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  1. I have been wrong here, e.g., and with the Chuvashov fork but until we break immensively below 2(!) cents I do not see that I am wrong for my actual overall prediction
  2. I think you are a bit confused about exact predictions. There is none and by the way: I did not call ~115 USD in 2021 but showed the channel building of the final C (4) wave and therefore the possible upper and lower boundaries of the whole final wave 5 (which could end as a truncated fifth which I even mentioned some posts above) and the following ABC correction (which likely aligns with subwave 4 of wave 5). So why in gods name would <4 USD until mid of 2021 not align with the bottom of even the optimistic upward channel I posted before or with my newer more pessimistic channel where I showed the channel building?
  3. Long term outlook: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/J5kWzBPd-XRP-Ripple-YEAR-2040/
  4. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTC.D/0gHBdUnH-BTC-Dominance-Peaking-Altcoin-Season-Upon-Us/
  5. https://medium.com/reserve-currency/the-end-of-a-stablecoin-the-case-of-nubits-dd1f0fb427a9: With "stablecoins" you have a (single) counterparty risk and the volatility risk of the asset coverage.
  6. Theoretically, fractals are endless (waves consist of subwaves and are theirselves subwaves of a higher wave -> repeating patterns within repeating patterns) but in the reality we have exhausted markets. According to Elliott-Wave-Theory, the impulse ends with wave (5) (drawed around 95 USD) and the following correction could be ABC or ABCDE or W-X1-Y-X2-Z or some other complex mix resulting in complete trend reversals, long sideway movements, etc (also look up truncated fifth which could also apply to our XRP chart, by the way - Dow Jones had one in March 2000).
  7. Another update resp. new chart in which I have adjusted my Elliott counting a bit and included the descending triangle. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/xDaO9HNX-XRP-bear-trap-of-descending-triangle/
  8. The blue (C) is a possible bottom around 3 cent that would lead to an alternative path/wave. A possible legit bottom for the trend I drawed above lies around 16 cent. All TA can provide are possibilities.
  9. You see the blue (C) in the center? 😘
  10. Right before the "wake up from a horrible crack trip" and after the "agony" phase.
  11. Click on the blue arrow on the right side here.
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