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  1. Kraken promised to mark your "bank notes" to receive benefits resulting from this marking in order to keep you leaving your amount on the exchange. They did this 1 or 2 days before the "mark check date". Otherwise their customers would have withdrawed their amounts from the exchanges accounts and would have marked those themselves instead. Now, Kraken says that they do not forward other benefits to its customers which result from exactly this marking of their customer amounts. This is fraud. However, it would be understandable in favor of Kraken that they charge a uniform fee for this service - which admittedly must be independent of the account amount in question.
  2. The problem is that the amount in the exchange's wallet(s) is not theirs and therefore the corresponding acquired asset rights do not belong to the exchange but to it's customers.
  3. Flare is announcing a second airdrop (Songbird, SGB), while still no tokens from the first airdrop (Spark, FLR) have been released. In addition, the behavior of some crypto exchanges that deny the allocation of acquired asset rights is now likely to be legally questionable.
  4. Beware if neckline is broken: BTC is also in a longer correction, now... I guess, to around $ 38,000:
  5. The SEC is not there to protect investors. Look up "Madoff and SEC".
  6. No, a head & shoulder pattern (H&S) is bearish. An inverted H&S is bullish. It corrects the former movement. Details here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/head-shoulders.asp
  7. For whom it may concern, a short trade of mine ... I entered at the left red circle at 1.498 € when XRP moved above the last resistance (a line drawn from the previous highs) and exceeded the candlewick you see left of it. I watched the further development and was prepared to sell around 1.555 €. But XRP did not reach my target and instead fell heavily even through the minor support line (drawn from previous lows). I observed the situation, always prepared to sell immediately as soon as it would rapidly fall through the bolder white support line (drawn from further previous lows) which it did not. I assumed, it would now go to my target. But XRP had issues bouncing back up and I had the gut feeling that the overall sentiment is not so bullish anymore and a bearish head & shoulder pattern began to form. So I sold at the right red circle around 1.508 € before this candle got up again. The interesting part here is that this candle (where I sold) looks bullish and even the following Doji-like candle has a slightly bullish touch but - as expected - the head & shoulder pattern was confirmed by a sudden downward move which broke through the bold support line (and futher down). Also interesting is the low volume on the Doji-like candle and the downward candle. This shows us that the market was saturated so that even such low volume was able to downward pressure the price so much. More fascinating is even the MACD shown at the bottom (in black & white). It was about to switch upwards which is bullish but it got suddenly interrupted. TL;DR: Set your stop losses, watch the whole chart and its development and do not focus solely on candles or single indicators. Accept small gains and losses instead of praying/wild-guessing around.
  8. You see the corresponding boundaries for 2 possibilities: bullish flag (up again) or downfall through the white line (a healthier correction). A move up would test the resistance at 1.56 € again. A move down depends on the panic it triggers. Targets would be around 1.32 €, 1.24 € and 1.10 to even 1.03 € and 0.93 €. If you want to stay safe, you either set stop losses (which, if set too tight, could be triggered and keep you out of a sudden upward movement) or stay awake, watch and react or enter above 1.65 €.
  9. XRP is at a harder resistance, also at the XRPEUR chart. At the XRPUSD chart is some room left (up to around $ 1.77). I am out, for now as I need some sleep
  10. Update: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/MdteUMHC-xrp-cycle/
  11. Update (I guess the last one for months/years) https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/MdteUMHC-xrp-cycle/
  12. Update reg. SEC: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/MdteUMHC-xrp-cycle/
  13. Finally: https://blog.kraken.com/post/7138/xrp-investors-and-traders-kraken-is-supporting-the-spark-flr-airdrop-heres-what-you-need-to-know/ They also announced it wednesday on twitter:
  14. I don't know that and I don't get it why everyone thinks that BTC would lead the whole market and everything would correlate with BTC. If so, every xxxBTC chart would be a straight horizontal line which obviously is not the case. Instead, "money" also flows from one crypto to another and what can be observed on all cryptos has nothing to do with correlation but with a general market tendency.
  15. Why are you showing BTC charts when we are talking about XRP here? Would you be so kind and show the bollinger bands for XRPUSD?
  16. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I was referring to the unconditional basic income. "Hartz IV" (= ALG-2 = unemployment benefit 2) is the German subsistence level (about 430 €) and not the general unconditional basic income that is spoken of here and there (which should be between 700 and 1200 € and would be due to everyone). Hartz IV covers just so the minimum cost of living and is, contrary to the assumption, coupled with numerous conditions - e.g. max. living space for individuals 45 m², for couples 60 m², regular efforts to work with feedback obligations and sanctioning in case of refusal of a suitable offer, in order to prevent lying on the rotten skin. You also need an application here and if you have given notice yourself before, there is a ban and you get nothing at all for the time being (I think 3 months). So this is very far from unconditional. The court decision is also more about the fact that inappropriate (arbitrary) and extreme sanctions, which have been increasingly applied in recent years, are not legal. For example, a Hartz 4 recipient wanted to read through the data protection statement for a job center measure thoroughly at home and received a 30% reduction for this. The absurd reasoning of the job center: breach of duty according to paragraph 31 of the second social security code.
  17. I like the channel but I don't see a bull flag - instead a triangle (nearly symmetrical).
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