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  1. BTW how does he know that the "account was activated for the snapshot"? There is no "confirmation" AFAIK. For now it's just writing an address in the message key.
  2. Binance is the best exchange out there IMO
  3. There are too many crap exchanges out there. It's time people open their eyes and start boicott them. I hope you can recover your funds.
  4. Oh my bad, I thought it was about hardware specs, maybe tests with different hardware running rippled. BTW I was referring to this:
  5. I hope I'll find useful info there, because my NUC is still suffering
  6. Gold Bullion International or something like that. There were probably 2 out there offering XAU with demurrage. It didn't take off btw.
  7. Isn't there a timestamp? Probably I don't get how the close_time is calculated.
  8. So why the JIRA was made private?
  9. It seems Stefan is trying to defend at all costs it's "child" when we all know it's a dead project and he should accept it. But there were some nice idea in Codius.
  10. I'm not a big fan (nor expert) of stablecoins. AFAIK all of them have drawbacks (they depend on non decentralized/private entities as Theter, they depend on non-decentralized oracles, they depend on collateral which is highly at risk of market swings, ...). And I must be sincere I don't see any advantage of xAsset w.r.t. other stable coins (or I don't see them ). I'd love much more a world currency like Libra, which is naturally pegged to the basket of underlying "collateral", but also that has its problems.
  11. According to Flare's FAQ it seems correct but it's not very clear. They say:
  12. There is no need of proving you are the owner, since there is already the address in the XRPL account memo. Infact I don't understand what they mean when they say "need to claim in 6 months". All the info to "claim" is already public in XRPL.
  13. The most annoying part of this is having the secret key of ETH-style account. The options I see are: Use some ETH wallet which supports showing the secret key directly. Like MEW. Then store the secret on paper. Risks of compromised secret if not done offline and in a safe machine. Use some ETH wallet with BIP (24 words) and then use some tool out there to convert the BIP into secret or hope that Spark wallets will support BIP. Probably I'll go with this. Use some ETH wallet generation tool. This is more a power user option, but probably safer. Use Ledger with ETH a
  14. I only read the first post but... What would be the advantage of x-Asset w.r.t. current stablecoins or pegged coins? Where x-asset would live? Which ledger or DLT? XRPL? If you want to settle to banks in FIAT, who is doing the last step of converting xUSD to USD? And how? Did you read FXRP whitepaper of Flare?
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