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  1. I did but would like them to explain the ins and outs of what happening . I am curious why the wallet needed to be created before a certain date. Why cant it be a wallet I created today? I am genuinely just looking for more information.
  2. Thank you for getting back to me! Ok so I have taken @tev's advice and created a wallet. I have done the 20+ deposit to activate the wallet ...Opened the trust line but your site is saying the wallet isn't eligible? Would you mind shedding some light on why it's not eligible @Allvor
  3. @Allvor Apologies if it has been asked before. I have some XRP on Binance. How would I go about getting ALV tokens with the XRP held on Binance? Many Thanks!
  4. Ah Fookit! I was just getting exited to add this payment option to my wife's new shopify store. If you do find a workaround for shopify please do let me know!
  5. With xrp at $1 xRappid can only do less that 1% of the 12trillion $ SWIPT transactions. We have not even taken into account escrow, all the other user cases or coin burn so the 1% is actually quite high. @JoelKatz has made it very clear that a high XRP price does not only make it better for EVERYONE in the XRP game but is essential for the whole thing to work as intended.
  6. You are quite right the market now is just one big pile of p00p! If you can call it a market at all with the enormous amount of manipulation going on right now. Once XRP is being used through xRappid and the volume becomes high - very high, the manipulators will be forced out of the XRP game. However that doesn't mean the manipulation wont carry on with all the other coins but hey good luck to anyone holding other coins! They will meet up with Pinocchio in the whales belly
  7. Never mind my silly musings! Someone just moved/bought/sold 2 BILLION XRP's!!!!
  8. Need a $ number to aim at? Consider this: SWIFT moves roughly 12 trillion $ a day. If ALL XRP coins were available to just cover the SWIFT market the price for 1 XRP should roughly be $120 Not all the coins are available so this $ number could be higher. SWIFT isn't the only money moving product out there so the $ number could be higher. Ripple is also targeting other markets such as the M-Pesa African money movement via mobile phone TXT (Which BTW is quite a large market!) So the $ number should be even higher. With every transaction XRP is being burned. The burn rate is very low but it will make a small difference over time to the total usable mount of XRP So the $ number should go up and up as more XRP's are burned. >Enter anything else that XRP might be or will be used for here< So the $ number should be even higher. I don't have the skill or numbers needed to make the actual calculation but if someone reading this has the skils please go ahead!!!
  9. Sorry only 800 trillion (800 000 000 000 000) so not quite a quadrillion.
  10. In a manipulated un-regulated market as we find ourselves in right now you can use whatever tool you like you have no idea where the price is going to go with any degree of certainty UNLESS you are the manipulator.
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