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  1. I don't know about you guys, but I just upped my limit sale order price for my xrps to $9999.99. What we really need for xrp to jump is for it to be deemed not a security. Only then will we be back to the races. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  2. I hear that Brad will be on CNBC's Fast Money on Thursday. The show is on at 5pm EST.
  3. Good luck @Hodor Thanks for educating us as well as those new to Ripple and xrp.
  4. One good part about this is that Ripple's total xrp distribution figure will likely be over 44B in the next update or two. Right now, it's at 42.89B as of August 4, 2019. The sooner we get to Ripple owning less than 50B (without hurting the price too much), the better. Ripple's goal is to be under 50B by the end of 2021.
  5. @Silkjaer or anyone else who knows the answer. The article by @Silkjaer says: "The stolen funds were not in the custody of Gatehub — they were in accounts Gatehub had custody of the keys for." Which keys are you referring to? My understanding is that there is a "secret key," and with Gatehub there is also a "master key" in some cases, and also a "recovery key." I believe the secret key relates only to the ripple wallet, and the master key and recovery key are to get into the Gatehub account, which gives access to the ripple wallets within the account. Why would Gatehub have t
  6. Do we have any additional information regarding why certain Gatehub wallets were hacked (or able to be hacked) and others not? It seems like many of the accounts were migrated from RippleTrade to Gatehub. Is that the case with all hacked accounts? Gatehub offers a "master key" option for customers to get into the account (I believe it's for when the customer forgets the password or when the customer can't get into the account because the customer switches phones and forgets to properly transition 2FA over to the new phone). Did all the hacked accounts have a master key which enable
  7. I agree completely with your statements, and I have been attempting to make the same points on this forum for some time. The world is ready for a digital currency that is not controlled by any government, and that is easily transferable (4 seconds for xrp) and at a low cost (less than a penny), which is easily divisible, can't be printed and inflated away, doesn't destroy the environment, and can't be taken over (as can happen with mining currencies). No other digital asset, including btc, ltc and eth, comes even close to xrp. Many on this forum and at Ripple have focused almost exclusi
  8. The Coinbase blog says: "Please also note that XRP is not yet available on Coinbase.com or via our mobile apps. We will make a separate announcement when that occurs." The language seems to suggest that the decision to have XRP listed on Coinbase.com has been made, the only question is when it will be available there.
  9. Agree with all your points. I think part of it is the issue of whether xrp is a security. Right now it's a cloud currently hanging over its price. Hopefully, when it is not deemed a security (seems like 99% chance), the true value of xrp will start shining through. I am sure that Ripple is doing all that it can to address the issue. Thank you for your relentless xrp support and advocacy - a true general in the xrp army!
  10. Always a good read! I actually liked the last three paragraphs the most: For thousands of years, the value of coins was closely related to the rare metals they contained, whether gold or silver. Then, within one century, this shifted and governments worldwide decided to experiment with centralized control of monetary units that were tied to the economic fate of nation-states. Due to this approach, a person's lifetime savings could be wiped out by fiscal miss-management of a country. Crypto-assets change all that, and restore money to what it has been for thousands of years, o
  11. It's possible that Ripple's new counsel could have had a say in this too. A couple weeks ago or so, Ripple announced that new in-house general counsel Stuart Alderoty was hired by the firm to "oversee all legal work at Ripple and manage its global legal, policy and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance teams, reporting to CEO Brad Garlinghouse." When a new counsel is hired, that attorney comes in and makes various recommendations regarding potential legal issues facing the company. Sometimes the new counsel can be overly cautious about legal matters, and he may have been concerned abo
  12. This seems very possible, and the most likely reason IMO. It also makes sense given that the position has been eliminated. If the quarterly xrp market reports end, then it is seems a certainty. To me, xrp shouldn't be considered a security even if Ripple is promoting it, but that's another thread.
  13. Brad said "Cory, if we slip back to #3 again, you're toast!"
  14. With all respect, I think your analysis is way off here. So if gold becomes easily tradable or transferable (because of gold IOUs on the XRPLedger, for example) it will no longer serve as a store of value? If bitcoin were transferrable in seconds and with no fee, it would no longer also serve as a store of value? This makes no sense. IMO, if xrp serves only as a bridge currency, then there is no real demand which is needed to make its price go up. This is because every time that xrp is being purchased, it is, within seconds, also being sold to go into the other fiat. The price
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