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  1. For everyone panicking about the state of the market etc watch this video and remember there is a great team behind xrp, it's a long slog to the finish line and we've just crossed the starting point. Enjoy the video and happy holidays to all.
  2. With everything going on in the market, here is a nice video from ripple that should remind you all of the bigger picture.
  3. mate its happened to most of us whether we like to admit it or not, just hodl and I hope you've learnt from your mistakes, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn eh.
  4. @CT99 watch me maul khabib, I'm gonna drop him in rd1, I'm mystic mac and i predict deese tings
  5. actually **** all of you, I'm Conor Mcgregor, suck my big Irish balls
  6. hahaha @RegalChicken @Sim_Tron@lilbender i was looking for the original, sorry for any copyright infringement. Loved following the chat during last year's run up
  7. holding strong at 39.5 cents, what the hell is going on? 820m in volume
  8. A thread to watch the current price movement, much love to my fellow xrp community, HODL ON!
  9. @Hash dana should pay the fighters in xrp, imagine the exposure
  10. also i have a press conference in 1 hour, khabib is gonna dieee
  11. New video uploaded by ripple, enjoy!
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