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  1. It's very simple.... A Bank that has to transfer for a US customer, say $1 million to an other Bank from a Belgian customer, will go to the local xrp liquidity provider and convert this $1 million into xrp. These xrp will then be sent via ripple net to a Belgian xrp liquidity provider for conversion into euros to finally arrives to the Belgian customer's Bank account. It will only take a few seconds and will cost almost nothing to both Banks. A higher value of xrp will facilitate to source the number of xrp needed and so it will take less of them to make an even faster transfer... XRP is only a kind of vehicule used to transfert value across the globe via ripple net, the light speed and fully secured highways...
  2. Sure but BG123 actually predicts some price movements exactly at the right time... so those riddles are actually very interesting as soon as we anderstand what is really happening behind the scene... I am tired with TA which mean nothing...
  3. This could mean xrp will be added to coinbase on 08.20.2018... and then the trip to the MOON can really begins...
  4. And now we have a BearableGirl123 on twitter... https://twitter.com/BearableGirl123
  5. bla bla bla... Just wait 3 more years for the next bitcoin (and the rest of it) bull run... it has been that way for 8 years...It will never go away... it is just the begining.. of the crypto world... !!!
  6. http://maxpositives.com/2018/03/08/will-ripple-be-bigger-than-bitcoin-experts-say-yes/
  7. In this world we say : " Time is Money..." Xrp being actually the faster and less expensive asset to be able to cross the globe, it sound like something with a huge potential of value... With some imagination, it could also becomes the futur Global Currecy... ;-)
  8. Let's do some maths... Overall, there are approximately $9.8 trillion in cross-border cash transfers per day. At the end of 2015, the balance of resources of $ parked in the "nostro/vostro acounts" for these transactions reached $27 trillion. Ripple's goal is to revolutionize this old transaction system and make it more user-friendly in positioning itself as a leading player in the heart of the global financial institutions. So the ceiling value for an xrp could be calculated as follows : $27 trillions divided by $39 billion (current number of XRP in circulation), which would give $686 for 1XRP. However, with the transmission speed of the XRP, this $27 trillion may no longer be needed. Let's get us then on the $9.8 trillion... This means that XRP will need to have a market capitalization of $9.8 trillions just to satisfy the daily average of transactions of all cross-border payment systems in the world. This would give us 1 xrp at $247 on the basis of a 100% market share. Now let's imagine Ripple has only 10% of this market share, that will give $980 billion in daily exchanges. Based on the current 39 billion XRP in circulation, we obtain an XRP at $25. Of course, we don't take into account here the market related to the average Joe's XRP investments as well as the institutions such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Western Union, Ebay, Amazon, Apple,... or the Stock Market ($73 trillions), the Derivative Market ($544 trillions), the Gold Market ($7.8 trillion), the Real Estate Market ($217 trillions), the Global Money Supply ($127 trillions),... a combination that would then increase the value of 1 xrp well over $1.000. The truth is that there are an infinite number of potential uses that would increase the value of XRP far beyond what it could be if it were used only by financial institutions... To check the money around the globe go here... http://money.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-money-markets-one-visualization-2017/ you will be SHOCKED !!! One advice : Buy on this dip and HOLD for 5 years ;-)
  9. Bitcoin is on his way to 80% correction from his ATH... which will bring his valuee around the $3.600 marks. As (for now) bitcoin is the moving force in the game, xrp should get back to the $0.2-$0.3 range... I will buy a lot at that price and i hope it will keep that level for the next 4 months or so in order to build strength for the next bullish trend ;-)
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