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  1. Coming soon... https://pagofx.com/pagofx-coming-soon/
  2. "No banks will use XRP" - they will if we own one Did the same with Moneygram - huge investment into the company and make them use XRP / ODL. Makes perfect sense. Question is, does Ripple have enough cash to buy a bank?
  3. "Amex has teamed up with the Lianlian Group in order to settle and process payments in yuan in China." Both Amex and Lianlian are Ripple partners. Start your engines...... https://www.pymnts.com/news/international/2020/amex-cleared-to-operate-in-china https://ripple.com/insights/lianlian-pay-joins-ripplenet-provide-faster-payments-china/ https://ripple.com/insights/american-express-joins-ripplenet-giving-visibility-and-speed-to-global-commercial-payments/
  4. Agreed - remittance companies would fail pretty quick if they only had 1 means of transferring money and that failed. They need multiple options to fall back on. The way I see it at the moment, Ripple is just building out it's network and getting as many players on board as possible. In parallel they are enabling ODL slowly where they can (e.g. USD-MXN). Over time they can enable more corridors. I guess creating a new currency is not something you can do overnight, and if you let rip with all corridors simultaneously there would be some major fluctuations in XRP value.
  5. Tenous link time: Alipay working with Tranglo: https://tranglo.com/blog/press/tranglo-enters-global-cross-border-remittance-partnership-with-alipay/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=press&utm_content=alipay Tranglo partner with bKash (also Ripple partner) https://ripple.com/insights/views/swell-2019-how-bkash-makes-banking-accessible-to-36-million-in-bangladesh/ And Tranglo were at Swell https://www.linkedin.com/posts/tranglo_swellbyripple-activity-6598118971185172480-b7MW So by my mystical powers of deduction, Alipay will use XRP!!!
  6. You have to ask yourself what is that makes Ripple as a company valuable? Assets, Intellectual Property rights, people? They sell software (Ripplenet and access to it), so they will make some money off that. Does the software alone value them at £10BN? No. What makes Ripple valuable is XRP and its potential price. If Ripple went down the IPO route and offered shares, it would be an option for investors to invest in XRP indirectly (i.e., holding shares in Ripple rather than holding XRP). I don't see an IPO as a bad thing - there will be more people with a vested interest in increasing the value of XRP.
  7. I admit they're not the largest organisation and "Euro Exim Bank" is maybe over egging it, but that wasn't really the point. What the article suggests is that they're working with Ripple to bypass the SWIFT network, and embed SWIFT messages (I'm assuming the standard MT103 format) into Ripple standard messages. If my understanding is correct, why would you then use SWIFT? It's a stepping stone to increasing use of ODL for banks. Use Ripplenet first as an alternative to SWIFT, because it uses the same message format (and makes an easier integration into legacy systems). When your comfortable with Ripplenet, enable ODL as well. SWIFT format messaging and instant settlement.
  8. Most interesting part of this article - who needs the SWIFT network when you can just use their message format on Ripplenet https://thesiliconreview.com/magazine/profile/graham-bright-euro-exim-bank-limited-head-of-compliance-and-operations
  9. I've often thought this is a possibility, considering the focus on the environment from the G20. You may not be able to "ban" bit coin, but you can ban large scale bitcoin mining.
  10. I'm guessing that below a certain XRP price point ODL doesn't work or isn't feasible in liquidity terms, so they effectively switch it off (or isn't an available option for transfers).
  11. Not sure on your gender but we could have little googles 🤣
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