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  1. Yes, I tried the other partners too. Nothing works, only alipay.ripple.com works !
  2. haha... You're right, it has to be a "subdomain" (extension) of Ripple.com. Only the owner of Ripple.com domain can create a subdomain. For example you or me cannot create xyz.google.com, only google can.
  3. Ping is a way to check if a url (alipay.ripple.com here) is active and hits a destination computer. You can use a ping command from command prompt or mac terminal. If ping command succeeds it returns back some data. Let's say I ping google.com to see if google's server is active and it responds back. So the fact that pinging alipay.ripple.com responds back with some data shows that this url is active and is being used. Hope that helps.
  4. Hello guys, Is Alipay a ripple partner? Was there any news about this? If it is, isn't this huge? I'm able to ping this url : alipay.ripple.com Why would they create a subdomain if they are not a partner or if they are not doing something?
  5. Hello Folks, I thought Santander was a Ripple partner and now there's news that 80% of Santander's payments will use SWIFT GPI. This one: https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/santander-goes-live-with-swift-gpi Few days ago I read this: https://ripple.com/insights/swell-2018-how-banco-santander-launched-a-payment-app-for-millions/ What's going on? Any inputs or thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Yes Larsen will be the richest .. but .. on paper. He will not be able to sell of all his holdings even if he wants to. And Larsen is more likely interested in Ripple’s success than being the richest person. I’m sure he would be aware of the implications of dumping a lot of xrp in to the market. Now I don’t understand why this is difficult to comprehend. How does it matter? Yes it will make headlines like it did in January but people will soon get over it. Banks or financial institutions don’t look at Larsen’s wealth before they start using xcurrent or xrapid. All that they care is whether it saves them time and **** load of money. They wouldn’t mind Larsen making money in the process. Also I beleieve xrp’s price increase will happen because of adoption by banks and FIs and not because of speculation, unlike bitcoin.
  7. You want to come to a conclusion about Ripple/XRP. But why? How far along are we? In the grand scheme of things we are only just getting started. The entire crypto space is just getting started. But still you want an absolute accurate prediction. You panic if XRP's price drops. You panic if there's no good news for a day or two. Look at all the big companies today. The Amazons and the Googles and the Microsofts. It took years before they became what they are today. Imagine you invested in Amazon in the first year and sold all shares in an year or two? I'm not saying Ripple will become the next Amazon. But to know if they will become something, you got to give it sometime. Ripple is trying to change the game. Now whether they will be successful or not, only time will tell. But I can tell you one thing, it's the safest bet right now in the crypto space. Technology Real use case Very large target market Big name investors Initial interest Team Roadmap Pipeline Regulatory Compliance Let us be realistic. Believe in the fundamentals. In the long term that is really what matters. HODL. "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." – Warren Buffett I strongly believe it applies to crypto market as well.
  8. You don't post any references and you just say IBM has Visa. IBM is a vey big company which partners with many companies on many different projects. And what is the difference between partner and pilot according to you? And what do you mean "Sketchy pilots"? FUD written all over you dude.
  9. How much time has passed by? Implementing software for banks takes time. Ripple has made great progress. So many deals announced in last 1-2 months. And it has seen great growth in last 4 months. Check the price 4-5 months ago Do you expect it to grow every day and make you rich in like 2 months? HODL up dude and have patience.
  10. Ripple had a nice little rally yesterday amid Coinbase rumors and it fell back again to under 1$ after Coinbase tweet. I think this tell us that there is FOMO/Interest about Ripple/XRP for sure but people at large still don't quite believe in Ripple's success. Whenever there is a Coinbase rumor, people know that if it gets listed, the price will shoot up and they want to invest quickly. But when it comes out that Coinbase is not listing, price goes back down. So clearly, people are not looking at the fundamentals. I think there are two main reasons lot of people still don't believe in Ripple: 1. Market cap FUD. That market cap cannot go beyond a point. 2. XRP need not be used and companies will only use xCurrent. I think this will change when there is really big news about XRP. Something like WU / Moneygram's success with XRP trials. Or some really big client signing a deal. Once masses start realizing Ripple's potential, there will be no stopping. On that note I want to congratulate everyone here (who is holding XRP) for noticing the opportunity and buying XRP cheap. Ripple's fundamentals are strong and has a kickass team. It's only a matter of time until everyone notices it. HODL!
  11. 100$ is definitely on the cards if liquidity demand goes up .. more banks use xrapid = more liquidity needed = higher the value of xrp
  12. Hello.. I'm seeing lot of news / videos predicting how ridiculously high bitcoin price could go to and some seem to be very confident about the prediction. I don't know if Bitcoin would go so high but if it does, what do you think would be the impact on other alt coins and specially ripple? Could you say if bitcoin reaches 50k, XRP would at least be 10$ ? I know there might not be a direct correlation but like we have seen so far, when bitcoin goes up everything goes up. Also, I just don't understand why people don't apply market cap FUD to bitcoin. People believe bitcoin can reach ridiculously high numbers like 50k, 100k (or even 1M as per one prediction) but they don't believe XRP can reach 100$ because market cap will be too high. That's so stupid.
  13. But what I don't understand is other coins/projects don't have any news at all but their prices are more dynamic than XRP's. What's moving the prices there and why we are stagnant at 1$?
  14. I totally agree with your argument. Market cap has no relevance but right now that seems to be one metric general investors are going by. Smaller market cap coins are attracting more investors. But this should change eventually. Another bull cycle will take the total crypto market cap to over a trillion dollars and people might start ignoring market caps. Ripple taking over no. 2 spot will help and if it so happens that ripple takes over bitcoin, then there is no stopping for ripple in terms of max price.
  15. Speculation is the key word. We can talk as much as we want about usability and adoption but I think next 3 years until this market matures speculation is what will drive the prices. And we have seen that speculative price growth knows no bounds. We have seen that in case of Bitcoin and other alt coins. Even in case of XRP when it grew more than 36000% in span of few weeks. So 10$? 100$? 1000$? Everything is possible.
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