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  1. @XRP-Observer @Caracappa I've managed it as per your advice Observer and also with the help of XRP Pioneer's tweet - @DavidWolk9 Thanks all for your help today! Awesome
  2. Thats the problem isn't it @Caracappa - with MEW I don't think I ever had the mnemonic phrase for the wallet.
  3. Thanks Brian & Observer The address was set up at MEW and differs from the addresses generated from my Ledger 24 word mnemonic. I still have access to the wallet I set for the airdrop, for sending transactions but I do not have the mnemonic phrase - I actually don't believe I ever had a mnemonic for this wallet but it was over 3 yrs ago. I've managed to find the UTC JSON file linked to the wallet and am trying to discover the password I set (But I have access to the wallet anyway and this still won't give me the mnemonic I need to access SGB/FLR) @observer I will try and import the wallet to Metamask as you advised, thanks.
  4. Thanks Billy. Yes you're correct. I have not got the mnemonic for the eth wallet. I've contacted Hugo Philion in the hopes that he might reply to my/your query about the memo field although I suspect you have already tried this. I'll let you know if I get a response, thanks again.
  5. The XRP was/is held at an address that I have the key (using Nano) Eth type address was set up on MEW and I use the Nano to access the wallet and sign transactions. I know I've screwed up. For the airdrop I thought I would use the eth address that I had been using for 3 yrs, knowing I had access to the wallet and could sign transactions etc. I did not realise I'd need the phrase for that wallet. Thanks for your help though 👍
  6. OK so it looks like the mew file is not on my PC. Just so that I can be clear here - I use my ledger nano to access my wallet on MEW and to sign transactions etc. With this in mind, Is there anyway at all I can recover the secret or pass phrase for the eth wallet? Also I guess there's 0% chance of me being able to amend the airdrop wallet (for the FLR) Thx
  7. Yep. In my case the PC is an open target to me getting mashed at some point in the last 3 years and deleting a load of files I didn't recognise. I know I saved the file when I set the eth wallet up, so fingers crossed tomorrow as I've been bleating away to the Mrs for the last 9 months about the FLR airdrop (just under 15k tokens)
  8. Thanks for that. Squeaky bum time now as I use the Nano for both xrp & eth so same 24 word phrase but the eth wallet was set up with MEW so there SHOULD be a file saved somewhere on my pc with that key?... Tomorrow's going to be fun!
  9. So I installed Bitfrost and successfully entered my 24 word phrase. My XRP is showing but no Songbird. I have checked the receive address which is incorrect so have gone to settings > advanced > address derivation > songbird network - but the sgb/flare address that is set up does not appear in the list of addresses. Any ideas? TIA
  10. https://rendertoken.com/ There are going to be lots of opportunities to utilise all that spare computing power.
  11. I've been investing in the Render (RNDR) token for over a year now. Distributed graphics rendering is big business and the project has some big names behind it (J J Abrams) The NFT craze has boosted its profile but going forward, film studios save significant costs by utilising the OTOY & Render network. If you have a powerful Nvidia rig you can earn RNDR by taking parts of a job. Like mining but with a tangible product at the end.
  12. Good call. I didn't realise! It was less than 10euro and likewise I'm not disclosing where from. I shredded the files after I checked for my stuff.
  13. Yes, the hack is real. I found out where the list is being sold, purchased it and did a search. There are a ton of people's details on the dump. There are two lists; one with just an email address and one with name, physical address, email and tel number. Luckily for me, only my email address is on the list. I did a search for the first half of my postcode and there are 15+ in my area who have all their details compromised. Pretty sickening really. Even without me being compromised, I'm getting daily calls from "Amazon" trying to get info.
  14. Gatehub states it seems that all the hacked accts seemed to have their Ledger accts also hosted on GH. Could the breach have something to do with the method of extracting secret of ledger acct? There's a few vids from different accts on how to do this. Maybe one is nefarious.
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