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  1. @Karlthe post was more about stopping the spread of crypto in the first place by taxes....if its not currency as it is marketed(its not called crypto property).....people will not buy in en masse....
  2. Why is John Mcafee telling people that crypto cannot be controlled then....if they tax the **** of crypto holdings and treat it as an asset and not currency ....people wont buy....
  3. the issue is when you want to use fiat to buy crypto anywhere now....they verify your identity in India....so any crypto is trackable and taxable now i would think if they can target buyers through exchanges....
  4. Can governments track the purchases of ripple on exchanges and target individuals for taxes? Thanks for the info!!
  5. The exchanges also serve as an entry point for new users....if they control them with undue burdens ....it will be more difficult for coins to be widely used.
  6. https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/kraken/ Data shows that Kraken exposure to tether is about 1 % of total trades....can the whole exchange go down with this small exposure? Thanks
  7. There are too many coins on the market right now....maybe all this will help shake out the bad ones....also provide a good buying opp
  8. all FIAT currencies are printed out of thin air like the USD itself....the difference is that USD is used to pay taxes and is legal tender....are people now able to redeem USD by selling tether? https://medium.com/@michaelx777/tether-wont-redeem-usd-for-us-customers-27f0a0f6045f
  9. still waiting for Kraken to verify and its been more than 3 weeks
  10. It could be banks worried about their fat margins worried about ripple....:) they might also be trying to lower the price of XRP to buy it at a lower price range when they start using it....but the point of not enough banks using it after 6 years as told by the reporter on TV with no balancing viewpoint shows he is not knowledgeable about startups work and their timeline of success in the financial industry.
  11. Has anyone here done any research on the crowdsale of BRD tokens for the decentralized Bread app which aims to provide decentralized banking services around the world on its app? Thanks
  12. Intra bank coins are not an answer to the issues XRP is addressing such as fast settlements without counterparty risk.....there needs to be an agreed upon coin for that which wont be easy to settle on considering there is XRP already....any other views on this?
  13. It wont be easy for banks to agree to their competitors crypto coin and adopt it as their business standard.....ripple on the other hand is a neutral well established company with third largest used coin XRP which is well positioned to be adopted with a usage history.
  14. You have to get tier 3 verification to be able to wire them money according to their site. ensure you are before you try sending money best of luck
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