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  1. @Trader-to-the-Crown https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/ They seem to have a very good pricing schema. 16 GB 6 vCPUs 320 GB 6TB $80/mo $0.119/hr
  2. A new hope... Or Zerpening 3: Tequila Party (Thx mexico to be the first to use XRP on the market) .... kiding heheheh
  3. Well, at the end of the day (my day) i was served with some good news (sbi, mobile app, bitTITS...he). And reading RegalChicken, im very confident that tomorrow we are going to be served with good old Brad love that we want.... exciting times PD: still...another night of cheap wine and cheap cigarettes
  4. "Trading View and XRP chat "... the new netflix and chill haha
  5. Something to read about the lunar year.... it's an old post but it's interesting to read in this times.
  6. You're on the right track zerp brother. im too in the 10% top, just 2 years older and without any college degree. Keep growing the stash
  7. Well, another 240 zerps to the stack.... buying xrp is one of my favorite thinks to do
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