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  1. Nice but they will need 5/26 Ripple validators at least in order to get "real" decentralisation which means to get a lower influence than 20 % on the verification process which needs 80 % consensus - so Ripple still could block the verification process.
  2. Whatever that means 😉 Which scenario?
  3. It was the first and most fitting picture that came to my mind (as a German) showing the influence of power vs. work regarding wealth. I could as well have chosen a picture from the Russian Gulags or of South African white farmers who are expropriated nowadays. The only "road" I want to go down is the simple fact that power beats work regarding wealth. What is so stupid about that? However, I just received my first penalty warning for that picture ("no nazi pictures" - as if I had admired those and not used them as example for educating purposes 😌). So, you can be pleased that pc prejudices are applied here 👌
  4. Is this a bet against Caesar 44 BC or against Napoleon 1799? 😏 Actually, power is the foundation of wealth. Power SETS wealth (by law) and takes it away to some extend afterwards (by tribute/taxes).
  5. What do you mean by "worker"? Those that have access to cheapiest energy?
  6. tar

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    I don't think you can compare this to the '08 derivatives "bubble" where FIs gave unsecured credits and sold their claims under dubious CDS packages. Furthermore, XRP (or BTC) are not the result of such credits/derivative contracts themselves (but real estate was!) and therefore will not be as directly affected from such a default crisis (as real estate was). Instead, I assume that the more claims of XRP/BTC become worthless the more XRP/BTC itself raises in value. Like the relationship of claims on Gold and physical Gold.
  7. That is hard to say. To be honest, I wait for a reversal everyday according to all the positive news regarding XRP - therefore I hold. But the majority of the market is still dominated by BTC/BCH and ETH which are struggling due to their technological constraints. So investors are losing interest in those which leads to an ongoing overall downtrend. Meanwhile traders are switching to short hyped cryptos (e.g. Coinbase considering ETC). It is frustrating to see XRP lacking the attention it deserves.
  8. I think we are reaching a final bottom in the beginning of September or end of October around 0.15 - 0.24 USD, at worst.
  9. Source: http://www.dasgelbeforum.net/forum_entry.php?id=456460