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  1. xrp-pat

    200M to 700M Volume

    Volume = price
  2. xrp-pat

    Senior Director, XRP Markets Infrastructure and Liquidity

    Yep, that's a new one. Very senior position as well.
  3. xrp-pat

    +589 explained

    So is this guy correct in how markets work?
  4. xrp-pat

    $589... Really...

    Watch out boys. Captain sensible is here.
  5. xrp-pat

    I just had to smile at this :)

    Amateur hour. Neither has the slightest whiff of utility usage.
  6. That's a fantastic analysis though, thanks for taking the time to do it.
  7. Op - Do you mean nod on agreement? In the UK you would shake your head in disagreement. I'm slightly confused!
  8. xrp-pat

    SWIFT and XRapid

  9. xrp-pat

    XRP - The Standard (Big read)

    Epic read, just finished it, thanks!
  10. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/h5bTfd3vD6-3TNekKmFVVdVqmkQ/appointments Is there the equivalent database in the USA?
  11. There's two of these floating around already, one is on this forum created by a member (haven't seen the topic updated for a while though), and one is on reddit.com/ripple. Couldn't tell you the URL's of either though, sorry. But if you can find them, it's well worth a look to see if it helps you.
  12. I've not watched many of his videos, but he makes some compelling points in that one. As an aside, does anyone know if it's possible to search for transactions on the xrpledger by date / value? Curious to see if that live demo they did in 2016 is out there or not.
  13. We'll find out at the end of the year won't we. Either you can say told you so, or the BG123 believers will do the same to you. Truth is, no one knows.