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  1. Gatehub states it seems that all the hacked accts seemed to have their Ledger accts also hosted on GH. Could the breach have something to do with the method of extracting secret of ledger acct? There's a few vids from different accts on how to do this. Maybe one is nefarious.
  2. I don't want today's reason as tomorrow it will be yesterday's reason. I want tomorrow's reason today , so it will be today's reason, tomorrow.
  3. I stopped reading when they listed express.co.uk as one of the cryptocurrency experts. Stupid article.
  4. I've not read most of this thread but it seems to be that little faith is being placed in this company. I was quite impressed actually by Mr Bright's presentation, felt he was credible & well displayed his knowledge. As you would expect from somebody with 25 years experience with SWIFT.
  5. Good points @spiras I agree this is a long term play & I hope the discussion prevented a few "moon imminent" threads. Re the last spike.. could be but the whole CT market was in a frenzy at the time. Difficult to say for sure
  6. Oh for goodness sake man, I'm too old to be mature and certainly too unfit to go backpacking. I have dizzy spells just answering the door! Can't I just watch a documentary instead?
  7. Indeed it will be interesting to see if this bank sources the xrp from the market or direct from Ripple. If the latter, just more dilution until they've sold their chunk.
  8. I'm taking credit for this. I finally caved in and criticized Ripple/Treacher then the universe goes and does this & makes me look like a t**t. Nice news.
  9. I fear one day, the term, "to ripple" something will not mean to send value; but instead, "to conflate." Ripple is allowing this to happen and I fear Marcus Treacher encourages it, from the wording of some of his past tweets.
  10. Thanks @xrpmommy I'd been searching all evening for some independent coverage of this and should have known this was the place to come.
  11. I've read this statement before I am sure. It's the one they released when they were first announced as testing. I remember the comment about the zeros added to payments. This is an old release.
  12. Never mind, is showing on validator list now all be it with v low agreement currently.
  13. I had previously successfully launched validator using wietse wind's instructions via Digital Ocean for 3 or 4 days. Destroyed and attempt to start a new but isn't integrating? Latest been running for 2+ hrs - here is the recent screen - 2018-Sep-01 12:03:05.444750268 PeerFinder:ERR Logic testing with error, No route to host 2018-Sep-01 12:03:07.698386720 Peer:WRN [246] onReadMessage: stream truncated 2018-Sep-01 12:03:10.043133309 Peer:WRN [247] onReadMessage: Connection reset by peer 2018-Sep-01 12:03:28.043089965 LoadMonitor:WRN Job: sweep run: 1585ms
  14. Yep have used LBX a number of times gbp/xrp. Absolutely no hassle whatsoever.
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