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  1. I mean perfectly straight lines, even bones are curved. Anyway you know what I mean.
  2. Oh man. So we just witnessed two simultaneous retail traps. First, we had this: a classic head and shoulders. Retailers think this is a local top, and xrp must be going down here. So they go short. All in. First short works out great. Then they go short a second time and it goes beautiful. They are sitting on fat profits, and looking forward to the break of the low at 80 cents. Then the market makers sweeten the deal. Look at that beautiful diagonal pattern on the right. A perfect line down. Almost like someone is drawing it on the chart. Every time it goes there is rejects. This is
  3. Thanks for your post. Do you think this could be the reason why they are flying so low under the radar? Because they think they are building something truly groundbreaking and want to keep a head start?
  4. BTC dominance now at 46.68%. Next big level is 45%. If BTC dominance falls decisively below 45 then we might be expecting a new historical low, which would be 35%. I would guess we won't see that immediately, but we will have some 'correction' around 45% before we go down there. 28th December 2020, BTC dominance was 73.5%.
  5. Yes. The tokenomics of Flare are some of the most impressive parts of the system. They have clearly thought very deeply about the incentives and mechanisms of value, creating positive feedback loops. The system is designed to: 1) incentivise participation 2) more heavily incentivise participation in the early days of the network 3) increase the value of the incentives as the participation increases (more F-assets = higher FLR value = larger incentives to create F=assets) 4) incentivise holding which will increase the value of FLR which will incentivise more holding 5)
  6. I mean even providing financial services within regulation, but just faster, more efficiently, more openly. All these things are possible with crypto. I'm not talking about replacing the dollar or circumventing capital controls. At the very least we could make send money cheaper, right?
  7. You could say the same about hundreds of crypto projects.
  8. Thing is with DOGE you would have to predict the emergence of a meme, how would you even do that? I never bought Doge because it was always marketed as a joke, as having literally no use. It is the epitome of speculation and fomo. Some people are saying they don't like it, because it makes the crypto market seem less serious. I agree with this, but I think it is actually revealing the truth of the market rather than setting it back. Crypto is still a speculation fantasy world: headlines about hedge funds and institutional money, etc etc have hidden this reality from some people. But remem
  9. I know it sounds crazy or too cynical or whatever but it is time for our American friends to seriously consider that this could be true: it's worse than them not caring about you, they are actively trying to hurt you.
  10. I was wrong about us just shaking out longs, looks like we are hanging around for a while longer. A lot depends on how the daily candles close in a couple of hours. We are obviously feeling the effects of BTC, but encouraging is that ETH, DOGE, and probably others that I'm not following are completely divorced from BTC at the moment. That means the market-wide bot trading is not in effect with the big coins, so at some point we can hope that XRP will do the same thing. BTC still looks like hanging on here, and actually the longer it goes holding around these levels without a massive
  11. Gotta say I don’t agree with this, I don’t think we need such a big correction. Does this lady have a good track record Blu?
  12. We dropped again but it hasn’t changed the chart. We should bounce here. They are just shaking out more longs.
  13. It’s hard to say because when we are dealing with cross charts there are so many more possibilities. A usd chart has up down and sideways. A cross chart has: XRP up ETH down and vice versa Both charts up but one or the other is faster Both charts down but one or the other is faster one chart up and the other sideways and vice versa one chart down and the other sideways and vice versa both charts sideways Looking at the charts right now, considering ETH is at absolute highs, I would guess that most likely for such a move is xrp up quickly and eth either sidew
  14. It's important to note also that the F-asset system will not be available at launch. They have said they want to wait for the volatility around FLR to settle before launching it. So there is even more time for them to give clear guidance on what to do.
  15. US elites do not care about 'the country'. It is not a country, it is a financial empire, and they are plundering it as much as they can before it collapses. Ripple says 'we are Team USA!' and US elites say 'great, we aren't.'
  16. As expected XRPETH losing ground. We might see a bit more downside before we eventually turn, but I doubt we are going back to the make a completely new low. Important to keep the big picture in mind and be patient. The purple line is the lowest low of the price. Even a move to 75% of the range here is a 500% increase. At some point that will happen, I am 95% sure about that. The only question is when will it happen, and that we can't know. It could next week or next year. My guess is sometime in the next 6 months, but it's very difficult to know.
  17. Nice stop runs on XRPUSD and XRPBTC. We should go now. No more reason to hang around.
  18. And suddenly, for no reason at all, people decided every 5 minutes that 2719 sats was a fair price for 1 XRP...
  19. I disagree I think we look OK. We only look weak on the XRPETH chart, everything else looks good to me.
  20. Also XRPETH looks like it's going nowhere. They are center stage for now.
  21. Alright that's probably enough, now watch for the turn:
  22. There aren't any 'guides' yet because the exact working of the system hasn't been revealed yet. I believe they are going to have a beta before the network launch, and anyway I am confident that there will be a lot of information explaining things clearly once we know exactly how the system is going to work. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that.
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