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  1. I don't know that and I don't get it why everyone thinks that BTC would lead the whole market and everything would correlate with BTC. If so, every xxxBTC chart would be a straight horizontal line which obviously is not the case. Instead, "money" also flows from one crypto to another and what can be observed on all cryptos has nothing to do with correlation but with a general market tendency.
  2. Why are you showing BTC charts when we are talking about XRP here? Would you be so kind and show the bollinger bands for XRPUSD?
  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I was referring to the unconditional basic income. "Hartz IV" (= ALG-2 = unemployment benefit 2) is the German subsistence level (about 430 €) and not the general unconditional basic income that is spoken of here and there (which should be between 700 and 1200 € and would be due to everyone). Hartz IV covers just so the minimum cost of living and is, contrary to the assumption, coupled with numerous conditions - e.g. max. living space for individuals 45 m², for couples 60 m², regular efforts to work with feedback obligations and sanctioning in case
  4. I like the channel but I don't see a bull flag - instead a triangle (nearly symmetrical).
  5. Some background: parents are working class (GDR), I've worked my ass up to the middle class by studying on a 2nd education way (Abitur, business informatics). Now, as SAP consultant/developer I have a relatively high income and am building up my wealth steadily. Furthermore, I am in the comfortable position to work > 90 % remotely since several years. My political views are based on putting reason before all morality. That means that I strongly advocate personal responsibility as well as general mutual responsibility, which essentially includes the possibility of letting as high a prop
  6. Ye, 0.58 was no problem - therefore 0.80 is. Next would be 1.00 followed by 1.25 and there will be several more corrections on the way upwards. Some will take only hours, some days, some weeks. You could follow those strategies, in general: just set you sell order at your wished target price and do not look at the chart (otherwise it will be hard to sleep through the nights) this could be combined with stop losses - but here you could miss out on heavy bullish moves after slight corrections try to time particular fib levels and sell/buy massive amounts (very hard a
  7. There is a war between the globally active, homeless (war-mongering, border-destroying, SJW, transhumanist) upper class and the locally invested and anchored (conservative, upholding the rule of law to protect local capital) middle class, which is pushed by the former (through de-industrialization, climate policy, strengthening tax burdens and unilateral property policy) into the lower class. The destruction of the middle class is accompanied by the abolition of democracy. Worth reading: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/12/can-history-predict-future/616993/ http
  8. 1. If they rely their Spark distribution on a snapshot from December 12th, wouldn't it be reasonable to just buy a huge amount of XRP and transfer it to the prepared account between the 11th and 13th of December and then sell these XRP again? 2. If they use their own ETH clone network: a) how is the connected ETH adress able to receive the Spark tokens and b) how am I able to access the cloned ETH adress to actually get access to the Spark tokens? @Flintstone@BillyOckham@kenrino
  9. Remember the 8 rules of XRP: You do not sell your XRP You DO NOT sell your XRP - you only buy... until it is over Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the buying is over Only 2 buys per second One buy at a time, fellas No shirt, No shoes, No RATs The buy will go as long as it has to... If this is your first night at XRP chat, you have to buy
  10. Its exactly this perspective that makes you blind for what is really happening: The one selling his asset misses out on the price development of that particular asset he just sold. Either its increasing or decreasing. For him it was the right time to sell - for whatever reason. He may have been lucky and sold on the top or just panicked and sold on a dip. For the most part it was something inbetween. Now, how can you say it is a zero sum game - per se? In reality, the one who once sold could buy back in any moment - for a lower or higher price. Nobody knows. But what is known, i
  11. You seem to mix up assets (non-zero sum game) with money (zero sum game) and, by the way, XRP (as any other crypto) is not money.
  12. Huh? The high in June '19 was at the 26th with ~0.555 USD. Are you sure you do not mean the 21st September 2018? Next hurdle is to get above 0.58 USD. Could take some time.
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