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  1. I'm thinking about doing something that is similar, but in a different vein -- putting together a list of the most common straw-man arguments and faulty objections, along with the counter-arguments. It would similarly be a handy thing to refer to.
  2. As many have commented, we've seen an uptick in the number of trolls showing up on the forum and FUDposting. Generally it goes like this: 1) Brand-new account, created same-day, creates a topic spreading FUD, often with a few strawman arguments thrown in for good measure. Often this is posed in faux innocence, "Guys, I'm hearing a lot of [FUD] and I'm worried about [Strawman] so I thought I'd see what the community thought??" 2) Someone on the forum knocks down the strawman -- it's invariably one that has been addressed myriad times on these forums. 3) Troll replies that he's a "long-time" holder of XRP, and he's "just asking questions" because he's getting worried. 4) someone points out that the troll just created their account that same day. Closer inspection reveals several comments, all negative in tone, with no likes from the community. 5) Some other brand new account will then, at this point, some times jump in to defend the first troll. Some comment about "shooting the messenger" or gripe about treatment of newcomers often follows. Etc. A predictable format is developing. I have a a couple of ideas on how this might be countered, and would like to start a discussion to see about other ideas to counter this problem: 1) make a mandatory cool-down time after creation of a new account, during which the new account can lurk, but cannot post in the forums. Perhaps the cool-down time could be as short as a day, or perhaps as long as 3-5 days. In any event, this would essentially prevent trolls from setting up brand new accounts and immediately start FUD-posting, and would encourage new members to "lurk moar" to see the answers to issues and topics that have already been addressed. Could trolls simply wait out the cool-down time? Of course. But if they're gonna troll us, let's force them to think ahead. 2) make it such that new accounts can comment in forums, but not start new topics right away. This is an alternate form of the idea above. Perhaps the new accounts have to wait a certain amount of additional time (beyond the cool-down time listed above) before they create new threads/topics. Or perhaps they have to wait until their account gets bumped up from "Newbie" to "Member". In either event, it would allow them to participate in the chatbox and comment on topics, without creating FUDpost topics themselves. These two ideas are not mutually exclusive. You could, for instance, make new accounts wait for a cool-down time of 12 hours before they can post at all in the forums, and then make them wait 7 days before they can create new topics. Or perhaps you could make a cool-down time before they can post comments in the forum, but tie the restriction on topic creation to their overall community reputation (until they make "Member" status, for instance). Before this gets raised, let me go ahead and acknowledge: this will be interpreted by some as hostility to dissenting opinions. However, there is a world of difference between a dissenting opinion presented by an established member of the community whom we've come to know and trust, on one hand, and FUDposting by some rando who showed up 3 hours ago from nowhere. It's like the difference between having a family friend offer constructive criticism and having some random hobo show up at your barbeque and start critiquing the food. Thoughts? Other suggestions?
  3. Unfortunately, a number of people out there in coin community still cling to these same straw-men when they rail against XRP. That's fine. That means a lot of potential investors haven't piled on board yet, which means that the coin is potentially still undervalued. (see this post for more on that subject):
  4. You keep raising straw men that have been smacked down time and time again. Take the "in-house crypto for individual banks" canard, for instance -- that only allows transfers between sister/daughter branches. If different banks want to do business, it's more efficient to use a common standard. This has been addressed in these forums time and time again. I'll be honest: when someone pops up with a brand new account (created 7 hours ago as of this post), no profile pic, and a bunch of negative comments shattered with equal helpings of FUD and worn out arguments, I immediately suspect a troll. If you're a troll, go away. If you're not, lurk moar and maybe you'll learn something.
  5. An excellent, excellent point. That's like trying to explain maths to warthogs.
  6. "But it's just made up money! It isn't real!" .. my dad says with a wallet full of questionable promises printed by the federal reserve ..
  7. It's more or less exactly like trying to explain heaven to bears.
  8. The real question is: are we more like the Brotherhood Without Banners, the Rebel Alliance, or Dumbledore's Army?
  9. I wonder if it might be worthwhile to start a thread or something where each of us has the opportunity to submit our twitter handles (or any other social media that anyone would care to share), to help everyone network outside the xrpchat, and to further strengthen the cohesiveness of the zerper community? I'd love to know the twitter handles associated with some of the people I interact with on here, so I can follow, rt good content, and help them get more eyeballs on their posts/tweets.
  10. Awesome -- you will have a follow from @CyberpunkWayne on twitter shortly. Has this been posted on twitter yet? If so, I'll rt, if not, may I post?
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/RippleTalk/comments/6feed2/the_future_of_blockchain_in_one_image_credit_to/ I credited it to your xrp chat user name.
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