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  1. Why is it a "huge concern"? I think it's down to Japanese specific regulations. There's still everyone between ages 20 - 70, which is where all the disposable income is.
  2. You've obviously never been to Italy... my local takeaway has the best pizza ever.. Hand made and cooked in a traditional wood burning oven.
  3. 52 and looking to retire at 55. Got most of my XRP in escrow, of which most will release just before 55th birthday
  4. SamK

    Xvia Coming Out in Q3

    There’s a simple solution for those people... sell their XRP and invest in something they actually believe in.
  5. SamK

    Road to Spending: Cryptocurrency

    Exactly the same as tax returns for any other earnings. That's why the use of a good accountant is very helpful
  6. Exactly my sentiments also. In fact I have most of my stash in escrow, I'll be more concerned about the price next summer when the first batch of escrow is released
  7. Actually ‘only’ 1000 😃
  8. SamK

    Im setting up a codius host.

    Setting up a WordPress front end should be no problem as it will take very little resources. It should just be a case of setting up nginx to point the relevant port at it.
  9. SamK

    Progress: A Short Story

    Brilliant... Loved it
  10. There's already a more than 20 page thread on this -
  11. Yes... I have a Revolut card and when there is no fiat balance available, it takes from my XRP balance. I did this the other day in the supermarket to buy groceries with XRP.
  12. I used my Revolut card the other day to buy some stuff from the supermarket. Didn't have any fiat balance in GBP or EUR so I was curious to see what happened as I had read about using crypto balance for payments. As it happens, it did a XRP to EUR conversion on the fly, so I was able to pay directly with my XRP balance. This will be very useful when the price of XRP increases.
  13. SamK

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    Why should Ripple pay for a new logo? They do not own the rights to XRP, they just own a LOT of it. This is the whole reason it went to a community vote. Democracy works in a way that if you don't like the outcome, you have to accept it until the next opportunity to vote. Personally, I voted for this symbol. You have every right to voice your objection to what the vast majority chose, but please don't mix up Ripple the company and XRP the coin/token/asset
  14. SamK

    Bitstamp XRP Gateway

    If you can import the wallet then there is no extra 20 charge, it is the same wallet as on the ledger. If you have to create a new wallet in Toast then you will have to leave 20 in that one also.