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  1. It’s just an exchange where instituions can buy and sell BTC. Even if it does eventually launch it’s no guarantee that it will drive the volume we want.
  2. I’m not sure I agree. I just think the SEC have bigger fish to fry right now, Crypto is a drop in the ocean and they probably don’t give it much of a 2nd thought. If institutional money was itching to get in then they would have regulated it by now. I just don’t think there is any institutional demand and so the SEC couldn’t really care less
  3. I’m kind of in a more bearish mindset right now. But I’m more naturally pessimistic! My best hope to recover my losses is a speculative BTC led bull run, feel like we are several years away from utility having any effect on prices and like others have mentioned, maybe it will all be too late by then. Hope I’m wrong
  4. 😂 very good. I hate these cliches. Been hearing this **** for over a year.
  5. Wow these predictions compared to when we played this game last year!!! Q1 - 0.24 Q2 - 0.19 Q3 - 0.33 Q4 - 0.54
  6. Didn't we read that the 1st delay was due to high demand?
  7. Wow. This may be the single biggest piece of XRP news ever.
  8. Recently I’ve been thinking about the perception of the XRP community to the outside world. Clearly the community is very passionate, but does anyone feel this is to the point that it may become a hindrance to Ripple or further XRP adoption? Major institutions are Tweeting about developments within their companies and then their news feeds are bombarded by the XRPcommunity asking “is it XRapid?”, “When moon?” Etc. What must these institutions think of us? If Temenos partners with IBM (looks likely) will the CEO get trolled by XRP moon boys and BG123 fantasists? What must the CEO of Temenos make of us? SWIFT sends a tweet and the whole feed is full of the XRP community telling them how sh*t their technology is. I mean, they must think we’re a bit of a joke. I find it a little embarrassing and something that damages our credibility. What do you guys think?
  9. There will be another January dip because people will take their profits. Particularly in China whereby they need the cash to send relatives for New Year. After Chinese New Year the Wall Street bankers will receive bonuses and I anticipate a huge bull run
  10. So obviously there are rumours circulating about some sort of Ripple/Swift alliance. I have been reading accounts of some of the believers and non-believers. I guess we will see how things play out in the coming weeks. Galgitron does not believe in a Swift/Ripple alliance. I have copied below and excerpt i found interesting from his blog (written in August) Many people profess that Ripple could just plug in their software into SWIFT itself, and voila!, everybody's now using XRP! Doesn't work like that. This approach means all the member banks would still be using the old SWIFT interface to connect to SWIFT. Then SWIFT would convert that cumbersome request to xCurrent/xRapid, and then on the receiving side, SWIFT would have to convert the xCurrent/xRapid transaction back to SWIFT format, and then the recipient bank would receive the payment via their SWIFT interface. This makes no more sense than putting a piece of gold in a horse's saddle, taking the horse out of the barn, taking the gold out of the saddle, flying it in a jet to the destination, and then putting it into the saddle of another horse, and walking the horse into its barn, and then taking the gold out of the saddle and giving it to the recipient. Why? Why would any bank want to pay to keep the behemoth of SWIFT alive, when they can just avoid all the damn horses, and just put and receive their money directly with the jet for a fraction of the price? I wanted to get your take. Is there truth in what he is saying here? Swift GPI profess to make payments instantly. So if Ripple/XRP was on the back end settling those payments then shouldn’t it be a pretty streamlined process? Perhaps not 3 seconds but still very fast? what are your thoughts?
  11. I’m hoping someone flicks a switch and price rockets to over $100 overnight. That will make life easier
  12. How does it effect XRP price though? If I pay someone some XRP for their website. Eg Wikipedia. They don’t want to hold XRP so they dump all their XRP for Fiat?
  13. Sorry I am a Coil noob. How may Coil affect XRPs price?
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