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  1. If a bank has an adjustable rate mortgage tied to prime at 4.5%, and prime goes down, the Mark-Up goes down as well. Banks were giving out adjustable rate loans like candy forecasting that the rate would increase. That is the cause for panic. They have given out too much money (most banks operate in the red) than they can forecast to receive as profit.
  2. If you cant see what this post has to do with XRP, there is little help this doc can do. Ripple uses XRP for banking software. Banks and money transfer services are starting to adopt crypto. The recent stress on banks by the FED may push banks towards adopting XRP..... There. Spelled it out for you.
  3. Good point. I understand the risks. I obfuscated the location and size of the bank. I highly doubt you can trace these people back. If you can, Kudos.
  4. That idea has been thrown around a lot! Currently, the policy is zero crypto tolerance. Maybe that might change after this quarter. She is actually looking to switch jobs to got to a crypto bank/firm
  5. There will be blood... on wall st. I think we will see a lot of capital move into crypto. I dont know what this means for the power of the US dollar... that's my only hesitation for taking out a loan. (Also, a 21yo doesnt need a mortgage lol) .
  6. Alright guys, its been a hell of a week for Ripple and crypto in general. We are witnessing the beginning of a banking revolution- its only going to get crazier as we head into 2020. PART 1: Let me start this post by telling you a conversation I had with my mother, an executive loan officer and branch manager of a regional bank in the south: After the usual mother/son conversation, I asked her how her job was going since she just came back from family leave. APPARENTLY.... "The top executives are freaking out. The projections for loan income are completely off due to the
  7. Haha, no. I am just doing a bit of research. I'll make it public once I compile more data
  8. I will post them here since you are interested. The poll ends in 24 hours.
  9. I thought it would be interesting to check on the sentiment of the XRP community. I made a quick set of twitter polls if anyone is interested. I would appreciate a retweet to help collect as much data as possible. THANKS!
  10. Can we add another column to this list: Volume of transactions per year ? This metric will be very important because it will show how much of the transaction/ remittance market Ripple and XRP have cornered. I would be happy to start researching these numbers
  11. can someone post a synopsys after? Im in class and I cant watch it
  12. I can understand the points you make. Yes, the FI/Forex markets are their namesake. However, I think that the "plebian" market is what will help save them from "regulatory uncertainty". What I mean is, look at all the great things the XRP community is doing! The army on twitter is something to behold. More importantly, developers like Weitse Wind and Stefan Thomas are utilizing the ledger for very neat projects. There are now a few coins that are based on the XRP ledger. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With such a great community developing separate use cases for XRP, it h
  13. Of course they care about the xrp market. They are the largest owners of XRP. They want the price to go up. Brad Garlinghouse has said this multiple times. David Schwartz says that a higher price will indicate a healthier market. They are sitting on a war chest. They care immensely about its worth... but they wont manipulate the market to make income off sales. They want to grow the ecosystem organically. Why would you leave so much money off the table? Think again Plato
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