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  1. Not quite a millionaire, even at ATH it was only a third of that. Now, I am down around 240k € - but was up 260k € at ATH before - so I am still in the green. I do not regret of not seeling at ATH - as I actually did. Instead, I regret not have waited long enough before re-investing and did not cash out my initial investment + taxes. Additionaly, I sold two times at a dip (panic mode) and am holding the rest till today. As I thereby somehow managed to increase my initial XRP stack by 50 % I am not too depressed but I am a bit worried about the taxes for the 260k surplus last year - and to offset those with the losses this year while simultaneously not knowing what EOY price will be.
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    9/23 - progressing
  3. Define "currency" first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_data The libertarian dream is utter nonsense. Imho, most of the points are correct and for Bitcoin it becomes more and more obvious that they try to copy the traditional banking system as they do not progress with their liberal approach: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9niuo8/forbes_destroys_blockstreams_liquid_and_exposes/ https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9nqtkj/adam_back_is_trying_to_create_a_closed_loop/ The XRP Ledger has more in common with a distributed data base with permissioned authorities (validators) than with a permissionless cryptographic blockchain. The overlap is the approach of a high decentralisation of the validators but this does not mean it is a trustless blockchain system.
  4. Video: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGaXZkyXrKj First 5 minute "transcript": In case you do not know Nouriel Roubini, read the wiki article.
  5. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-09/one-kodiak-brown-bond-bear-explains-why-he-not-selling-hole
  6. First of all you should be aware that market cap itself is complete nonsense and at the very most it's just as good as a limping comparison among cryptos. Besides the fundamental problem of the simple calculation [last price * supply = market cap] there are more issues that @galgitron already wrote about: CMC is not able to determine the real supply side (subtract how much of a particulate crypto is locked or otherwise not used anymore due to lost keys, hoarding, whatever from the total supply). CMC also is not able to calculate which of all the trades done are real and not fake double trades between two (or more) friendly participants to manipulate volume and price. Furthermore, if the whole supply of a crypto would be sold at once the price simply would collapse and therefore market cap is not only not calculateable but even does not say anything at all - as it does not consider the corresponding demand side (how much of a particulate crypto is unlocked, suddenly tossed on the market, hacked, whatever). But still, many, MANY traders refer to it. So what would be the easiest calculateable method of a market cap that by itself is utter nonsense? [last price * overall supply = market cap] The result would be as useful as market cap is today: not at all If you then compare the cryptos market cap you can simply see that XRP surpassed ETH already before May 2017 and again in December 2017 and several times since January 2018. It is now actually #2 since August 2018 and the formular is pretty easy: XRP is #2 if (XRPUSD/ETHUSD*1000) > 1. XRP would surpass BTC and be #1 if (XRPBTC*4762) > 1. - It even once was #1 on January 4th 2018 . All other calculations include even more false assumptions that are not replicable.
  7. There is some rich guy who made a riddle where one can win 310 BTC by solving the correct private key to the given address out of a picture: https://bitcoinchallenge.codes There are three sub-riddles of which 2 have been solved already. Related topics I found: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/9kq7it/introducing_the_310_btc_bitcoin_challenge/?st=jn2hc0s4&sh=74256c2d https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5042285.0 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nUAhlC_n21ZLZcRAHpLw9G--gpk4NUVIJqVp9F68qp4/edit https://bit.tube/play?hash=QmePUyAZSqxQZ4aDxCyWSBcqHPuHFUKzvYMh2aZNQmgcpJ&channel=39522 Good Luck
  8. Power theory of value
  9. Sure? https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/08/07/dea-agent-bitcoin-now-used-more-for-speculation-than-drug-deals/
  10. Yep, inherental deflation is a problem but this inherental deflation is so small that it is nearly unmeasureable. The greater problem lies within the withholding of an (digital) asset, in general, and that one is not being punished for it while there is no authority that can create additional supply - which leads to a great deflationary effect. In fact, one is rewarded when withholding it by the shrinking supply and the therefore increasing price. To compare this with the monetary system (which works completeley different than digital assets): the punishment for withholding money is the inflationary effect of a growing general indebtness in the corresponding currency. As long as there is a (more or less) voluntarily indebtness of private participants based on their free equity, a reasonable inflation can be observed that leads to general growth. As soon as the private indebtness get out of control (not enough free equity to back up the indebtness) we have a fundamental problem of wealth distribution which eventually has to be corrected by additional public debt or politicial measures in order to enable private participants that they can pay their debts - in short: money redistribution. As there actually is no redistributional mechanism within the XRP Ledger, the only authority that could take measures to perpetually provide additional supply is Ripple with its more than 50 billion XRP. The problem hereby lies within the immense growing price effect in favor of Ripple which in my opinion eventually has to lead to political regulatory measures (divestiture of Ripple like it happened with Standard Oil). Additionaly, even the available supply of Ripple is limited and there is no possibility to force someone to release their XRP to the market. That means, the deflationary effect cannot be stopped. Basically, I should not complain, because this massive price effect is, of course, benefiting all of us. In the long run, however, it is clear that XRP is inappropriate for its use case.
  11. Nice, some more information: Source: http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/343/2/20120900_bn_capital_as_power_toward_a_new_cosmology_of_capitalism_rwer.pdf Full text (book): http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/259/ Lecture (video with transcript): http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/274/ "Scarcity" and oil: http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/420/2/20141100_bn_still_about_oil_wpcasp_web.htm