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  1. Just published in a danish finance paper. Text in danish. Free for all during seven days. Original title: Kryptomilliardæren Chris Larsen er ikke i tvivl om fremtiden for betalinger: »Verden vil se helt anderledes ud om 10 år«



  2. ‘Detects fraudulent transaction” of 1,7 BN Dollars. From one office. Why doesn’t this get more attention? Clearly all watchdogs will now call for protection of consumers... Those pesky banks not having their house in order...So maybe crypto and blockchain one day will be the mitigator of bank frauds. That would be an interesting development. And why not?




  3. 16 minutes ago, Benchmark said:


    Obvious but important advice. 


    So what’s the difference from trading in stocks or other assets...? Have lost 60% on one particular stock a couple of years ago due to my own bad analysis. Even if the regulatory framework is better for those kind of assets, the risk and opportunities requires knowledge and due diligence regardless of assets, wouldn’t you say?

  4. I agree with that. At the end of the day, crypto is the tech behind it, the enabler,  and the digital overall wide domain is where the utility will lie. And as much as I like the somewhat rebellious connotation of crypto as such, it will most likely be similar to tcp/ip going forward. Completely uninteresting for the large majority, and just part of the plumbing. 

    Could be argued that fiat is as digital as any other digital store of value/means of payment, only worse...

  5. 1 hour ago, bookworm said:

    Like Betamax, we’ll see dethroning of BTC this year.  The following article is quite interesting as JPM research analyst (and countless others incl us) is able to differentiate the future cc leader based on solving a payment problem, speed and cost ... this is timely as institutional investors and money from funds begin to pour into cc ...


    Betamax was technologically superior to VHS, yet lost the fight of the bandwagon. This is a long struggle against very powerful incumbents. 

  6. 18 minutes ago, BiltongNinja said:

    It was explained to me a while back that it looks like Brad/Ripple's MO is to employ a "bubble up" rather than a "trickle down" technique. Get the small guys on board which makes them a threat to the bigger boys above them which forces them to adopt etc. etc.

    It seems to bubble for sure, but it also looks like a pinch manoeuvre, coming from both the top and the bottom at the same time, given the central bank’s interests recently communicated. I was thrilled about the reaction from the head of BIS Augustin Carstens spewing vitriol about bitcoin and blockchain technology. He clearly defends his current big boys in the club. I’m new to this since a couple of months, but hey, if that isn’t a signal that Ripple is on to something potentially system shifting, with all its consequences, I’ve misunderstood something. Buying XRP regularly for a 3-5 year hold btw. 



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