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  1. What is that level? Can't see it on my phone
  2. Or, the "vaccines" as you highlight, give you a better base level of immunisation to fight it off. Have you had covid yet out of interest? Do you also know of anyone personally who has died of covid?
  3. I've just got over covid myself, tested postive 3 weeks ago. Isolated for 10 days. Wasn't too bad tbh, struggling a bit at the moment with coughing and shortness of breath of times but that's improving daily. PM me if you want to chat symptoms, they do indeed change daily.
  4. It tells you if you have Covid. What do you think it tells you?
  5. So what do we need to get past to have a proper breakout?
  6. Is this the reason for the SGB price dump this evening then?
  7. So far, only BLOK which has turned out well. Looking for the next bandwagon to jump on basically!
  8. BLOK is doing nicely for me at the moment, as always, wish I got a bigger bag earlier... So, that Alex Becker bloke off Twitter / Youtube. he's convinced that IGO (initial game offerings) is what everyone should get into now, as it'll blow up next year. I'm inclined to believe him tbh as well. So, does anyone know of any IGO sites? Seedify I saw him mention, but you need at least 1000 $SEED tokens (at current price of $8.61 each, thus $8600 tied up) for their ecosystem before you can then invest in any of the IGO's they are hosting.
  9. Is it possible to store my DOGEGF on my ledger? I noticed that when I bought HOGE via metamask and my ledger, it automatically appeared on my ledger live account. Yet doing the same with DOGEGF, it doesn't.
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