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  1. Did I read that there is a SGB airdrop?
  2. Are we looking at the same DENT? Binance shows it hit ath 2 months ago and has been dropping ever since. Or are you expecting it to have a second run up?
  3. This is why I just Hodl. I'm banking on hodling everything I've got and adding to it for the next ten years. Then retire. May well sell some this bullrun of course.
  4. Completely agree, they haven't come this far now for nothing.
  5. I like it. But don't understand it. What's amplitude? Not a term I've come across before.
  6. For once, this aged well. My bag is now worth several thousands
  7. Been delayed for a few weeks.
  8. @Eric123 Is breaking the top bollinger band seen as a bullish move?
  9. I just need my portfolio do a 10x from here and I can probably give up work for quite some time.
  10. With the price of BTC as it is, and by the sounds of it you're an early adopter, I'm pretty sure you'll have a rather decent sized bag of XRP!
  11. Tiny is still here, now called Billy Ockham. Don't believe stiltkin has been on for a while.
  12. I understood steps 3 to 5! So do I have an account on the Flare Network already then? Or will this be setup automatically when it all goes live? Feel free to point me in the right direction for reading up on this rather than answering!
  13. I did the FLR thingy a while back, and when I check my XRP address on XRPSCAN it shows how many FLR I'll be getting. Where will these be airdropped to though? The address shown on XRPSCAN is my ETH address (of which I've got ETH in), so will they exist in the cloud as such until there is a FLR option on my Nano Ledger? (Or spark or whatever it is?)
  14. Really? Who did he upset? Quite liked his posts!
  15. Cheers, doing KYC now. Gonna chuck 1k at it and see what happens. I miss all these ICO stuff, where did you hear about it?
  16. Cheers. That'll give me something to doc tomorrow whilst whiling away the hours at work! I'll let you know how I get on.
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