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  1. @FlintstoneYe, a laptop which I can block from any network. Perhaps, a virtual machine would also work?
  2. I got mail from Kraken: In short: Flare tokens ("Spark") are not supported, yet and their support will not be announced beforehand by Kraken. You should create a private wallet, etc. Therefore, can someone finally give a secure step by step procedure (no general statement or references): 1. How to create a secure private XRP wallet: What software is needed? How do I generate a secure address (offline)? How can I test a transfer from and to this address and assure that it is and stays safe (again: offline)? 2. How to claim Flare tokens
  3. Aloha, assume, I've never used a private wallet, got all my stash on Kraken and want to claim Flare Tokens. What in gods name is a safe step by step procedure to claim the Flare Tokens without risking access to my XRP Tokens? Thanks in advance.
  4. Exactly. If you are already in, I would also recommend a SL at 0.26 USD and wait for further developments (re-enter later). DCAing until 0.36 USD is more risky.
  5. A good entry price would be at 0.36 USD with a Stop-Loss at 0.26 USD.
  6. BTC to 2,000 or 200,000 USD: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/QHyH2SWc-Bitcoin-to-USD-2-000-or-200-000/ The alternating IV and the shortness of the (then still to be expected) V speak for USD 2,000. The past price behaviour speaks for 200,000 USD. Entry price would be above 15,000 USD with a stop loss at 12,000 USD. If you are already in, I recommend a stop loss at 10,500 USD.
  7. In essence, it gets harder and harder to protect them from being brainwashed: You could check those conservative universities but be especially careful not to get you or your childs into debt for useless trainings (they are creating cycling studies in Germany ). Good news is that some universities use the Corona crisis to get rid of useless personal, adjust tuiton fees and get self aware. By the way, another issue is that the CIA is heavily involved in trying to recruit students at some universities, esp. Michigan State for left biased politicians/lawyers.
  8. One can see very clearly the results of false/missing upbringing: the behaviour of spoiled brats who demand to continue to get everything they want without the corresponding personal contribution. They demand diplomas as presents because the required performance hurdles are too high for them. Steven B. Gerrard studied this decay of universities. Basic examination requirements are gradually being scaled down or completely eliminated. Recently, they defined math as racist, want to abolish grammatical rules and if you are openly racist you get promoted. Not only general school degr
  9. I don't know if anyone is still interested in XRP but while you were concentrating on the 4187th minute chart of BTC XRP gained around 80 % within the last month and we are on the brink of further outbreaks. Update here: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/MdteUMHC-xrp-cycle/
  10. By comparing the price in the local currency - as you also did by buying XRP with BTC (XRP/BTC = XRPUSD/BTCUSD).
  11. Why should you care about BTC if you sold them for XRP?
  12. Who is it who is outside "the people"?
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