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  1. It feels like time to sell so SURELY it must be time to hold...
  2. It sure is quiet around here these days..... here is one announcement..... https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelwolfson/2019/03/18/ibm-launches-a-blockchain-based-global-payments-network-using-stellars-cryptocurrency/#102f193553ec
  3. Was this the completion of the bear market that you described?
  4. Not sure what they are smoking over there but the numbers have gone crazy......
  5. Maybe viewed as a safe(er) haven right now. Or others know something we may find out later......
  6. Looking at it this way, it does not seem unreasonable at all that 1-2% (.7-1.5 T) of the stock market could make its way to Crypto in the near future.
  7. May I join? This in an interesting subject - aside from whether fact or fiction. Its fun to follow, kind of like the "John Titor" thread back in the day..... Wow that was 18 years ago.....
  8. My guess was move out of BTC yesterday and back into XRP then hold breath until 8/1. Based on nothing more than BTC was up for a few days (take some profit) and XRP remained stagnant (Sell high, buy lower), other people's analysis that YOY about this time each year is when XRP seems to take off. And BG123, and the coffee rings that my cup left in the shape of the new XRP logo after I put it back down the second time.
  9. Mine did not sprout a root after several weeks in water. I guess I am starting over. Someone told me to leave it on the window and ignore it for a YEAR before putting it in water to root. How fitting.....
  10. Well thanks.......That would have been easier that reading this thread from end to end over the last several hours...... ?
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