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  1. With 9 currencies (AUD, MXN, PHP, EUR, USD, JPY, KRW, THB) there's theoretically 36 permutations. I'm assuming Utility Scan just shows those where there's a recorded transaction. Gonna need a bigger graph
  2. I'll try and bring some positivity in the current climate - lots of corridors open now..
  3. ODL volumes way down recently - anyone got any thoughts as to why? Is something happening behind the scenes? Has ODL functionality been scaled back whilst something new is being implemented (new corridor maybe?) All just speculation on my behalf..
  4. My observation across all pairings over the last month or so is there a clear limit to transaction sizes as they are "allowed" to slowly ramp up (not sure who is dictating this though, the exchanges, Ripple, some other body) <500, 5K, 10K, 30K, 50K, and just now 100K for USD-MXN as the most liquid corridor. I'm assuming this is to allow liquidity to build across the pairing, so a single large transaction doesn't clear out the order books on an exchange spiking prices (or in effect stopping the transfer as there isn't enough local fiat on the receiving exchange to allow the transaction to complete). Don't forget that every transaction needs someone on the receiving end to "buy" the XRP that has just been sent in fiat (eg Mexican pesos). Things are moving quickly though - the USD>MXN pair was doing $4.5M a day at the end of Jan 2020. 2 weeks later and it's nearly double that. As more transactions are done on more corridors total volume is going to ramp up quickly (exponentially). Here's a snapshot from 29/01/2020: The USD-PHP and AUD-USD have basically gone $500K to $2M a day in 2 weeks, and AUD-PHP has gone $250K to $1M a day. I reckon by mid year we'll be seeing $20-30M a day easily.
  5. And big transactions today on AUD > USD It's building...
  6. BIG USD>MXN transactions now, $100K a pop, guessing the required liquidity targets have been met to enable bigger transactions.
  7. Lisk has a Market Cap of $169M. When you have a low market cap it doesn't take much volume to shift the price - this is manipulation and not utility (ie - no one is using Lisk, it's purely speculative). A couple of days of $12M pumps over a 2 week period shifted the price 38%. Utility will affect price at some point as XRP will have to be bought / sold on exchanges. When the volume on exchanges is big enough the price will move - we're nowhere near yet (XRP trading volume currently is $1.3B - $8M daily ODL volume won't even touch the sides).
  8. I've plotted the daily volumes from Utility Scan for the last 2 weeks - you can see ODL volume is ramping up quickly (quiet over the weekends as you would expect with remittances, most volume on a Friday at the end of the working week) Even based on this limited data set if you plot a straight trend line we'll be at $25M daily by end of June. Considering that other corridors are coming on line the volume increase should be exponential (curve) rather than straight line so could be even higher. Daily volume on Bitfinex for the XRP/USD pairing peaked yesterday around $100M. This kind of volume shifts price. Not saying we're at that level yet but at some point this year ODL volume must have an impact on price. Moneygram are only doing 10% of their USD/MXN volume on ODL I think, these numbers are only going one way.
  9. Just my crazy out-there thoughts - dynamically created Cryptocurrency wallets based on biometric markers (retina scan / fingerprints) using a mobile phone.
  10. So Mastercard aquires Transfast, Mastercard working with R3 / Corda (which can use XRP to settle) https://www.r3.com/press-media/r3-launches-universal-corda-settler-application/ R3 saying Mastercard working on B2B money transfer, linking faster payments networks, liquidity management etc.: https://www.r3.com/videos/harold-bosse-from-mastercard-discusses-cross-border-payments-in-this-case-study/ And now this on Transfast website - Is something brewing? https://www.transfast.com/ Oh and Harold Bosse from Mastercard (video above) mention's Ripple on his LinkedIn profile...
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