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  1. When we talk about n/vostro accounts, I think we are forgetting one major factor, that's TRUST. When banks establish n/vostro relationships, they are bound to trust the counter party, one reason why current correspondence banking is ineffective on certain corridors. It's also time consuming, hence expensive to establish these relationships. Second part is the FX risk, while this exists during the transaction its is also constantly existing risk for banks to hold foreign currencies that are influenced by political and economical forces... Ripple's solution addresses both of the issues
  2. XRP isn't designed to replace fiat, fiat ain't going anywhere. While there will be more options to use crypto as means of exchange, most of us will still need to convert into fiat at some point.
  3. Scarlett Johansson, aka the sugar mama of 2018.
  4. Sofia Vergara! Be aware of her schaffel! I'm pretty sure she used to hang around in the forums sometime ago under the alias of @Carmelita.
  5. Whoopie Goldberg, and the story of lost eyebrows?
  6. 1000 XRP is still 1000 XRP, nevertheless it's current trading value ? My XRP balance hasn't moved down a bit since long time, actually it only keeps getting bigger and bigger ?
  7. Their strategy seems to be working, stay strong ? ?
  8. @jasil, do everyone a favor and focus your energy to something productive. The truth is, no one knows what the future valuation of any token will be... 500 could happen in next 5 years, 1000 could happen in next 10 years... 10k very sceptic. It's all about the time horizon as well. While crypto markets keeps growing, also the stock markets keeps growing... I doubt we will be witnessing crypto to bypass stocks. Both markets can grow a lot during the next 10 years.
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