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  1. thanks, i used both adresses before. Also no response at all.
  2. thanks for all the reactions guys. But it's not normal that Gatehub give no response to anybody. This is very bad advertisement for Gatehub and there service..... Is it possible for you guys give me some more information when i post my TX hash or the raw code here in this topic ??? Will it lead to somewhere?
  3. About two weeks i'm waiting on my transfer of EUR to my bankaccount from the Gatehub wallet. Still nothing recieved. My TX hash seems to be allright and the transfer has been done, but still nothinh in my bankaccount. I've send several e-mail to the Gatehub support with all the info i have about the payment. But still no response. Are they non-existing or is there something else going on. A complete silence. Someone has similar experiences ? Any tips ? Help ? It's about a lot of money that's missing right now. And that for two weeks allready. Help !?
  4. Dear crypto-friends, I need some help ! For several weeks i'm waiting on a payment to my bankaccount from my Gatehub Wallet. And still no respons from the Gatehub support after several e-mails...getting desperate now. In my Gatehub Wallet i clicked on "Send Payment" and then i clicked on "EU bank". In the field "Send to" it was possible for me to click my EU-bankaccount number (it was memorized because i used it before to deposit money in my wallet) . I filled in the maximum amount and then next. Everything looked fine. I also have a TX hash and a conformation. But still nothing on the bank. Anyone that could help me what to do? I'm looking forward on a answer/solution. Greetings, Rob
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