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    Thinking about this this might actually be quite significant. Looking at the partners, the idea, and the seriosity behind this, it adds very well to the idea of using digital assets and crypto for very real, very beneficial use cases. Well done Ripple and others.
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    Source https://www.gatesfoundation.org/Media-Center/Press-Releases/2017/10/Bill-Melinda-Gates-Foundation-Releases-Open-Source-Software-to-Expand-Access-to-Financial-Services From the article: Mojaloop (building off the Swahili word “moja,” which means “one”) was created in partnership with fintech developers Ripple, Dwolla, ModusBox, Crosslake Technologies and Software Group, using cutting-edge technology such as the Interledger Protocol, a solution for settling funds among multiple providers across their individual systems. It joins other promising digital financial software, but is the first model that can help extend interoperability from mobile money providers to any bank, merchant or government institution in a customer’s economy in a way that specifically meets the needs of the poor.
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    Jackson Palmer Threatened by Ripple Community

    When they go low... actually not to bad of a view to live by on social media. Helps keep the blood pressure balanced as well...
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    Ripple In Another Lawsuit...........

    Another meaningless lawsuit? I need to stack more XRPs.
  5. seems like some of the schemers, if the story is true, might actually be in real trouble too. The author of the story claims SEC and FBI have been informed and material handed over. http://www.cftc.gov/idc/groups/public/@customerprotection/documents/file/customeradvisory_pumpdump0218.pdf
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    Drama at bitfinex with XRP

    Maybe, the data got blanked for a while after this happened. But it’s still there so who knows.
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    Drama at bitfinex with XRP

    I think @galgitron posted something from a similar dump on twitter some days ago. I would guess blatant manipulation, but of course, have no evidence for that. Just very odd.
  8. Whoa. Something got dumped and bought today. Any speculation on this?
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    A Former Top Wall Street Regulator Turns to the Blockchain

    It’s intesting that he is complaining about paywalls. When sitting behind one. And only change his view when someone points it out. Credibility issues. The article as such in FT is interesting to read however.
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    A Former Top Wall Street Regulator Turns to the Blockchain

    ed1, I used the link to reply to Popper on Twitter. Thank you for the good information.
  11. Yeah? Dont think I can do better than that? I’ll call whatever you bid, and add +1. Let’s see how that works from a hyperinflation perspective... even if one ALV is not one ALV when created on different addresses.... jeez, this is more complication than this space needs in my view.
  12. “My ALV is better than your ALV” This will be only confusing and as far as user case goes, seems absolutely worthless.
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    Walmart to launch Walmart2World

    Yes, they are actually, Lying in your IR comms would very quickly go south. They could of course lie anyway, but that would be utterly stupid
  14. Dont know what to make of this. Have anyone tried to get the "free allocation" via Nano Ledger S? Edit: spelling