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  1. Not long at all, looks like a few days to a week. For example, yesterday on the AUD corridor, they looked to be "testing" small payments (sub $30) Today, same exchange (BTC_Markets, Aussie exhange) we're now using sub $2K payments: I'm seeing the same pattern again and again with each new corridor / exchange. Start small then ramp up. This is all good as you then get the network effect everyone's looking for, where corridors increase exponentially. So now we have an AUD exchange, you can do AUD > MXN, AUD > PHP, AUD > USD etc. Just need a EUR or GBP enabled exchange / Ripple partner and then we have take off - will be monitoring Xendpay's / FlashFX's twitter closely for announcements
  2. It's this I think - you can actually see on https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard that they are almost "live testing" corridors in production with small ODL transactions. Sub $30, then sub $200, sub $10K, sub $20k then ramping up as liquidity builds. Looks like they may open the floodgates on the PHP corridor shortly:
  3. Transactions through the roof today (daily volume was about 1,000,000 3 hours ago), including some large transfers. Genuine question - how is this corridor being "balanced"? There's a lot of USD volume going from Bitstamp to MXN at Bitso, so you would assume that Bitso now has a huge pot of XRP sitting on their books. Why is the corresponding corridor (MXN-USD) volume so low? Or is this where market makers step in? https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  4. 12 more months then I'm done. Been in since Sep 2017 and as much as I appreciate all the progress Ripple has made I'll be honest and say I came for the money, not the tech. Everybody is working on the premise that increased adoption / usage will lead to increased price for XRP. Nobody knows if that is the case (I know all arguments for it), it may not be. Maybe XRP works just fine at $0.30. We're now at a point where institutions are beginning to use XRP (or ODL), for example Moneygram. I'm expecting more corridors to open and more organisations to use it in the next 12 months, and I expect adoption will be quicker. If XRP is still less than $1 end of 2020 I can't see any reason to stay in.
  5. Not explicitly mentioned (mods feel free to delete) but both Ria and Moneygram are Ripple partners... https://www.verdict.co.uk/electronic-payments-international/news/walmart-ria-moneygram-money-transfers/ https://www.ripple.com/insights/ripple-partners-with-ria-money-transfer-to-power-instant-global-payments/ https://www.ripple.com/insights/ripple-announces-strategic-partnership-with-money-transfer-giant-moneygram/
  6. I think the "flywheel" simile is referring the fact that at the moment, because of the (realtively) low liquidity, XRP can only be used for small (low value) payments. As more and more small transactions are processed, liquidity increases and then larger (higher value) transactions can be processed, which then increases liquidity, etc. etc., hence the flywheel reference. If Ripple enabled multiple corridors simultaneously without the right levels of liquidity, there is a risk the whole system grinds to a halt and price starts to fluctuate wildly (insufficient demand for XRP to satisfy the "sell" part of the transaction meaning they never complete or price spikes). I'm hoping they announce another high volume corridor at Swell which then really opens the floodgates..
  7. So looks like trials were a success and they're looking to go live in March 2020. I may be reading too much into this but that would suggest nearly 80% of Italian banks are using R3 (which has the option to use XRP for settlement) https://cointelegraph.com/news/italian-banks-successfully-test-data-reconciliation-via-blockchain
  8. I agree there's been a noticeable increase in positive press in the last few weeks (appearances by Brad, Finastra, Xpring, Algrim, Santander @ Economic Club of NY, interviews, podcasts etc.) All feels very choreographed. Considering Ripple themselves describe Swell as their keynote event, they must be aware of the expectation around it. Makes you wonder what they're going to pull out of the bag. If it's not something major then I suspect some retail investors may cut their losses having seen 2 years of diminishing returns.
  9. Based on a number of comments I've seen I'm coming round to thinking that Ripple could be working or planning on working with SWIFT. SWIFT has the network and reach, Ripple solves the liquidity issue. Would make perfect sense. Maybe Ripple has realised it will struggle to get existing SWIFT users to move to Ripplenet and has changed its focus. Their talking more about their liquidity solution now. https://www.gtreview.com/news/fintech/ripple-we-are-not-replacing-swift/
  10. https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/79965/national-bank-of-canada-adopts-cgis-payments-platform CGI All Payments already integrated with Ripple network... https://www.cgi.com/sites/default/files/2019-06/cgi-all-payments-brochure.pdf
  11. SIBOS is a SWIFT event - no way is Ripple announcing anything, wouldn't be "good form". If you look at the agenda the whole event is a PR exercise for SWIFT justifying why they need to exist, and pushing GPI. https://www.sibos.com/conference/sessions Any discussion of cross border payments is further proof they're worried by Ripple, and are basically pushing GPI as the future.
  12. I think there's some truth in that (tinfoil hat is fully on). Ripple may not want to admit it but liquidity is the issue and it needs to be built slowly.They don't want prices to shoot up overnight. If, for example, Mastercard said tomorrow, "we are definitely going to use XRP for all settlement on our shiny new system", there'd be a mad rush of people buying XRP. Price goes up. People then take profits and sell. Price goes down. XRP then looks like a volatile asset, investors stay away. Media cries "scam" and Ripple have a problem.
  13. SIBOS is an event organised by SWIFT - even if Ripple are attending it is highly unlikely (and would be particularly bad form) if Ripple would make any kind of announcement. If Ripple are going to announce anything, they are more likely to do it at their event (Swell) in November. I think we need to recognise that: 1. Ripple "announcements" will have no impact on the price of XRP - Moneygram for example was a significant partnership and did nothing. 2. It is not in Ripple's interest for any announcement to have an impact on the price of XRP - it suggests they have an element of control over the price.
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