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  1. Guys has anyone of you invested in SIBcoin? There is not much information about this coin on West. It's Russia's main coin, and in the same way China prefers to have their own Blockchain asset in ANS, Russia prefers to have their own in SIB. The reason it isn't well known, is because they haven't done marketing outside of Russia too much. What I like most about this coin is that if you have 1000 coins you can setup your own masternode and earn a passive income. This coin also seems to have a real use case becouse lot of shops starting accept this coin in Russia and they have closed the deal w
  2. Hi, I'm thinking about participating in Tezos ICO. I want to ask you what do you think about this project? My biggest concerns are about leadership and not so clear use case.
  3. I want to ask you what is the best way to trade XRP with USD or EUR. I have account on Gatehub and I like it but if I want to trade XRP with EUR or USD there is no liquidity. I've created account on Bitstamp becouse trading bitstamp USD seems like the best way but still waiting for verification process. What is the best way to trade XRP in this situation?
  4. Hi, I want to ask you if (and how) is possible to trade Bitstamp USD on Gatehub? Thanks for answer.
  5. To make this exchange I didnt use Trade on the left side but Exchange. When I go to Trade and click on Open orders I see NO OPEN ORDERS. But I still see this order on the right side under Recent activity.
  6. Hi, I made sell order on Gatehub exchange but it didnt proceed. I dont see it in open orders but on the right side is still order to make a sell at certain price. How can I cancel it?
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