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  1. xrp-pat

    Euro exim bank

    Do you know what an asset is?
  2. xrp-pat

    Euro exim bank

    Why do we care about the assets a bank has? They send money around the world, they shouldn't be holding it. The assets will likely be furniture and computer stuff, the buildings will likely be leased. If they had millions of assets they'd be running a nostro vostro. I don't see the relevance, what we should be looking for is how much money we they transfer per year.
  3. And why does it bother you? Don't be a cusser. It's a completely useless statistic you're using in an attempt to belittle others. Grow the cuss up.
  4. Good question, can it be retro forced?
  5. No, let's carry on. Who made you God?
  6. Exactly, I keep reading about the cost of opening wallets will increase. Well in that case I suspect people will just store on exchanges. The people who will be getting in at 589 prices are FOMO people, who know nothing of the tech or potential, as they already missed the boat... They are currently boarding via the harbour pilot whilst we're at sea!
  7. xrp-pat

    BearableGuy123 Club Question

    Yep! Crack on!
  8. xrp-pat

    BearableGuy123 Club Question

    589+ posts elsewhere on the forum.
  9. xrp-pat

    Upcoming events

  10. SAP Concur is software for expenses. We use it at work, this video looks like it's aimed at Ripple employees. Nothing to see here basically. Just happens to be a coincidence.
  11. Ahhhh, my twin brother has arrived! Welcome!
  12. Same payment corridors as their onepayfx... Which runs on ripple. The evidence is stacking up everywhere that swift gpi is using ripple.
  13. This has to be THE most anticipated game ever! Still the greatest games ever made.
  14. xrp-pat

    Uphold's Live Announcement

    That's got interledger Protocol written all over it. But no actual mention of it. But Greg Kidd is on the advisory board, and Arrington XRP Capital is an investor.