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  1. Probably, institutional investors want to have the upper hand regarding swings ... they need to know : "what will happen if ... " and "where to put my money when ... " They need to be able to see that storm appearing at the horizon. This volatility might be caused by this BCH hashing 'war' is just another indication that more storms are about to come. Some storm chasers are probably out there trying to ride big waves ... interesting for sure. But to me it's another big red sign that negative sentiment has the upper hand in the crypto market. Forking ain't a good thing regarding sentiment / public opinion, it still proofs its very 'immature' and is backed by a lot of inexperienced people who cannot and will not be held accountable for what they do. A big issue.
  2. Too add ... the Clinton's access to money / wealthy people is pretty interesting, great history in fundraising while campaigning. Follow the money They are able to influence and spread the word in return, the gain/beneficial : insights, so their money (example Clinton Foundation) and of their peers are 'save'. Quid pro quo.
  3. Its a trap... perfect time to use bearish sentiment to set this kind of trap and create momentum ... if I had that kind of money...
  4. Thanks a lot, I enjoyed reading your observations, a small note... or ... for me its pretty obvious that Goldman is deliberately publicly on different stage(s), plain strategy ... marketing ... because every time people search, read or whatever a crypto investor is looking for "Goldman Sachs" launching a trading desk : "We are the first" ... big time cheap marketing for all of the media covering crypto stories. The trading desk, it's serious fun for them (Goldman) ... an internship place for future investors who're allowed to play with pennies. Not the big guns (yet), markets need to move first. They're already in, just like other (private) investment banking corporations, they setup small firms to avoid legal shizzle ...
  5. IBM's strategy is probably tagging along, however they're also investing big in quantum computing and ai. Regarding blockchain and IoT Im not sure, but I guess, their strategy is one of an asset/buying startups or big companies like they did with SAP. check acquisition history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_IBM Their main focus is providing service and supporting business and tech (strategy) and for sure they cant miss out on the IoT.
  6. From a human, consumer point of view : The old system is still in place and will be there for a very 'long' time, simple ... it works. On a small scale for me a as a consumer with a bank account no problemo now I can order my pizza ... So whats all the fuzz about cryptos... And never ever trust something which is totally unpredictable and volatile .... Why use cryptos when I already can pay with real money! so I first have to exchange my salary into cryptos to buy stuff ... but nobody sells products and charge cryptos ... Currently there's no application on the human global scale, which will hold people from investing or ... As we speak there are no daily benefits in using cryptos, we have (digi)cash already ... you swipe your credit-card, mobile-payment, etc...you simple look into your bank-app. Banks, government will inevitably control our cash flow, there;s too much at risk. If I was a big global major bank I would give increased/high interest rates of 5% on your cryptos if you would open up a crypto-account. This is when everyday Joe starts thinking: "More free money"... this is when business owner start thinking ... "makes sense to move some of my cash"
  7. Tof idee, ik ben er bij (als mogelijk) ! Is er niet iets via MeetUp te organiseren? Er zijn nog wel een paar onderwerpen die interessant kunnen zijn. * Toepasbaarheid, voorbeelden applicaties op blockchain, ongeacht Ripple. Iedereen praat er over... maar wie zijn er nou echt mee bezig. * Toezichthouder en overheden, nl vs eu vs wereld. * Voordelen van klein en middelgroot bedrijf. Cross-border: startups voor uitgifte aandelen , inkoop wherever? * Voordelen voor de consument * Nextgen 'quantum' blockchain and security. * Hypecycle? * Hoe zit het met de 3d-printer? en wat leert ons dit over blockchain en cruyptos?
  8. jesperrekuh


    Awful. Accept the loss, embrace the pain, in one way or another there is no escape... not tomorrow, not in a year, never, ever. Now is the time, but take as much as needed. Be selfish and heal, only you are capable of helping yourself and nobody else. You are the only one who understand you... but keep that in mind when you talk to your wife... because you can't understand what she is going through.. ... Sorry buddy ... all the best ... keep your head up, and you heart strong! She really needs you !!! Chin-chin for those who understand and support you. Big hug.
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