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  1. Just don't run it on a mac because ripple-lib had some (serious) problem in generating keypairs. I don't remember if that was fixed...
  2. Is RCL an ILP connector?

    You're right. RCL is a ledger (for XRP) so it makes no sense to call it a connector.
  3. Instant deposit on bitstsmp/gatehub? Good manual arbitrage strategies soon...:)
  4. The logical conclusion is that u are not human
  5. Technically how 1,2,3,4,5,6 happen and how they are interconnected to make the payment an atomic action? ILP? Custom software? What exchanges have to support/implement? What FIs have to support/implement? How the XRP transfer happen between 3 and 4 (withdrawal and deposit from exchanges or ILP between XRP tokens)?
  6. Please explain better or put an example...it is not clear to me what you want to achieve.
  7. No, maybe transactions sent from a validator have less fee or are less likely to be queued or ...?
  8. I was wondering if rippling is used to generate the synthetic IOU:IOU autobridged book. I summon the expert @nikb!
  9. What about the mysterious functions: rippling and transfer rate. And about the path field in payments: how to build a custom path, limitations, bugs, secret "codes" to identify accounts, books, etc.
  10. Once XRP will prove to be really decentralized and scalable then the price will skyrocket. IMO
  11. Yes exactly. But to have a large pool, people need some incentive to run it otherwise it will never reach a critical mass. Not saying xrp incentive, because that would be bad.
  12. What if validators create their UNL list totally random, but with a dimension that with the existing number of validators the probability of failure is rally small? In this case there would be no complications due to publishing info about county/company/religion etc and validators run by random individuals matter?
  13. Codius is back!

    They have too much money they can hire people working on everything. Soon they'll have engineers to develop electric autonomous cars and artificial intelligence :).