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  1. Ah yes, Brad and the peanut butter strategy
  2. You can do the same with Einstein exchange. You can even show up in person, deposit cash, and ask any questions you may have if it's your first time.
  3. I live in Vancouver. We have multiple options in terms of exchanges. Coinfield has done well over the past 12 months or so and I have several friends that utilize them and they've had no issues with Coin field's service. I prefer einstein exchange as I like physically going to their office and depositing cash into my account(no deposit fees for cash). It also brings me peace of mind knowing I can walk into the exchange's office to discuss any questions I may have. This is very important for causal retail investors that are not tech savvy. For example, I've seen many seniors st eins
  4. TB is one of the most insightful posters on xrpchat. No need to throw TB into the same bucket with other sensationalists over one title.
  5. Thanks again TB! Great news regarding BDO unibank . I know many filipino friends that send money to their families back home. The ability to send small sums of money with minimal fees will greatly impact this cohort.
  6. After reading the comments I just want to show support to alex here. Sure he can improve some things and constructive criticism is healthy, for ex. I think some titles are sensationalized, but keep up the hustle man and don't be discouraged. Respect that you took a leap of faith and pursued your interests by creating these videos and congrats on building a solid following.
  7. Thanks. More people using xrp the better. Also provides a use case that an everyday person can relate to.
  8. Agree with this constructive criticism. You're doing well and gaining a healthy following; need to be cognizant of the impact of your words. Keep up the hustle.
  9. Fair enough. Regardless of whichever virtual coin you have, you are down money if you invested in crypto between mid December - mid January. Crypto is here to stay and the market will go back up. How much I can't say. That 17k stack you have is solid and after a couple years you'll be happy with your investment. It's not just the crypto market that is performing poorly this year. Some perspective
  10. Great segment! Felt very genuine. And targeted an important demographic, the normal/average person lol.
  11. Underwhelming truth but appreciate the honesty and clarification.
  12. These guys and their beard touching ways are going to go nuts in November.
  13. Ya it's all pretty obvious, don't know why people are doubting him. Nostradamus has nothing on bearableguy.
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