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  1. mattwayne_c

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Someone here sell me on CSC. Why not funfair?
  2. mattwayne_c

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Who doesn't like puppies?
  3. mattwayne_c

    The "HODL to $1.00 Club"

    I'm HODL to $100. May not happen in 5 years, but I'm confident it will happen eventually.
  4. This thread is giving me insecurities about my bags 😅 I'll just say that I own as much as I can afford on a ramen budget.
  5. mattwayne_c

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Just did some basic research and saw this: Now I'm sleeping easy 😴 Link to XRPChat thread that sourced the link:
  6. mattwayne_c

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    *(Young and inexperienced zerper here, just looking for education)* Can the ledger handle that throughput? This is my only concern about the ledger. I know the cobalt update should enhance the throughput to 50,000 TPS. With Coil's ambition to enact microtransactions, this could increase the TPS on the ledger significantly. Oh great zerpening club, please ease my 2am night terrors.
  7. Couldn't agree more. This is a long term hold. We are in the first mile of the marathon. 25.2 to go. We have just found our stride and Ripple's period of accumulating customers is in full swing. Now that we have a feeling for the course, miles 2-5 is gaining liquidity in markets. Then, we take over payment corridors, derivatives markets, and interledger payment nodes. That's the course. It's a long way. But that also means there are vast possibilities for the xrp ledger
  8. mattwayne_c

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    There are 200,000 subs to the Ripple subreddit
  9. mattwayne_c

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    There are 200,000 subs to the Ripple subreddit
  10. mattwayne_c

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    My sympathies. I have only had 2 wallets fee for getting my ledger nano. *Pouring one out to our lost zerps*
  11. mattwayne_c

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    It's obvious we will never truly know. You cant say how many people hold USD cash. But a guesstimate is great for economic planning and logistics. I'm particularly interested in the growth of the number of individuals that hold XRP and the average personal wallet size. Events like the death of the owner of several million XRP and the 100 million XRP lost in the transaction fee debacle make me think of just how much XRP will be available to individuals after the zerpening (as the oracles have predicted). Thanks for the list of unknowns though. I'll keep pondering this.
  12. mattwayne_c

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    It needs 20 to be activated. The transaction fees chip away this 20 xrp reserve.
  13. There are 1,288,306 XRP wallets according to ledger.exposed. Some of these accounts have much less than 20 xrp, so they are defunct. Some (foolish) people keep their XRP on exchanges. What is the best guesstimate of just how many individuals actually care about and carry XRP?
  14. I'm not knocking OP's opinion. But I do want more proof of this. Especially Tron, Neo, Qtum, and BNB. These are big claims, and they need to be substantiated. Definitely curious about this logic.
  15. mattwayne_c

    You will make your first million with XRP

    You must not be optimistic about the future of XRP then, if you think you need 50k xrp to make it. I get it, you wanna swing your big bag of zerps all over us as a future "winner". You can p*ss off now. You know nothing about the other members here. We are all in different stages of life with our own investments. I'm in college and have made my own investments that may be wildly different from yours (like investing in my education with loans). I own a very small stack of zerps compared to you. But I feel like it is enough to make myself a fellow future "winner". I just dont act like a douche.