a payment XRP-->CNY, where additional paths are included, such as XRP-->USD-->CNY and XRP-->BTC-->USD-->CNY. Now the default path is using the orderbook XRP:CNY. My questions are: Which path is used as first? The default path or the most convenient? Can the payment use different paths to send the full amount? For example take half liquidity from default path and half from the XRP-->USD-->CNY path?
  8. In fact that is genius. And it can be very easily implemented on Ripple. The backbone is already there, for a 24h, distributed, robust service. And actually the money never "leaves" the country also in standard international payments. There is always a market maker that sells a currency of a country for a currency of another country, so is not that different from transferwise.
  9. It seems 0.1% flat fee: https://blockbid.io/#features
  10. tulo

    XRP Trade Bot

    You can literally build thousands of strategies for the bot. I think you first need to think in which category you want to operate. And each category usually has different risk/rewards. And there is (almost) no bot that will make 100% sure revenues. As @Professor Hantzen said, each strategy works in a type of market. My macro categories are: MM --> market making. They provide liquidity to the markets. They work best in low volatility high volumes markets. Arbitrage --> they check for unbalanced markets between different exchanges or across multiple markets in same exchange (triangular arbitrage). They remove liquidity from the market and equalize the markets. They work well in high volatile markets and when different markets have different liquidity and volumes (slow and fast markets). TA --> I'm not an expert here because I don't believe in TA. XRPL enabled --> XRP ledger enabled some "fancy" kind of bots that you can't build on standard markets/exchanges due to its intrinsic characteristics. But I cannot talk about this
  11. Yeah, but it is like the prince of nigeria asking you to send him some $ to unlock his millions $ :). There will always be scammers.
  12. tulo

    XRP Distribution

    100M a months it's gonna take 50 years to distribute
  13. My passport says I'm from the most catholic of the countries, but I'm civis mundi. I don't believe in borders. I have Muslim friends, Buddhist friends, agnostic friends, atheist friends, gay friends, transexual friends, ethero friends....overall we are people, not religions or countries. If the randomness wanted a person to be born in a muslim country it is not their fault.
  14. Yeha, in part you are right. But how do they do in Ethereum? What if I send you a fake ERC20 token with the same name? There are the exchange/wallets that should "filter" and detect when a good payment succeeded. Do you have a use case/example where you could trick people by sending random IOUs?
  15. Ehehe, I bet you're from US, isn't it?