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  1. That'd be very interesting to see. I'm sure there's one somewhere. Cost of electricity, plus cost of mining equipment, multiplied by time to mine a bitcoin, gives the minimum price?
  2. I assume you're a student there then with this first hand knowledge you're imparting on us?
  3. https://www.ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs
  4. Wirex, revolut or coinbase. All instant debit card purchases in the UK.
  5. Definitely selling enough to get my original investment back. Then sell a third and park it in usdt. Wait to see what happens and hopefully buy back in lower.
  6. So do this video mean there is a Japan - Thailand payment rail in existence? I thought it was just rumoured to be coming. Because to do this you'd need fiat on/off ramps at either end? Or am I getting myself confused with how this works?
  7. Once again, Ripple sitting at the top table. Good things will eventually come from all of this.
  8. MG: £2000 from UK to Algeria - £29 fee WU: Same as above - £19 fee. Guess it depends where you live. Be interesting to see if this changes though when MG go live with XRP.
  9. Instant retirement more likely. Time isn't on all of our sides!
  10. xrp-pat

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    OMG, is this topic still rumbling along
  11. Agreed. Don't put your life at jeopardy financially for it, that's a bit too extreme. But to say have loads of savings before thinking about investing in crypto, I disagree with that. Not everyone has the disposable income to do that, and I bet for the vast majority of people investing in crypto is a bet on escaping this rat race life most of us find ourselves in.
  12. Jeez, not much of a risk taker are you. He who dares wins.
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