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  1. This is his/her new account @XrpCenter
  2. Alex, don't speak on my behalf please. You are not the martyr i will go to battle for
  3. "Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and f**k the prom queen."
  4. @Mercury Please close this thread before it gets out of hand...i can see where this is going
  5. This kind of sh*t is what people in the community laugh at. You are shoving BS down people's throat. Who are you to be telling people how much they need to hold in order to safely become a millionaire? What happened to this place?
  6. Don't hold your breath as nothing is going to happen until the security - not a security fiasco is clarified
  7. Dang, mystery solved. Here i was, going to troll, and just say "Coinbase"
  8. I am on the fence with this one....i feel it creates the fan boy culture and dilutes the brand. There must be a reason why they are not very receptive to the idea and i think, as douchy as it sounds, they want to remain as professional as they can be and separate ripple's brand from crypto kitties.
  9. I have opened a USD account with one of the big 5 and have made withdrawals from Kraken in USD with no issues. Recently, a colleague of mine did the same thing and was denied by kraken's intermediary (SMBC NY) Not sure if policy has changed but be wary if you are going to do the same thing.
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