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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from G-Men in We are all Doooomed   
    Why shouldn't he be having fun? If he paid attention to the basic rule of investing in a highly volatile market (ie don't invest more than you can afford to lose), then why should he not be alloted the opportunity to be happy?
    I'm perfectly fine with XRP at 53 cent at this moment in time...and guess what? My first 5 buys were above 2 dollars.
    But I am not getting grey hairs over it because what I put in I can afford to see lost. Would suck yeah, but not change my life.
    Standing behind the value of XRP and the time to wait it out....CAN change my life however.
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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from TheHoff in We are all Doooomed   
    Nothing wrong with it. People make their own choices. Did you buy because you saw his FOMO? ?
    If so, shame on you.
    I for one will not sell because of FUD.

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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from BLPinfinity in We are all Doooomed   
    Nothing wrong with it. People make their own choices. Did you buy because you saw his FOMO? ?
    If so, shame on you.
    I for one will not sell because of FUD.

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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Chewiecoin in We are all Doooomed   
    And for the record I’ve been a member of this forum for 7 months with 4,100 posts. That’s about 19 per day.
    And most of these over in the Zerpening Club talking nonsense. 
    Not quite a hundred a day but more than I thought. Gees I do need a life lol!!
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to ecent in We are all Doooomed   
    No one is having fun at the moment and I don't think anyone wants anyone else to suffer, lose money or experience any kind of hardship. 
    But you cannot realistically say that XRP is the only project that is experiencing a case of people having bought at ATHs and now sitting massively in the red. Im not sure if you are aware but the market as a whole experienced a wild bull rally in December and has borderline crashed since then. 
    The XRP Community wasn't the only one preaching about Chinese New Year, Wall Street bonuses, Consensus conference, etc. I say again...
    No reasonable individual on this forum or elsewhere is laughing at anyone who bought at ATHs and are sitting in the red at the moment. In fact I and I think many others applaud the balls of steel that those investors have to still be in the game.
    You know when Ill accept the "XRP is a piece of **** that caused me to lose money!" arguments? When the market recovers and XRP remains where its at. Until then? 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to ecent in We are all Doooomed   
    Honestly, I don't. Few reasons:
    The Zerpening club which you referenced earlier is comprised for the most part of "hodlers" who are very much on the XRP train and believe in the vision.  Anyone reading a post on "XRPChat" and being shocked that its bullish is frankly a bit unrealistic with respect to their expectations Anyone reading a post anywhere and making a buying (or selling) decision based on that without further research should not be investing in anything ... XRP, Crypto, Stocks ... nothing.  Personally speaking I think anyone who needs their fiat today should sell. If you dont need your fiat today and you believe in what XRP (or whatever coin it is you are invested in) is doing ... then breath, hodl, buy if you can and thats it. I think that any of the more long term members of this forum who post "FOMO" would clarify their statements in that way as well if presented with a level headed counter post to their "FOMO".
    I can't comment to the specific case as Im not sure which one you are referring to. Personally I've seen some utter nonsense on these forums and elsewhere where its abundantly clear that the individual is in no way interested in having a reasonable debate but is rather just interested in screaming louder than everyone else. I advocate blocking people who are just looking for a fight for the sake of a fight. There is a difference between a good debate and disagreeing without explaining why.
    I wish all "FUD" was presented with data and references to prove that its fact based. As stated, I think anyone would be thrilled to be saved from themselves. If anyone wants to present real data and real information proving that XRP is in somewhat detrimental to the decentralisation cause or that the incremental progress being made with respect to XRP adoption is a lie ... I think that person will find a very eager audience.
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to OzAlphaWolf in We are all Doooomed   
    Part of the problem is that it's the same old BS brought up over and over again. It can only be addressed seriously so many times before it becomes clear that there's nothing left to do but ignore or mock it. Some people just don't want a positive outlook - they revel in being miserable and make it their mission to ensure no-one else ought to be having fun either.
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to ecent in We are all Doooomed   
    I am no crony. I welcome anyone to explain to me why XRP is a scam, joke and / or waste of time. If I have put my money at risk then by all means please save me.
    The problem that I am having is that the opposing views simply make no sense and have been proven to be baseless. So what Im left wondering is "why the hate"? If Ripple and other well funded corporate entities can implement the decentralised vision for the financial world that supports interoperability of all coins and assets ... why is that a bad thing? 
    Governments, banks and "the man" aren't disappearing. Period.
    So instead of holding onto that hope we can work towards a viably decentralised financial environment and the XRP Ledger, Interledger Protocol and Codius are foundational pieces of that vision. 
    Why is that a bad thing? 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to ecent in We are all Doooomed   
    The amusing bit to me about the majority of the (here, I won't call it "FUD") "opposing views" being presented that suggest XRP is not worth investing in is that these items are no longe really up for debate. This isn't 2016 and this isn't 2017 and frankly there is enough very public information to address the concerns.
    Is it a security? No. 
    We don't own part of Ripple There was no ICO  Anyone can build on the XRP ledger, not just Ripple  XRP would exist even if Ripple disappears tomorrow There is a clear utility Its never been advertised towards retail investors  There is no single point of failure or switch to turn it all off with  etc  Will banks use it? Absolutely. 
    A Santander app making clear use of XRapid was demoed on Ellen  Santander publicly compliments Ripple and its tech  Cuallix is a XRapid fanboy  AMEX, while not a bank, is posting job openings for products related to Santander and Ripple  The number of exchanges listing XRP have dramatically increased since last year. The number of exchanges using XRP as a base pair is increasing.  
    Codius is a better smart contract platform that is openly advocating for an interoperable world that supports all assets including XRP, BTC and others.
    What specifically is everyones problem? Does it anger people that blockchain and decentralising will be implemented by men and women in suits as opposed to cyber punks in cowboy hats and tshirts? 
    The above isn't even particularly complicated research. Dive in for 5 more minutes and you'll find plenty of information re: efforts towards custodial services, deep fintech partnerships and more.
    Why the hate? 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to TheHoff in We are all Doooomed   
    still waiting for my last FOMO post payment. @Chewiecoin did you receive your 67 cents??? 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Zerponaut in We are all Doooomed   
    Yup, so I order my coffee and pay with XRP. The payment goes through in 4 seconds and they give me the coffee so I burn my mouth! Scamcoin! I’m taking them to court!
    On the other hand, I could pay for my coffee using Bitcoin and it would take almost an hour to clear. Guess what? That’s right - my coffee gets cold and I don’t burn my mouth! It’s a cryptocurrency, there’s no need to sue and it’s a store of value.
    i think I just proved my point.
    Don’t know what it was but that can’t stop the fudarmy.
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to XRPisVELOCITY in We are all Doooomed   
    Nathaniel pooper loves you @Chewiecoin

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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Chewiecoin in We are all Doooomed   
    Lets face it. The crypto market is crashing. Market Cap. We will never see the prices we saw last year. Market Cap. XRP will never be used by banks. xRapid won’t affect price. XRP is centralised. Market Cap. Volume. Market Cap. We will be lucky to see $1. Market Cap. I don’t talk about Codius or microstransactions. Volume. 
    Don’t worry though guys I hold millions of XRP so I am with you and I am one of you. But it’s going to fail and collapse . . . .
    Hang on is this the FUDdenning Club? Oh no sorry I’ve posted in the wrong thread again. My apologies. 
    . . . and Volume and Market Cap
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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from tulo in Codius HOST UP and Running   
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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from Phintech in Codius HOST UP and Running   
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Atomic1221 in SBI VC Launch with xRapid *ON JUNE 4th 2018* is going to send us to new ATH   
    Just to be clear, I'm not saying that ON June 4th, we will reach a new ATH. Soon my friends, soon. 
    Edit 2: Confirmation that it is 20,000 advance customers gaining early access today. Full public release in July. 
    I’ll  keep updating the thread as news comes in.
    I'll keep this as short and sweet as I can  . 
    I don't think the real gravity of how absolutely groundbreaking the SBI VC launch will be has sunk in to the majority of the cryptospace. SBI is a conglomerate representing the 65 Japanese banks, and all of them will be transacting through an xRapid-based institutional and retail exchange called SBI VC. With that in mind, Yashitaka Kitao wasn't kidding when he said $10 will be reached in the "blink of an eye."
    The only remaining skepticism in my mind is a possible delay to the summer '18 release date, especially so given SBI's proclivity to delaying in the past and having already been delayed a year. Yet as summer '18 is rapidly approaching, there appears to be no indication of another delay. And keeping in mind that the delays' purpose was increase security after recent Japanese exchange hacks, and ensure world class bandwidth for the massive volume they're expecting, it may have been a good thing that the delay happened. 
    What is the biggest FUD thrown at Ripple/XRP? If I had to pick one, it'd be, "No banks are ever going to use xRapid". Having over half of Japanese banks using xRapid in one fell swoop, will create a hyper FOMO environment that is going to going to super charge the worth of our zerps.
    I ask you to keep in mind two more things:
    1). Our December 2017 bull run was accelerated  on the 27th of Dec; from around $1 to $2+ with the news of SBI Ripple Asia establishing a consortium with Japanese credit card companies. The news wasn't even particularly clear but it sent us up 20% in one day with BTC down around 5%, and kept pushing us up to around $2. This wasn't even HUGE news. SBI VC is the equivalent to a wet-dream in perspective of Ripple's vision for the industry; so what do you think will happen to the price when this happens? 
    2) Santander just demonstrated that they're willing to trust Ripple technology with over 50% of their international payments. If you look at this through the lens of the board of directors of other banks, this is a huge indicator that the technology has matured enough to be used in a full production environment in a way that replaces SWIFT.  This means that SBI VC isn't just going banks dipping their toes in the water, this is banks diving in head-first. The whole FUD about XRP being a security is nonsense, and if the US won't take the lead in clearly defining the regulatory environment, it is rapidly becoming clear that other countries like Japan or South Korea will. 
    Right now details are sparse regarding exact SBI VC release date. Strap in, because once we get clarification and confirmation, the price will rocket upwards. Remember what happened to the price of ETH between Jan '17 and Jan '18? I believe we're currently in a analogous situation to where ETH was in early 2017, but with even more upside. I'm normally very skeptical, especially of SBI actually making its targeted release date, but so long G20 regulatory talks go well in June and the final decision in July is favorable, I think we will actually see SBI VC live and running this summer: 
    Also extremely foretelling is Ripple's requirement for all rippled  servers to upgrade to v1.0.0 by June 14th 2018. This is a huge indicator of a new phase in Ripple's business plan....as anyone in the banking industry will tell you, the only thing banks hate more than using new software, is using BETA software. I would be hard pressed to believe SBI VC would have a full public release while rippled was still in BETA. I think there's a case to be made that there's a very strong correlation between these two events.
    I think the stars are aligning for a major move upwards. Right now, imagining myself in 2019, looking back at 2018 and I truly believe this moment will one of the standout events of 2018. 
    Please let me know you guys' thoughts below. I'm interested to see your thoughts on this topic and have a discussion on it. 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Tehol_Beddict in (SBI backed) Liquid by QUOINE launching soon   
    I’m sure everyone’s seen this, but just in case:

    Something tells me no other exchange was dumb enough/in a position to decline such an offer. I assume Ripple has this agreement in place with every exchange on the planet that they wanted... other than these two.
    Thank you Ripple for using $101M of the XRP you OWN to increase the value of XRP for everyone. Is paying to be on these exchanges supposed to be a smear piece? It’s wonderful for us investors... I certainly wasn’t going to offer any exchanges $101M (of money I  don’t have) to list XRP.
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Tehol_Beddict in (SBI backed) Liquid by QUOINE launching soon   
    Phase 1 of worldbook launch: internal order book
    Phase 2: Connecing exchanges from around the world... Hmm, who do we know that’s connecting exchanges around the world? (hint: interledger, xRapid, the $100 Million loan + $1 Million payment offered by Ripple to exchanges in order to integrate).
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Benchmark in Load up now, next bull run coming 10 trillion in institutional money, next few weeks.   
    Then don't read it. There's this great thing about the internet where you can ignore whatever rubs you the wrong way.
    Above all, enjoy yourself. If something does not positively add to your life, ruthlessly cut it out.
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Chewiecoin in Load up now, next bull run coming 10 trillion in institutional money, next few weeks.   
    I understand your frustration. You have loaded up in XRP whilst the price is low and you have had to wait 5 months to see a return?
    But you are showing that maybe you don’t have the patience required.
    Firstly, it’s only been 5 months. It might take years to get the utility demand that we are all looking for. If you can’t hodl for 5 months then crypto may not be for you. 
    Secondly, own up to the fact that you are an adult and make your own investment decisions. If the only reason you loaded up on XRP is because anonymous people in this forum told you to then that is not the right reason to be investing. 
    Remember to DYOR (do your own research) and make your own decisions.
    My view is that if you can be patient and HODL then you will be thanking these same posters that you complain about now.
    Its your call. Buy more, HODL, or sell now and get into something else but don’t blame others for the investment choices you make. 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to invest2lose in Load up now, next bull run coming 10 trillion in institutional money, next few weeks.   
    load up boys, this is the final final chance to fill your bags. big money is coming in soon!!
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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from Chewiecoin in Here We Go Again   
    Boom!! Sha ka laka! 
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Chewiecoin in Here We Go Again   
    Well well well what do we have here another dip?
    We have been here many times before. Yep, 2018 so far sucks. We have seen 5 months of price falling from our ATH and stagnation in the market. 
    If you are selling your XRP stash now (unless you have a real-life emergency reason to) you are a mug. 
    Look at this chart showing BTC price during 2014 to 2016

    In 2013 the price went from less than $100 to over $1,000. For the next two years, the price fell to less than $200 and finished 2016 at $400. Yep that's 2 years of the price not recovering and stagnating. Its only been 5 months for us.
    And you know what happened to the few true HODLERs that held for this period. Look at the beautiful chart below.

    The price jumped back over the ATH in 2017 to $1,200 and then to $19,000 by the end of 2017. You have to have patience. You have to be willing to wait it out.
    In relation to XRP,  yes, if you are extremely lucky you would have bought it at sub 1c in early 2017 and held to the end of the year making that massive gain but for the rest of us we need balls (boobs?) of steel and need to have patience and hold on waiting for the next bull run.
    Look at what has happened in the last 5 months:
    xCurrent partners increasing by one a week; xRapid pilots occurring; xRapid savings now confirmed; xRapid 1.0 now in production; xVia released and partners announced; Codius being redeveloped; xPring being released already with over 100 potential XRP benefiting projects on the books; Rumours of Central Banks working with Ripple and Ripple employees and the IMF virtually confirming it; Big Hedge fund money confirming they are coming; More exchanges coming online with more support for XRP; and I can keep going How much more good news do you need?
    I can hear you now "but why isn't all this good news reflected in the price?" Short answer is the market is unpredictable so no one truly knows but I believe it is because we are still (99% at least) being ruled by speculative demand and speculative demand is driven by the whole market, by FOMO of investors and by big brother BTC. We will start to transition to utility demand this year and over the next few years. This demand will be more stable and will propel us forward without being tied to the rest of the market. I wrote a more detailed post answering this question here.
    Next response I can hear from the crowd: "But past performance is not an indicator of future performance"
    Yep, you are right. Just because BTC went to $19k or XRP to $3.40 does not mean that we are guaranteed to get to those highs again. I don't know enough about BTC but, XRP, I believe, will absolutely go past its ATH again, in fact, sail past it. Look at the dot points above. XRP has the best chance of any token for real-world adoption. Adoption that will drive utility demand and the price. 
    There are no guarantees but I am so certain of it I have invested a large part of my savings betting on it. 
    So what does all of this mean?
    HODL. Of course HODL. Have more patience than you do now. Be prepared to wait years, if that is what it takes. I think it will come sooner but be mentally prepared for it, we have to have patience.
    Take this downtime as an opportunity to buy more, if you can afford to and if you can afford to lose it?
    If you have patience and HODL I believe you will be rewarded. 
    Disclaimer: I hold XRP (of course I bloody do!)
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    DaveEllisXRP got a reaction from bayarea510 in Be Calm! Professor Fate is finally here.   
    @ChewiecoinI think you scared them off!
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    DaveEllisXRP reacted to Chewiecoin in Be Calm! Professor Fate is finally here.   
    That’s some of my best work!!
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