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  1. As my bag is worth only a few hundred quid, I'm just gonna ride it out, swap into the the new coin when that goes live and see what happens. Not worth selling imo. Luckily I took profits about a year ago so this is house money really now.
  2. Remember the Mastercard / Ripple rumours a few years back? Wonder if there is any connection (tin foil hat on).
  3. Let us know when so I can get ready to sell high and buy low again!
  4. I've got a bag of XDCE sitting on my ledger. Been there for ages, I made my money on it ages ago and this is now purely for the ride, it's paid for itself. I thought I'd check out what was going on with XDCE to see if I should keep it or swap it. And then I came across that XDCE must be exchanged for XDC? And you need to do it via the AlphaEx exchange for a 1:1 swap, and to get this then you need to apply on the AlphaEx exchange and prove you bought before Dec 2020. So, long story short, how do I check I've got XDCE and not XDC already? Can I trust what my ledger says? Another b
  5. What language do you use to programme it out of interest? Always be wanting to get a script / bot or some sort for some low=key background trading, just never figured out how. I'd be very pleased with a 200% return!
  6. We're all ****** if that happens. Major black swan event.
  7. Can someone point me to a ELI5 of how this Flare drop will make me money? Where is the intrinsic value?
  8. I've done the same as you. Not sure what to do with it though, all in on BTC, split between BTC / ETH, diversify across a number of alts?
  9. A registration date on a forum has zero bearing on when someone first bought xrp.
  10. Have they said how many tokens we'll be getting? Say you've got 10000 xrp, how many sparks will that result in?
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