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  1. Now all the pieces come together..... The entire Ripple/Amazon partnership is being held up by this Byron Wiebe guy who won't give up the amazonripple.com domain. Let us as a community stop by Mr. Wiebe's place and pay him a visit....
  2. cryptocurrency-company-ripple-signs-for-chelsea-office

    I believe the office space is in NY, not San Francisco.
  3. An apparent expert Fred Schebesta, who the author of the article cites for the purpose of providing insights into Ripple, also said: “My market cap prediction around Ripple is that they can make more coins and this to me means that the market cap will go up. However, this also means that they will burn coins at a fast rate. I'm actually not bullish on Ripple and have always thought it would crash. As it just did.” All I can say is WOW
  4. Haha, FU Bitcoin

    Reason No. 4 - never ending forks
  5. Haha, FU Bitcoin

    Great article. We need to see more articles like this that get to the heart of the merits of these digital currencies (speed, cost, scalability, etc).
  6. The reports usually aren't that exciting, and I don't recall any new announcements/partnerships being announced in them. More of a summary of the things we already know. But I do expect an update on the amount of xrp distributed. I have a feeling that the number is going to be big.
  7. A blog on xrp from someone in banking

    Don't you think at a minimum that the much lower fees relating to remittances will help the poor? And what about RippleWorks?
  8. https://naskeh.com/2018/01/17/the-journey-begins/ "The majority of bankers have actually heard of Ripple/XRP. More pleasantly surprising was most that I spoke to have or soon will invest into Ripple/XRP. "
  9. Completely Unreasonable

    Agreed. By the way, nice selfie.
  10. "The company has the capacity to create even 100 billion more coins each month." The wording here is horrible. I think the author meant to say that Ripple receives 1 billion xrps each month pursuant to the Escrow agreement. Those not used are put back into escrow. Ripple does not "create" more xrps, and the number 100 billion for the monthly allotment is also wrong.
  11. For what it's worth, when we had our rally from under a penny to 40 cents, we had a re-tracement all the way back down to 15 cents before we consolidated around 20 cents for a while before the big next move up. A similar re-tracement from our rally to $3.30 (high on bitstamp - XRP ledger) would be a price around $1.23 or so, which is where we are right now. I think this is the bottom for this downward move. These downturns hurt, but are to be expected IMO - not a big deal at all if you look at as a multi-year hold. There were plenty of investors who were upset that they purchased xrps at 35 to 40 cents when it went back down to 15 cents, but as long as they held it proved to be a good investment. Same principle holds now. Hold and accumulate more on dips. Like in any bull run, the weak hands must be shaken out before we can rally again.
  12. Kraken is down for System Upgrade

    try deleting the "http" before www.kraken.com
  13. https://www.fool.com/investing/2018/01/12/heres-why-bitcoin-should-be-terrified-of-ripple.aspx "By comparison, Ripple, by its own admission, has scaled to handle 1,500 transactions per second, which is over 200 times more than bitcoin's blockchain. Furthermore, these transactions settle in an average of four seconds, and they're considerably cheaper. The average Ripple transaction fee is a fraction of a cent, whereas bitcoin transaction fees can range to nearly $30. This is what bitcoin should be worried about." Ding! Ding! DIng! Finally, an article that actually compares some of the merits between XRP and BTC, and why XRP is simply superior to BTC.
  14. Kraken fiasco

    What about sending JK over there - site would be up and running in 5 minutes?
  15. Kraken fiasco

    If they want to keep their customers after this disaster, they might consider waiving or reducing all fees by at least 50% for a month or so. Also, with the delay, it seems that they have no other choice but to cancel all open orders that were in effect at the time of the shutdown.