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  1. Here's a question that's probably been answered somewhere but haven't seen it yet. Let's say you think the crypto market has topped out and you want to take some off the top for just a few months before re-investing. Assuming you don't need any fiat immediately, why not just exchange it for something that follows fiat closely instead? That way your tax liability might be lower depending on where you are living. I'm aware of Tether and all the warnings, and perhaps BitUSD, but if you're trying to move say $500k in crypto to some instrument like that, won't there be liquidity issues with that kind of transaction? Seems like this process hasn't been well designed yet, or has it?
  2. Indirectly actually, not a direct trade (i.e. sell some of XRP stake, take into fiat, then with fiat buy a stake in the private offering).
  3. There is some validity to this argument unfortunately. Everyone should have equal access to its stock, just like they should when there's an IPO. The reality is they just offer it to companies or individuals with net worth on the higher side. They can get away with it because it's still private stock - under the presumption that "elite" investors add clout and exclusivity to their ownership base.
  4. Hmm.. they have over 100 banks signed up with XCurrent, a major partnership with SBI Securities (who host over 4m brokerage accounts) , plus over 60% of all XRP in their holdings. Please explain how it is not worth that much?
  5. Yes would be a long term play so not really worried about liquidity at this point.
  6. To diversify Ripple holdings I was thinking of selling some of our XRP and buying the company private stock via their secondary offerings. Our small company has accredited investor status so that requirement is OK. Thinking is this: In the near term Ripple's stock would most likely will move up faster than XRP since XRP is still predominantly in testing phase and will take a while to catch on. Conversely with the stock you get the benefits of the whole company's performance. Would welcome any thoughts on this strategy.
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