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    They are overloaded with new clients, bitcoin has a fee based processing protocol now a . They also have to deal with Bitcoin not being transacted thru miners but are now collecting large fees for processing the bitcoin orders. This is creating a bottleneck. Bitcoin is being used as a clearing house for most if not all coins and it is not very liquid at all. So liquidity is a big factor as is the actual accountability issue no one should be burned just be sure to check your wallet addresses.
  2. densi


    they don't have a phone. email them from support@gatehub.com they will respond
  3. densi


    I sent 13.4 btc from gatehub to my Coinbase bitcoin wallet address. They never left the gatehub cold wallet because they never made it to the btc block chain, the cold wallet was the last recorded stop. So trying to contact a human representative at gatehub is or seems impossible. Not even getting an email response. Its really horrible how they treat there clients. How would you feel if a quarter of million dollars just disappeared and there is no one you can call. Ok so I could take a vacation to Slovenia and see if I could find someone to ask about this but uh. Yeah Right!
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