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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1069910917314461702 Announcing last day to redeem Alv
  2. Oh love it! some tasty information for sure!
  3. ZamaX

    Charts - How To's

    So now i just gotta find out when to buy. damn myself for not buying at 0.24 -.-"
  4. Though one. Gonna go for $8.7354 - upcoming Bg123 ?
  5. Honestly, in a few years.. buying at 3.84 would be a great buyin but considering where we are now.. he gotta have balls of steel.
  6. ZamaX


    Carmelita, do you know the way?
  7. 40 XRP, 38 litecoin. Right now. This is just another way to get more attention to XRP to become Globally accepted. ?
  8. ye, yesterday it had like 8000 total votes, today its around 29000
  9. So this is just another Twitter poll where XRP might win and get used. Fellow ripplers, we need to unite once more in order to boost our progress a little bit https://mobile.twitter.com/TapJets/status/996402253195079682 Vote XRP
  10. ZamaX

    1.0.0 proposed

    whats the difference between these? rippled-1.0.0-b4 rippled-1.0.0-b5 rippled-1.0.0-b3 rippled-1.0.0-b5+DEBUG rippled-1.0.0-b4+DEBUG https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/topology
  11. From what i read in a earlier topic the release is end of summer. Meaning Xrapid can go full scale production.
  12. ZamaX

    how much did you invest?

    Exactly what I was thinking. ? been too many shady new accounts here the recent 2-3days.