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  1. SamK

    Cashing out from Gatehub to UK bank

    Why don’t you withdraw to Revolut? You would have to inform them there’s a lump sum coming and from where. They’ll see your deposits to Gatehub so will know it’s legit.
  2. SamK

    Get Paid To HODL

    Gambling/gaming sites always make a lot of money out of the players. It’s good to see one that gives something back. But the referral link may be the real reason for the post...
  3. Mine was a 3 year plan which is now just over 2. got most of my XRP in escrow to take away any temptation to sell.
  4. SamK

    How much XRP is enough??

    One of it's sides is both the same...
  5. SamK

    How much XRP is enough??

    How long is a piece of string?
  6. Start by reading this -
  7. SamK

    Revolut Vault & XRP

    You can also set a multiplier on the round up.. I have mine using 10x multiplier. For example, if I spend £2.50 then it buys 0.50 x 10, £5 worth of XRP it soon adds up if you use you card for everyday purchases. I’ve added nearly 2000XRP this way.
  8. SamK

    Coffey case dismissed

    The guy lost between $500 & $600 in January when he sold his XRP after the price dropped. Decided to sue Ripple Labs for the loss...
  9. SamK

    The coming millionaires of XRP

    The figure is also skewed by some having more than 1 wallet. My xerps are spread across 2 wallets, an exchange and escrows
  10. SamK

    4th Stupidest Giveaway EVER!!!

    Ticket to the moon - E.L.O. Moon
  11. SamK

    urgent!!!!!! NEED HELP.

    Regular HDDs are very fragile. The drop was enough to break your screen, so, unfortunately, it’s probabky broken your HDD too. First, I’d take out the HDD and put it in an external housing and try to access it from another computer. If it’s not reading it, and you can’t use the usb backup you have, then I’d send it to a data recovery specialist. But even then, they can’t guarantee to recover anything.
  12. SamK


    It would probably depend if the 75k limit is a legal restriction or not. Although I don’t think it’s a limit on the balance. My ‘top up’ limit is 75k per year. Maybe that’s what you’re talking about. I will have the same issue in future. My plan is to ask for a one off top up of a high value. I have most of my XRP in escrow, so don’t have to worry about that for a couple of years. Revolut are already aware of my XRP holdings, which should make it easier with regards to their concerns as to where the money is coming from. Alternatively, I’ll withdraw from the exchange to my ‘high street’ bank account.
  13. Heaven forbid - used to express a fervent wish that something does not happen.
  14. SamK

    freedomxrp.com or xrpfreedom.com

    Use letsencrypt and ssl is free