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  1. Here: https://www.finanzen100.de/finanznachrichten/boerse/facebook-schafft-neue-weltwaehrung-werden-wir-bald-alle-in-libra-zahlen_H745713121_10838637/ Translation: But true, there is nothing regarding this in the white paper. Instead, there are only authorized buyers/sellers that make contracts with the Libra Association. So, it acts more like a central bank.
  2. Not if you can report Libras as stolen. How should that work without a corresponding Libra Assocation account?
  3. Arising problems of issueing a practicable useful currency (that holds its purchasing power over time) are per se unevitable.
  4. Imho, the Libra Assocation is nothing more than a global commercial bank. Everyone who wants to buy/use Libra needs an account at the Libra Association in order to enable the link between their Libra amounts and the corresponding internal booking accounts (to pay out valid Libras in the corresponding local currencies). That means, one cannot simply buy Libra at an exchange or privately without such an account as it is possible that those Libra get reported as stolen by the sender afterwards. Therefore, the sender and receiver would need an App which is linked to their corresponding Libra accounts in order to legally transfer any Libra. This means that all transfers are fully transparent for the Libra Association - and have to be as they are liable for their accounts. Another issue is that then they would need a banking licence for each country and corresponding currency reserves. So, where is the difference to any traditional global commercial bank?
  5. !? You want another source that the gold price was fixed or what do you mean?
  6. It is not about a fixed quantity alone but about a fixed price as well (which existed for Gold from 30 B.C. till the end of Bretton Woods).
  7. I agree. As good as the estimations are sometimes one is not able to be correct all the times. Another good example: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/1uvpayso-Most-obvious-buy-in-my-cryptocareer-Ripple-heading-to-the-sun/ And the wrong one afterwards: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/EZNF5t2z-XRP-reached-the-moon-Brace-for-impact-though-sun-is-up-next/
  8. Litecoin just corrected harder before and I do not see any real indicator for a bull market anywhere. It is just sideways movement where the bulls clearly fail of showing any strength. Could as well go on for years or drop shortly to the final C leg before the next FOMO can kick in. Your fixation on EMA is awkward.
  9. Done: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT60Kfdscx9tKhH99SNsG8ERUxtva3V4-WTSfec0Ct7_uioQRRunnzFZ6jnVOXX381BwRIorIGmi8HC/pubhtml For multiple or non-clear statements I took the average values.
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