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  1. Honestly buddy on one end you are saying you are bullish on XRP on the other end you are saying the market isn’t predictable. Ofcourse it’s predictable it’s going up in the long term, it’s the incubation for the evolution of money. No strategy works forever, however ranges in crosscrypto pairs will always work until Bitcoins leads the value of this market. Everything is pegged to Bitcoin. If you want to play Sherlock Holmes and investigate my trade history to ridicule me for my strategy.. go ahead. :). I don’t use MACD nor the Moving averages, they are there by default on a shared Trading View account 🤣. Why are you so threatened by my trade? if you are correct go ahead buy XRP now with Ethereum or Bitcoin. I’am really not stopping you am I?
  2. Yes the market works like clockwork and is quite predictable. Wait for an asset to be overbought, wait for confirmation volume and price movement.. flip in flip out. You can use basic risk management not to go all in 25% per flip and scale in scale out. Day traders hodl for 20% gains. My trades require patience upto months, and then a few weeks to exit. i wish I could code... I’am just using basic trading strategies in crypto blended with old school hodling in a bull market. When you buy oversold levels your capacity to hold a negative trade is much easier compared to say someone who bought XRP at $2.50 from me. Many XRP fans believe in this idea that XRP will shoot to $10 upon some market revelation/News.. this will never happen...the whole market will gradually reach those levels. Well at least the top 3. You must know that XRP is extremely over valued if you remove specultion and Bitcoin from the mix. No banks are actively bringing in volume. Most volume is from Binance, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, etc ..All pure speculation. Same is for Bitcoin, Bitcoins core usecase is speculation. So by existing in this market we agree we are here to scoeculate, we agree the best strategy is to buy the lowest possible price and sell at the highest possible price, we agree that once can gain as much as 3x per trade in against bitcoin. So find whatever suits you and do that what I have been doing has helped me quite allot.
  3. Hold if you want USD gains, flip against Ethereum whenever you feel you can gain more BTC to buy back more XRP at its low.
  4. Hey man, don’t get me wrong.. i’am Just here sharing what I know. What you might know might work for you, what I know worked for me. By removing expectations from this market, I only began investing with what I could afford to loose. I sold off XRP at $2.50 and bought back at $0.35 sold at $0.65. I have increased my XRP holdings by 20x just playing the levels starting with only 500XRP. See long term investing is great, but not when the market is loosing 90% value in a bear market. Capital preservation is absolute. Yes I’am bullish on Ethereum( countries are literally working on cooperatives and stablecoins using the network) Yes I’am bullish on XRP( it makes transferring value a piece of cake), yes I’am bullish on Bitcoin( it’s an immutable ledger fueled by energy consumption mimicking the physical mining of gold digitally with much less carbon footprint than actually mining gold, which is disastrous for forests etc) now that I have established I’am bullish on all three assets. I trade them based on what I feel is a reasonable price to buy and Profitable price to sell. if you are holding XRP and our conviced if everyone holds XRP the price will remain stable or go higher, you might have to re-evaluate that stand. Large trading accounts do not care about the asset, all they care about is capital gains, and all they are doing day in day out are accumulating and distributing. Meanwhile XRP/ETH is correcting itself. The market does not lie, the price does not lie, it’s we who lie to ourselves. Taking this trade could have doubled your XRP stack, but I’am sure you will find plenty of oppurtunities in the future. So don’t rush in, learn and do what’s best based on your comfort of trading, my opinions are not always correct and hence I’am not forcing anyone to see what I see on the charts. Just providing knowledge so that you can make your own informed decision for your portfolio. Diclaimer: I might have worked with a whale or two.
  5. Buy walls and volume get accumulated at levels whale’s decide is the price they want to buy at. Simple.
  6. Exactly crypto is going to digitise all stores of value.. Bank accounts, stocks, bonds, commodities, petroleum... no one crypto project will be the global Reserve currency. Everything accumulatively will become the global reserve and liquid. This whole market needs to outperform the incubants.. Microsoft/Apple/IBM/VISA/MasterCard/Corresponding banking network. They are no incubants in crypto.. all projects are entrants against the established incubants.
  7. I do not use that, just volume.. market sentiment and order books to trade. What is RSI? 🤣 ... simply the price.
  8. It NPXS is still an Erc-20 token, it was never a NEM mosaic, NPXSXEM is a NEM mosaic that runs a seperate chain using their own XPOS point of sale devices made under a special agreement with PundiX.
  9. It’s like the horse and car are being ridden by whales and the whims of Fomo and FUD. 🤣
  10. Yes, what I was implying is that ErC-20 tokens aren’t going anywhere since they are incubation periods for some really good projects.
  11. Every major price action is followed by an equal retraction.
  12. You are not understanding the investor base my friend. Everything is pure speculation for now. If XRP is overbought I Buy ETH, If ETH is overbought I Buy XRP. It’s simple. 😊
  13. Exactly ..post the next bear market I will sell of everything and wait for the market to super correct to get all in into XRP FOR A LONG TERM 10 year hold. Until then i’am Just gona play the levels.
  14. Hey man totally agree, RippleNet is far superior technology. However it’s float is too high... I.e 99% participation is from retail investors/speculators at this stage cannot be a store of value. Bitcoin has miners and exchanges pushing for it medium term success. CAll it a bubble if you may, XRP’s price is pegged to Bitcoins success for now... it’s not me saying this.. it’s the charts.
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