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  1. Sometimes wonder why I put myself through this....
  2. Must have missed the memo where we all buy Bitcoin cash.. This is why there is no institutional adoption - would you touch this if you were a big bank? No chance.
  3. Couple of thoughts I've had and this seems as good a place as any to share them: Ripple cannot be seen in any way to have any control over the price of XRP so are going to be hands off in that respect However, there are benefits in the price of XRP being higher as you need less XRP to transfer larger amounts of value (avoiding issues with moving the market with huge buys and sells and slippage) There is a psychological barrier to deal with if the asset you're using to make cross border payment fluctuates wildly in value - I know you only need to hold it momentarily whilst making the transfer but nobody is going to touch it if changes massively in value on a daily basis - at a lower price, the % change in value is more significant, another reason why Ripple would want the price to be higher For XRP to be successful, Ripple need to create an ongoing and constant demand for it. It only works for cross border transfers when there is a buyer at the other end (someone with fiat who wants to exchange it for XRP because they need it or want to hold it). This needs to be continuous and ongoing. If there is no compelling reason to hold XRP then it will fail as a project. This unfortunately presents a chicken and egg scenario - the price of XRP will only increase if there is an increasing demand for it, but unless the price increases, there won't be any demand for it. Put all that together and what do you have? Setting aside conspiracy theories, bots, manipulation and whales, Ripple ultimately need the price of XRP to increase slowly and gradually over time. I guess thats what they're attempting to do with Coil / Xpring etc but I've come to the conclusion that XRP is not going to "moon" overnight. It would be the worst thing that could happen for institutional, wide scale adoption.
  4. Think we may all have to re-evaluate our timescales for "wen moon". Volume has effectively tripled overnight with no significant impact on price. I'm aware CoinmarketCap has issues with accuracy of reporting volumes, and everybody is waiting for actual "utility" to shift the price, but on these numbers the utility volume will need to be significant to have any impact at all.
  5. No mention of Ripple / XRP specifically (mods please move if in wrong forum) but it would be interesting to see what technology they're using to enable this: https://pay.amazon.com/uk/blog/simplify-cross-border-selling-with-multi-currency?utm_medium=organic_social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=blog&utm_term=product&utm_content=multicurrency&ref=tsm_1_tw_s__2144457008&linkId=63779675
  6. Was just going to post this in a separate thread but this may help - keep the faith, it's real, it's happening, it just unfortunately may take some time: https://www.accenture.com/t20181030T101039Z__w__/us-en/_acnmedia/PDF-23/Accenture-Banking-Real-time-Cross-Border-Payments.pdf
  7. So Visa and Mastercard are now in a bidding war (with MC offering £233M in cash!) over a "failing" Real Time Remittance company that is a Ripple customer and counts BofA, HSBC, WU and AMEX as its clients? Nothing to see here, probably bad news https://www.americanbanker.com/news/real-time-remittances-in-play-for-earthport-with-ripple-labs-deal
  8. Could HSBC be one of the banks going live with XRP (indirectly via Corda)? Key word here is "settles" https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-hsbc-blockchain/hsbc-settles-fx-deals-worth-250-billion-on-blockchain-in-last-year-idUKKCN1P823Z So we know that HSBC have worked with R3's Corda platform in the past: https://www.hsbc.com/media/media-releases/2018/hsbc-trade-blockchain-transaction-press-release You would therefore assume that the $250 billion of FX deals settled on their blockchain utilised Corda again (although it isn't clear in the article). Corda has a built in mechanism for Settlement ("Corda Settler") which uses XRP: https://www.r3.com/recently-released/settler/
  9. Has anyone considered that all these characters on twitter, youtube and various forums are actually part of Ripple's master plan to keep retail investors interested in XRP while they (Ripple) go about building the "Internet of value"? We know there's little institutional investment at the moment because of the regulatory and custody issues. There's also little real world usage of XRP, so the only thing propping up the value is us, retail investors. If we all decide tomorrow this is worthless or going nowhere and sell up, the value drops like a brick. I would imagine that becomes a different conversation for Ripple with investors / partners / banks / FI's etc if XRP is for example valued at $0.000025, rather than "$0.35 now but has been $2.80"
  10. I've often thought the same. I also question how the decision was made to "create" 100 billion XRP and not some other number? Why not 23 billion or 36,000 or some other random figure? Is it possible many years ago someone has done an incredibly rough calculation based on use cases / size of market they're targeting, the price that XRP would need to be to facilitate that market, and then rounded up and got 100 billion? As David Schwartz has said previously, XRP needs to increase in value to be useful. Shifting $1M currently needs a lot of XRP. All of which leads me back to thinking that it's all well and good signing up banks and money transfer companies etc. but if XRP doesn't increase in value it won't work. And I suspect Ripple knows that, and has a plan which would lead to it increasing in value.
  11. So lots of selling at a low price, with lots of buying at a low price = lots of volume, but no increase / decrease in price Makes sense, cheers.
  12. Can someone more intelligent than I am explain why such a significant increase in daily volume has had no obvious increase in price? A similar volume in Feb had us around a dollar. Circulating supply hasn't changed significantly, so using the "supply vs demand" principle, shouldn't price increase? Or am I missing something?
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