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  1. In sign-and-submit a JSON string with the transaction is sent to rippled. In the communication some bits can be corrupted and the string modified so that some fields of the transaction are corrupted. Actually I'm reading that the websocket (but also UDP nd TCP) implement a checksum so it is impossible to happen...
  2. When? Recently? That happened long time ago when there was a "bug" about queue.
  3. @Sukrim is it possible that a transaction with submit-only mode can get corrupted? Or is there a checksum on the blob? With sign-and-submit the transaction can get corrupted and there is no way to fix it (and it is in fact reccommended only for testing), but I don't think it is the case since 4 transactions corrupted have a very low probability.
  4. This has nothing to do with mainnet, otherwise we'd seen hacked accounts that were not stored by gatehub. @all the people hacked: did you have a relatively easy password (less than 6 characters) on gatehub?
  5. You can also set the exact fee. BTW they didn't use Ripple-lib this time because they added a 2XRP max fee recently.
  6. Because probably XRPL won't be able to handle all the transactions.
  7. The'll say: "0.4 is the new 0.3".
  8. It also depends on the causes of the outage. If I remember correctly Kraken wasn't announcing any mainteinance so you'd get random errors without any prior info when they put the servers down. Some more serious exchanges send a dedicated message on the socket when the API is unavailable. Of course if the outage is not due to the exchange and it is not predictable all those mechanics are useless, but you can have a continuous check. Usually the "lost" websocket stream is a good info that the server is gone.
  9. The method is to avoid crap exchanges with crap API .
  10. Because the translation is wrong (or not so good). It's more like: "Precio más bajo que el promedio de los servicios puede significar más alto que el precio del mejor servicio." So basically the average takes into account all the bad services which will move the mean much higher than the less expensive services (transferwise for example?). We should know if it's cheaper than the best service out there.
  11. This is not actually very nice IMO: Lower than industry average can mean higher than industry best.
  12. You didn't specify the input currency and the country you are sending the money from. I believe it's EUR and a EU country, but just to be sure. BTW you can try to contact Mercury FX (https://www.mercury-fx.com/). They should do that, but I don't know which countries and currencies they support. Otherwise transferwise now is good enough.
  13. Libra association will have members and reserves all over the world...not only US.
  14. FIAT in banks operates with a 2% marginal reserve. Are FIAT collapsing? Nope. The scenario where everyone (2 billion people) will withdrawal all together all the money at the same time is simply impossible.
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