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  1. It seems like all bull runs have their big shake out of weak hands. Only the true believers hold. When xrp moved from .006 to .07 and back down to the upper .02s, many us were wondering why didn't we sell at .07. And there were some, of course, who wanted to try to guess the timing of the market, and some early guys sold as they had a double or triple, around $0.015 to $0.02, thinking it would pull back below a penny, and were never able to really get back in again. But last move has been a huge shakeout, no doubt. But it's not as big as when bitcoin went from under $1 to $32 back to $2? If you bought at $25 or $30 you felt like crap and you were shaken out if you were not a true believer. Just got to hold. All I was questioning in my post was why not open things up on xrp to encompass the very real possibility of it taking over the role of bitcoin - of being the world's global digital currency not controlled by any government? Not for a short term pump, but for xrp to evolve into what bitcoin originally promised, especially because bitcoin can't do it. It's right there for the taking, and yet all I hear is how xrp is great as a utility token. Utility is very important, no doubt, but IMO it's not good enough. So why not take a shot at the top dog now?
  2. I have been wondering the same thing myself, and I completely agree with your description of bitcoin. The news for Ripple and xrp has been great, yet we continue to sink because we have the weight of bitcoin and its failure tied to our feet. So our efforts to struggle higher will continue to fail (regardless of most positive news) because we can't unshackle ourselves from this bitcoin weight. I think the day that this decoupling will happen is when the public begins to look at xrp as the new and improved bitcoin, and not just some token that has utility. xrp does everything that bitcoin was supposed to do. While they both have a limited supply and no centralized entity controlling it (some may dispute this), xrp transfers value in a second (versus up to an hour or more), and does so at a fraction of a penny (instead of dollars). Eventually, xrp must be viewed as a store of value in and of itself; it must somehow become the world's global digital currency (I think the world is ready for a global digital currency that cannot be printed or controlled by any government - this was the idea originally behind bitcoin, but its high fees and slow transfer times caused it to be unable to fulfill its promise). xrp can now take that role from bitcoin. I believe it is a mistake to see xrp as nothing more than some token that utility to it (as generally is pitched by Ripple these days), or even just as a digital asset. It should be the world's global, non-government-controlled digital currency that bitcoin was meant to be. IMO, that is the only way that we decouple, and more importantly that is the only way we will get to the moon. I think it would be great if Ripple employees began to present xrp in this light (in addition to all the other great features it has).
  3. Even though I am interested in the lawsuit, just because of the interesting drama about what happened between the companies, what real effect will the outcome of the suit have on either Ripple the company or the price of xrp? My opinion is none or close to none. If R3 wins, they will get 5 billion xrps at a very cheap price, but R3 will be incredibly limited in the amount that they can sell on a daily or weekly basis - it's an amount that will have virtually no impact on the price of xrp. Ripple will continue to sell its software, and they will own around 56 billion xrps instead of 61 billion. I think Ripple will be able to handle it. For those on this forum who are interested primarily in the price of xrp, I say don't worry about it. (But then again, when do markets - especially crypto markets - act rationally?) IMO, there is an actual benefit of this result which is that Ripple is divested of more of its xrps - one of the few valid complaints about the digital asset is that one company owns a significant majority of all xrps. When the public sees that Ripple owns less than a majority of the digital asset, then this complaint about xrp is greatly diminished IMO. (Of course, I am rooting for whatever result is fair: if R3 breached the contract then its option becomes rightfully invalid.)
  4. Good to see Brad going after bitcoin with the Napster analogy, and pointing out its concentration in just a few wallets. IMO, bitcoin has proven itself to be fairly worthless other than simply as a store of value. The bitcoin price is likely to continue its downward trend because it simply isn't good at transferring value - it's slow as molasses and expensive. Probably will end up around the price of an ounce of gold. That is why it seems imperative for xrp to break from bitcoin - otherwise xrp will simply go down in sympathy. We need a big break right now to get the momentum back - something like an Amazon partnership.
  5. Alluvial

    Cryptocurrency? Digital Asset?

    I still like "digital asset" the most because when xrp eventually becomes the world's global digital currency, not controlled by any government, and is seen as a store of value in and of itself, settlement asset (which is just one of its many qualities) just won't capture xrp's full nature. What about calling it "money"? Nah, let's give it 20 years or so before we start doing that.
  6. It must be true because xrps are now down 5% and xlms are up 5%.
  7. Yes, that could be. I don't recall the pleadings, but R3 is likely requesting some type of declaratory ruling that the option is still valid as you noted. The ongoing nature of the lawsuit will not impair R3's ability to exercise the option (as I believe OP was suggesting), unless the court determines that R3 breached the agreement. I am looking to see what turns up in discovery regarding R3's breach.
  8. The option does not expire during the court proceedings. I believe R3 has exercised the option, but Ripple is claiming that the option no longer exists because R3 breached the contract. The US legal system and structure is probably the best in the world, and many legal systems around the world are modeled after the US system.
  9. Brad: "I check the price of xrp maybe once a day." I'll take the over for 1000 xrps.
  10. Alluvial

    J.P. Morgan hints on website?

    Yes, I remember that. It all fits together. And giving the Chinese central bank rumor a little backing, I recall that a number of Chinese government officials traveled to San Francisco not that long ago to meet with Ripple (and some other companies). 2018 could be huge!
  11. Alluvial

    Review of the Q4 XRP Report

    It's been a good two months since we've had an update on the total xrp distribution figures. I have been feeling like it's going to be a big change from the current figure which is through 12/3/17. Looking forward to seeing it.
  12. Alluvial

    Review of the Q4 XRP Report

    Love the analogy to Amazon. It makes me wonder if there ever has been a brand new successful business idea that wasn't disregarded and ridiculed at the beginning.
  13. Alluvial

    XLM market cap vs. XRP market cap

    You have quite the imagination. Just kidding. I put the odds of XLM overtaking XRP and staying there at about 200 to 1. But then again I could have never imagined that Bitcoin's doppelganger, Litecoin, would ever reach the heights it did. So who knows. Anything is possible.
  14. Alluvial

    XLM market cap vs. XRP market cap

    Just something to talk about on a Friday afternoon -- noticing the strange anomaly. Eventually, the market recognizes the real value, and at that time XRP will cruise to the #1 spot.