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  1. I’m not sure what you were watching, but after watching the interview myself, I have to disagree with your generalised negative sentiment to what Cory was actually saying. After the slightly alarming title to this post, I viewed the interview to see what it was that got you upset, but nothing that warranted your misleading statements was forthcoming. From my POV, Cory was completely candid in what he said and there was absolutely zero negative spin towards XRP IMHO. Anyway, I thank you for posting this thread regardless, because the startling headline did prompt me to view the interview myself and I ended up coming away happy to have watched it. Overall I found it interesting and I was glad to hear a frank and level-headed view from someone inside Ripple and the crypto space. I don’t think it’s fair or right to confuse Cory’s delivery style with your statement implying he ‘doesn’t care at all about XRP’. Very misleading and baffling to say the least...
  2. Now that it’s out there, I have an admission...I ....well.........I sometimes - Oh dear God forgive me....I sometimes have... impure thoughts about XRP.... I feel so dirty ..the shame...oh the shame...?
  3. Wow - I honestly always thought it was ‘Alan’ from the Hangover movies ... definitely a resemblance... don’t you reckon?
  4. At what point do you admit you need to replace the ‘Tro’ in your username with ‘Wa’?
  5. Sorry Leprecoin, but hard to take your ‘professionalism’ call seriously - you’re just a freakin’ little leprechaun taking a dump in a hat full of gold coins. You need to pack that empty pipe you got there, take a puff and chill ya dill out (along with all the other complainers).
  6. It’s easy - as we both know, all you need is to view the ‘real’ with sarcasm and negativity, veiled with a smattering of passive aggressive. You taught me that - kudos??
  7. Captain Marbles, your posts are indeed insightful, if not a tad contentious. Speaking from my own perspective, I find your writing style positively patronising, delivered with an opinionated air of self-righteous obnoxiousness. Please don’t be offended, it’s just when I see much of the language you choose to use, I can’t help but imagine you lounging in front of an open fireplace, in a red satin gown and puppy-fur plush slippers, pondering over your next pompous post, holding a large glass of red in one hand with the other fondling (disturbingly and all too frequently) under your gown, as wisps of smoke rise gently from the ivory pipe which lies waiting on your marble side table. Of course I’m likely way off the mark - just saying that’s the image that conjures up when I read your posts. No offence intended
  8. Important clarification Plikk -needs to be said. Still, you’d imagine Santander would want to be using the cheapest options and offering the best service to their customers who perform cross border transactions, whilst highlighting the fact the system they use is superior to the traditional. Go Santander! Go Ripple! Go Xrapid! Go XRP! ..and Go XRP HODLER’s!!!!
  9. ...and you, Sceptic, are a spectacular *unt. Be honest.... haha
  10. Just watched the clip from the thread about Ripple’s fantastically generous donation to the organisation ‘Donors Choose’ on The Late Show tonight where the host -Stephen Colbert - was searching for a way to describe the magnitude and how big an impact the donation would make, built up to the term ‘a Sploosh’. This description immediately made me think of this thread and how the word ‘Sploosh’ suited the definition you gave perfectly (me thinks anyway, haha)...
  11. Well done Ripple - your generosity, along with the outstanding way in which all of the company’s representatives always present and conduct themselves, is second to none. Wherever this crypto tide takes us, I am proud of your efforts in making the world a better place. Kudos ?
  12. ....so then this mushroom walks into a bar and attempts to order a drink, but the bartender stops him short, saying ‘I’m sorry, but we don’t serve your kind here’, to which the mushroom replies ‘Well why ever not? I’m a fun guy’....
  13. Haha....totally agree... no need to get so ‘butthurt’ by this hy’poo’thetical..perhaps some were feeling a little too threatened by the ‘Analcoin’ suggested in the OP’s scenario...cracks me up .. haha... ‘butthurt’
  14. Stefan Thomas tweet below: We (@Ripple) just published a formal proof of Ripple Consensus and a new open graph consensus algorithm called Cobalt: ripple.com/insights/conti… #consensus #research - Shoutout to my colleagues Ethan MacBrough and Brad Chase driving this work! https://t.co/AM8nGOpsQy
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