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  1. Wow, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that. $10k, that's it??? How embarrassing for Coinbase, which like you said is supposed to be worth over $1B. Wonder who came up with that figure over at CB? It's one thing to just give $10k and say virtually nothing about it, but to dedicate 1 of these 12 days to it, and think it's a big deal!!! It would be like one of us posting that we gave $5 to the Salvation Army at our last grocery store visit. Horrible.
  2. Alluvial

    Increased circulatin supply

    My understanding (or guess) is that Ripple enters into agreements with FIs, etc to test Xrapid with xrp for a certain time period. Part of the agreement can result in an OTC purchase, but with the right to sell the xrp back to Ripple if the entity for some reason did not want to use it after the trial period. In issuing its distribution figures, Ripple deems the xrp as distributed once the agreement/OTC purchase is entered into. When the entity exercises the right to sell the xrp back to Ripple after the trial period, the distribution figure is lowered. The net distribution figure almost always goes up, but, from what I have seen over the years, it averages going down approximately one week per quarter. Ripple does not update the distribution every week from what I can tell. Instead, it updates the weekly totals every month or so (sometimes more often, sometimes less often). It looks like the total distribution figure cleared 41B for a couple of weeks, but went just south of that figure - to 40.9B - in the last week.
  3. Alluvial

    Increased circulatin supply

    https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/xrp_distribution You can see the dates and distributions over time, the most recent being at the bottom.
  4. Right, the fact that R3 is probably a big holder of xrp as a result of its settlement with Ripple had nothing to do with it!! But we'll take it anyway.
  5. Alluvial

    SEC latest

    Great letter - seems very pro-digital assets with an obvious concern that if the SEC applies a large umbrella to which digital assets are securities then this promising business and technology will simply move outside the US. I feel Ripple's influence all over this letter.
  6. Alluvial

    Massive XRP Transfers

    I guess we all have different interpretations regarding the strength of R3's case. I read the pleadings and it didn't seem like Ripple had much of an argument that R3 breached the agreement. There was a contract between them, and Ripple had the burden to show that the contract was breached. It seemed like Brad simply emailed R3 and said the contract is over. If there wasn't a lot of other emails or other communications regarding R3's lack of follow through on the contract, then Ripple's defense seemed pretty weak IMO. But we never got to see those other communications, if any. In any event, the case is over. I always felt that giving up a fairly big amount of XRP wouldn't be that detrimental to Ripple as one of the big complaints about XRP is that Ripple owns well over half of all the XRP. Transferring a large number of XRP to R3, with strict selling conditions similar to the one Jed has, would get Ripple under the psychological 50B figure more quickly. Yes, it might cost Ripple to lose out on this amount of XRP, but in the long run it might help, and one thing we can agree on is that Ripple is definitely playing the long game.
  7. Alluvial

    Massive XRP Transfers

    Another guess: the transfer of the XRP to R3 per the settlement agreement. It looks like a total of 2.6B were transferred to this wallet today. R3 sought 5B per the original contract. Settlement reached in September. Terms may have included something like within 60 days of all necessary signatures, Ripple will transfer settled-upon number of XRP to R3. If we see the distributed XRP figure jump by a similar amount, then it would support this possibility. I am personally hoping that Ripple was creative in the way it structured the settlement with R3 in terms of transferring the XRP. Instead of transferring the entire amount at one time, Ripple could have split it up into say 5 or 6 installments spread out over 5 or 6 quarters. This would be categorized as institutional buying. It would give the appearance that there is a whole lot of institutional buying going on, which would add to institutional FOMO.
  8. Alluvial

    Massive XRP Transfers

    Moved from cold wallet for upcoming Christmas shopping?
  9. Alluvial

    Galgitron's Blog: Frankenmath

    There has been a lot of talk about valuation figures based on XRP's utility, and focusing on that XRP has great utility when compared to BTC and ETH i.e. using it for cross border payments, eliminating nostro/vostro accounts, etc. And many have said that the new awareness of this utility is what will make the price go up to the moon. But I have always had doubts about how that utility, by itself, gives XRP a higher valuation. To me, the real potential explosion in value in XRP has always been as a global digital currency which then serves as a store of value. Where someone wants to hold it, not just trade through it. XRP is a digital asset/currency that is limited in number, not controlled by any government, easily divisible, and can be transferred in seconds and at almost no cost. XRP basically has all the important characteristics of BTC, but just 1000 times better. Having the utility features mentioned is an added bonus and helps make it the best choice for being the global digital currency. But just the utility features alone (which is what everyone seems to stress), without being viewed as the world's global digital currency, will just keep XRP's valuation spinning. In order to finally decouple from worthless BTC, and to grow in valuation, I think it is time is now for Ripple employees to really begin emphasizing why XRP is far superior to BTC as a global digital currency, and not just some utility token. Cory did challenge BTC's importance by claiming that XRP is 2x better than BTC. It's a start. The world is definitely ready for a global digital currency, and just pumping utility IMO is missing a great opportunity for XRP. Ripple just needs to make the case to the world (or at least raise the conversation) that XRP should be that global digital currency.
  10. Alluvial

    Looking for Alert App XRP to XLM

    Somehow, on a fully distributed basis, XLM has a market cap that is around 50% of XRP's. That is a stunning overvaluation of XLM when you factor in everything that Ripple has done, the connections and partnerships it has made all over the world, its board and employees. Stellar is nowhere near this; not even remotely in the ballpark. IMO a very generous valuation of XLM compared to XRP is 5%, and a fair percentage ratio is 1 to 2%. I really don't see why people are into XLM at all, especially given how high the valuation of XLM is compared to XRP. Likely has to do with no one selling XLM, whereas XRP is being sold on a regular basis by people like Jed and charities to whom Ripple has given XRP. XRP's price must soak up those daily sales whereas XLM's does not. Also, I don't believe Stellar's figure that it has sold or distributed nearly 20B XLMs. My guess is the broadness of the XLM distribution is nowhere near that of XRP's.
  11. Alluvial

    Analysis of Ripple's XRP sales

    Thank you. This analysis is very in depth and insightful. It's great that the market is able to absorb the big overhang of ongoing sales that have occurred and will continue to occur for the foreseeable future. I look at these inevitable sales as a gift to those who have not established their positions or who want to add. Once these ongoing sales dry up, the price will explode. Do we have any idea who BearWhale is? Arthur? Max and his alleged big consortium? Rippleworks? And do we know how many xrps are held in BearWhale's wallets?
  12. Yes, but these days they don't even try to hide it. At least before they pretended to be neutral. Reminds me of journalism today.
  13. He is one of those guys who hated bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He laughed at them as worthless. Then, as the price continued to go up he began to look like a fool with his predictions. Who knows, maybe he even shorted them. LIke most of us, me included, it is very difficult to change our original opinion, no matter how ridiculous is it, and no matter how the circumstances have changed. It's personal because he wants to win, wants to be proven right, wants everyone to say "Yep, Roubini was right. Wow that guy is really smart." As an academic, his position should be neutral, but it's not - it's full of all kinds of emotion. Embarrassing and unprofessional.
  14. Alluvial

    Coinbase Ditches Its Index Fund

    Remember when this was the big Coinbase announcement on CNBC, when we are all thinking it was going to be XRP? Who would want to pay Coinbase 200 basis points per year to simply to hold various cryptos which the investor can simply buy on their own without paying Coinbase any additional fee for being in the index? A joke from the beginning. It was truly beyond belief. I wish I could have been in the room listening to these guys deciding the annual fee they were going to charge. ?Then recently I saw Coinbase lowered the annual fee 50%, to 100 basis points. Not surprisingly, still no one wanted it. Seems like a bad business decision by a very young company. But that is par for the course when it comes to Coinbase.
  15. Alluvial

    Ripple Discussion featuring Jim Rickards

    Jim Rickards, the gold bug, is complaining about the finite number of bitcoin or xrp. Wow. It's a great characteristic because virtually every fiat currency ever created has been inflated away. The people deserve a store of value which also serves as a currency that is not subject to the printing whims of the government bureaucrats. That was the fundamental reason behind the creation of bitcoin.