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  1. mattwayne_c

    List of Ripple Partners.

    Can we add another column to this list: Volume of transactions per year ? This metric will be very important because it will show how much of the transaction/ remittance market Ripple and XRP have cornered. I would be happy to start researching these numbers
  2. can someone post a synopsys after? Im in class and I cant watch it
  3. mattwayne_c

    Message To The XRP Community

    I can understand the points you make. Yes, the FI/Forex markets are their namesake. However, I think that the "plebian" market is what will help save them from "regulatory uncertainty". What I mean is, look at all the great things the XRP community is doing! The army on twitter is something to behold. More importantly, developers like Weitse Wind and Stefan Thomas are utilizing the ledger for very neat projects. There are now a few coins that are based on the XRP ledger. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With such a great community developing separate use cases for XRP, it helps separate Ripple from being synonymous with XRP. This is much more apparent when market sentiment is good. Community development through promotional videos, tweeting, and AMA's help drive the plebian market to continue thriving. We are the saving grace for Ripple. I'm not saying that without separate developers, Ripple is synonymous with XRP.... but, I am saying that we make it a lot easier to make a clear distinction which is so crucial especially in the coming months. You are right, ripple wants to move much of their xrp our of escrow. Both to make money and to develop the ledger ecosystem. But, they can only move so much money out as long as the monthly volume remains this low. They dont want to manipulate the market and raise unnessecary FUD. In the end, I see both markets as crucial to the success of the XRP ecosystem. Without positive sentiment, we go nowhere fast. Also just my 2 XRP. This debate is fun.
  4. mattwayne_c

    Message To The XRP Community

    Of course they care about the xrp market. They are the largest owners of XRP. They want the price to go up. Brad Garlinghouse has said this multiple times. David Schwartz says that a higher price will indicate a healthier market. They are sitting on a war chest. They care immensely about its worth... but they wont manipulate the market to make income off sales. They want to grow the ecosystem organically. Why would you leave so much money off the table? Think again Plato
  5. mattwayne_c

    Message To The XRP Community

    I agree that Ripple has calculated moves on when to release xRapid. The software has been solid for the last year in the trials. They could release it now. But just as you said, they will wait for this year's bullrun. I hope that this will be the last year of a predictable cycle. I want the market to mature already. Still, Its a good thing that Ripple can take advantage of this.
  6. mattwayne_c

    Message To The XRP Community

    Well, I'm not a member of the Tin Foil Castle yet! I heard it gets crazy in there! Im morbidly curious
  7. mattwayne_c

    Message To The XRP Community

    The powers at be want for us to quit and sell. Our loss is their gain. Im not saying that Ripple is coordinating anything, they dont sell enough to manipulate the market. But the speculative banks and firms do sell enough to manipulate the market and news cycle. As soon as everyone is crying and bailing, the price will go up. Bad public sentiment is the signal for an immediate reversal. I give it 3 weeks before the start of the bull run. Ripple has kept quiet about a lot of partnerships. the past 2 weeks has been eerie because of the silence from Ripple. They have figured that good news will not change the market sentiment. The market will follow Bitcoin until a flippening happens..... because average investors do not do as much research and all they hear is "blockchain". They either go all in on bitcoin or spread a wide net. Hardly anyone outside the community believes that XRP will succeed. Whales know this and are banking on this to make profits. When the speculation sentiment changes, FOMO will kick in, then Ripple will flip the xRapid switch and ignite the afterburners. Just keep your charts on logarithmic axis... cause the straight line up will look really daunting.
  8. Trying to trade the waves will get you wiped out. just accumulate.
  9. I agree. Also, whales and institutions will never stop accumulating, taking XRP off the market. If the global economy is tied to XRP (sounds too good to be true, but I believe in the theories more and more each day) and those 100bn zerps are utilized everywhere in money transfers, escrow, microtransactions, big banks, government treasuries.... and the like.... 100bn doesn't seem like that much anymore. There are more than 7bn people on the planet. 9.8bn by 2030. Corporations and governments are essentially very large people/wallets. I'm young. I can hold that long. By then.... sure XRP may be surpassed by another technology... or it may reach it's full potential. I'm willing to bet the wager on money I could be using to drink beer rn.
  10. mattwayne_c

    5th Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Scarface-Scarface- A mountain of cocain.e
  11. mattwayne_c

    Second Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Jesse Graves
  12. mattwayne_c

    Second Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    IRA Aldridge
  13. mattwayne_c

    Second Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Glynn Turman
  14. mattwayne_c

    Second Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Paul Winfield