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  1. Every time I get a sneaky chance ? Hi, my names David, and I'm a zerpaholic. The last time I got a fix was last week...
  2. So a 30x gain? That sounds familiar right? Look at multiple different cryptos and they have beat those gains by miles, and these are cryptos WITHOUT A USE CASE. XRP is a real use, real world, digital asset that is being utilized by names around the globe. BAKKT is coming, NASDAQ next year, partners upon partners a week, DC talking about XRP, SBI VC fully functioning 1st quarter, MercuryFX, Caullix, codius, Coil....and countess other partners, names, projects. I use to have the same mindset when I was younger, good things never happen to me. But you have to put yourself out there. Invest what you can kiss goodbye on something you believe in (I'm guessing we're on the same page there or you wouldn't be here), and let the chips fall where they may. Big or bust. If this ship goes down (highly improbable in my opinion), I'm out a few grand that doesnt hurt me in the long run. BUT. If this ship opens its sails...boy oh boy. Financial freedom like you've only dreamed about? Set milestones for yourself, cash out points, or whatever your cup of tea, and abide by them. Have a game plan, and dont get caught up in the moment if it happens.
  3. That demo had one tough audience...no laughs, nothing...
  4. Market cap is nonsense. Go use diamonds as an example... This is not me saying 589 before EOY FYI.
  5. With that being said, you would have never invested...and while you would have never lost a 'penny', you could have lost 'potential' hundreds of thousands, if not millions ? But like I said, good luck to him/her and good luck to all!
  6. If you believe in the project and where its headed. I would say now is good as any time yo put your foot down. If you're talking about a $500 investment, at the current price you could buy just under 2000 XRP. If it were to fall to $.15, you're looking at 3,333 XRP you could get opposed to 2,000. After realizing how many more you could get, you have to ask yourself what kind of cash out target are you looking for. $50,000 $100,000 $250,000? In order respectively, you would have to wait for XRP prices of $25, $50, and $125 purchasing at the current price. If you wait and it 'did' drop, you would only have to wait for exit points of $15, $30, and $75 But there's the chance that you sit for longer and it climbs to $.40 never to go down again - and your same $500 would only allocate you 1,250 XRP with cash out points of $40, $80, and $200 respectively. Then, ask yourself - are you willing to wait for it to reach those points and keep the fact that you could lose the $500 if it went to zero. And...can you hold from $.25 to $3.50, retrace to $2.00, climb to $15, retrace to $7.00 knowing all the while it could retrace to 0? Good luck with your decision.
  7. To piggy bak on what @Chewiecoin just said. Beware of dancing green zombie goddess's and the such.
  8. There has to be reason? Ok if there HAS to be a reason...guess I'll oblige Faster than any other crypto Cheaper I don't dare read off the list of Partners It has real world utility Solves a multi trillion dollar problem Uses are endless as Codius, Coil, and xPring come online There is ample more reason, but that alone is enough to justify anyones FOMO or Bullishness Oh yeah and does all this without consuming the electrical needs for several countries combined.
  9. If you are adimantly seeking appolgizes, why don't you find said statements, and quote them to the original member in public.
  10. I see your level of sarcasm and raise you this.... If you came on xrpchat looking for info and bought in over your head because of some person on the other side of the Internet with 100k likes, that's your problem. And you can be mad all you like, hold a grudge, whatever. But it would have been your ignorance that set it in motion.
  11. Why shouldn't he be having fun? If he paid attention to the basic rule of investing in a highly volatile market (ie don't invest more than you can afford to lose), then why should he not be alloted the opportunity to be happy? I'm perfectly fine with XRP at 53 cent at this moment in time...and guess what? My first 5 buys were above 2 dollars. But I am not getting grey hairs over it because what I put in I can afford to see lost. Would suck yeah, but not change my life. Standing behind the value of XRP and the time to wait it out....CAN change my life however.
  12. Nothing wrong with it. People make their own choices. Did you buy because you saw his FOMO? ? If so, shame on you. I for one will not sell because of FUD.
  13. How is this chart arranged exactly? Edit, I somewhat get it. It isn't intended to be pinned to a time frame.
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