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  1. Alluvial

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    It's possible that Ripple's new counsel could have had a say in this too. A couple weeks ago or so, Ripple announced that new in-house general counsel Stuart Alderoty was hired by the firm to "oversee all legal work at Ripple and manage its global legal, policy and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance teams, reporting to CEO Brad Garlinghouse." When a new counsel is hired, that attorney comes in and makes various recommendations regarding potential legal issues facing the company. Sometimes the new counsel can be overly cautious about legal matters, and he may have been concerned about the SEC and the "will xrp be deemed a security" legal issue. To be safe, he possibly recommends that Ripple cease (or reduce) doing certain activities that actively promote xrp, including eliminating certain xrp-pushing positions. Just a guess, of course, and I'm not really even sure if Cory's position was xrp-pushing. Could be that Cory just didn't like the job and Ripple decided not to replace him, or that Cory did not fully understand how Ripple and xrp work and was giving inaccurate and/or incomplete information to banks and regulators one too many times. Who knows, could easily be something else. He seemed like a good guy, so hopefully everything works out for him.
  2. Alluvial

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    This seems very possible, and the most likely reason IMO. It also makes sense given that the position has been eliminated. If the quarterly xrp market reports end, then it is seems a certainty. To me, xrp shouldn't be considered a security even if Ripple is promoting it, but that's another thread.
  3. Alluvial

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Brad said "Cory, if we slip back to #3 again, you're toast!"
  4. Alluvial

    Xrp 20's xrp 50's and xrp100's

    Your "understanding" is way off base.
  5. With all respect, I think your analysis is way off here. So if gold becomes easily tradable or transferable (because of gold IOUs on the XRPLedger, for example) it will no longer serve as a store of value? If bitcoin were transferrable in seconds and with no fee, it would no longer also serve as a store of value? This makes no sense. IMO, if xrp serves only as a bridge currency, then there is no real demand which is needed to make its price go up. This is because every time that xrp is being purchased, it is, within seconds, also being sold to go into the other fiat. The price of xrp will be based on whether people want to buy and then hold it. It won't be based on those only using it as a bridge token.
  6. Why should bitcoin be the "store of value" digital currency? Brad should be arguing that xrp should be the store of value because it has all the same features as bitcoin (limited in number, not government controlled, easily divisible), but so much better (transfers in seconds vs. up to hours; transfers at no cost vs. many dollars; scalability, mining issues, environment, etc). Utility is great, but without "store of value" status, we will never get to the moon. C'mon Brad.
  7. Alluvial

    Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

    A couple of years ago Ripple stated it planned to own 50B xrps by the end of 2021. Slowly, it is getting there as we are now at 41B distributed. Not a ponzi scheme at all given all the value that xrp provides.
  8. Alluvial

    Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

    Could be the settlement with R3. R3 sued for 5B and maybe got 2B or so with no transfer of cash to Ripple.
  9. Alluvial

    Galgitron's new blog: Proof of Not Working

    My favorite galgitron blog yet! Great information along with some literal LOL moments.
  10. Ripple news: 200 customers, including bank using xRapid ETC news: double spend attack XRP last 24 hours - up 0.87% ETC last 24 hours - up 1.89%
  11. Alluvial

    Visa buys earthport

    I thought Earthport was creating its own payments platform which amounted to a move away from Ripple? From another thread by @panmores Got a clarification from Tim Masih, head of PR at Earthport: "I can confirm that our ACH is our own offering and not in collaboration with Ripple. We operate our own global banking network. This video is the easiest way to understand it: https://vimeo.com/144494561"
  12. With respect, I do not take BG's comments in this way. BG has been repeatedly making this statement simply to bolster the point that XRP is not a security.
  13. Wow, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that. $10k, that's it??? How embarrassing for Coinbase, which like you said is supposed to be worth over $1B. Wonder who came up with that figure over at CB? It's one thing to just give $10k and say virtually nothing about it, but to dedicate 1 of these 12 days to it, and think it's a big deal!!! It would be like one of us posting that we gave $5 to the Salvation Army at our last grocery store visit. Horrible.
  14. Alluvial

    Increased circulatin supply

    My understanding (or guess) is that Ripple enters into agreements with FIs, etc to test Xrapid with xrp for a certain time period. Part of the agreement can result in an OTC purchase, but with the right to sell the xrp back to Ripple if the entity for some reason did not want to use it after the trial period. In issuing its distribution figures, Ripple deems the xrp as distributed once the agreement/OTC purchase is entered into. When the entity exercises the right to sell the xrp back to Ripple after the trial period, the distribution figure is lowered. The net distribution figure almost always goes up, but, from what I have seen over the years, it averages going down approximately one week per quarter. Ripple does not update the distribution every week from what I can tell. Instead, it updates the weekly totals every month or so (sometimes more often, sometimes less often). It looks like the total distribution figure cleared 41B for a couple of weeks, but went just south of that figure - to 40.9B - in the last week.