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    OMG, is this topic still rumbling along
  2. Agreed. Don't put your life at jeopardy financially for it, that's a bit too extreme. But to say have loads of savings before thinking about investing in crypto, I disagree with that. Not everyone has the disposable income to do that, and I bet for the vast majority of people investing in crypto is a bet on escaping this rat race life most of us find ourselves in.
  3. Jeez, not much of a risk taker are you. He who dares wins.
  4. Ahhh, but imagine not being able to cash out because exchanges are overloaded! That's one hit I'm prepared to take
  5. Could be useful in the next bullrun. Use it to buy your lambo! Much quicker than cashing out.
  6. Niche, very niche. The average shopper will not use XRP, they will use FIAT, with the debit / credit card. They aren't going to sign up to an exchange, get a wallet, get some XRP and then use that to pay for something. Those people who already own XRP are hodling, or day trading. They aren't going to use it on a store purchase. I don't see any crypto being used for day to day payments by Joe Bloggs for a long time to come yet, there simply is no reason to. Now, on the other hand, if this XRP integration allows the store owner to choose to receive XRP from a FIAT payment (via ILP) then yes, I could see more benefits. Don't get me wrong, it's a great achievement, but all these consumer-led payment options are way ahead of their time. Bear in mind most people haven't heard of anything apart Bitcoin, and most view that with suspicion.
  7. xrp-pat

    Hi! I'm Bob

    No, wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. Just all the posts asking for various photos (aka binance style), ledger transactions etc. You can tell from the information we're being given that this guy is legit, never seen anything as detailed as what has been posted before. You wouldn't know this unless you developed for Ripple.
  8. xrp-pat

    Hi! I'm Bob

    I find quote hilarious that people are questioning whether Bob is real or an impostor. So all of a sudden an apparent impostor arrives with a deep understanding of how Ripple and XRP works of the likes we've never seen before? Really? Bob - 589? Yay or nay?
  9. xrp-pat

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Cheers. Good to know. If you said you didn't hodl any then I'd be worried about my investment....
  10. I'd say this is worth making viral, let the xrparmy do their work.
  11. xrp-pat

    Hi! I'm Bob

    More importantly, Bob - are you bullish on XRP and do you hodl a stack? And when moon?
  12. But money still has to enter the market. Even if its wash trading, xrp has to be at a certain value to support the money being moved. The more that's being moved on an daily, hourly basis, the higher the price xrp will have to be.
  13. But thats assuming no utility, only speculative buyers. With utility you'll have global money markets entering the arena. That's where 40 trillion dollars can come from.
  14. https://twitter.com/stedas/status/1096311778114457600?s=19
  15. IIRC, the tweet was apparently a quote from her saying ripple want xrp to be a global liquidity solution, something along those lines anyway. If you search on Google you'll find it I reckon in other topics.
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