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  1. Anyone know the exact time that Bitrue usually launches trading of a new token? 27th of September is great but when? Bitrue is in Asia right so maybe 9am Hong Kong time?
  2. Yes they have performed poorly. I would expect these differences to narrow over time as they sort themselves out, but you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and some of the biggest on the list have done very poorly. That said, if anyone is not getting the rewards they were hoping for don’t beat yourself up. There was no way to know ahead of time which providers would be more successful than others.
  3. I had delegated to FTSO EU but they have been having trouble with their coffee and so the rewards are lower than the others. Bad start for them and will do them no favors with people’s first impression. I know I am much more likely to change who I’m delegating to next week because of this start.
  4. You can now check your rewards on flare metrics, just input your wallet address http://flaremetrics.io/check-reward
  5. You can now check your rewards on flare metrics, just input your wallet address http://flaremetrics.io/check-reward
  6. Apparently they have 350 applications to become signal providers that they are working through. I think we don’t need to worry about there only being five places to delegate to.
  7. And when I say “we’ve decided this” or this is “our opinion” I’m using the royal “we” like the queen of England and it’s just my individual opinion absolutely no one else’s
  8. Given that the songbird roll out has given people plenty of chance to get set up, I think the participation is decent for those of us who actually got the tokens, but as you say the unknown is how many others won’t be getting their tokens, and what are exchanges doing with them otherwise?
  9. I agree, I said in a post on the main forum that opportunities to game the market through problem solving and math will come in things like Flare Finance.
  10. yes i saw a tweet that you can start to deposit and that trade starts with usdt and xrp pairs from the 27th
  11. I agree I think once it all starts up it will be relatively simple, things always seem more complex in the abstract. I think people are worrying about which provider to delegate to to maximise return. Over time it will become clearer and no doubt people will do lots of complex calculations around it, but I think brian had it right when he said most will win most of the time but some will win a bit more than others. I think if you are delegating to one of the main providers you are likely to get the lion's share of what you can get. I personally don't see myself chopping and changing a whole lot, especially in the beginning when we don't have much data. I think the better returns (and which will require more knowledge and finesse) will come with things like Flare Finance, Trustline, etc. That's where the real calculations can make a difference. The FTSO is more like a regular savings account, designed to accrue at a steady and stable rate. If you want to strike it rich through playing the market, FF will be where it is at I think.
  12. The question for me is: is there any advantage to delegating to more signal providers?
  13. from Stedas on the main forum: How to earn rewards and delegate your Songbird (SGB) tokens in the Bifrost Wallet? Bifrost Wallet is a non-custodial software wallet, that provides you with a secure and easy way to manage your crypto assets on an Android or iOS device. Bifrost Wallet currently supports Ethereum (ETH), Songbird (SGB), XRP (XRP) as well as various ERC20 tokens. A visual step-by-step guide on how to delegate and earn passive income in Bifrost wallet: https://stedas.hr/how-delegate-sgb-bifrost-wallet.html Bonus: glossary of terms + FAQ
  14. In short we don’t know. Once the exact time frames and reward structure are laid out I’m sure there will be people gaming out how to make the most rewards. Tomorrow they go live but it’s gonna take a few goes around before we really know what we are doing.
  15. OK it seems like this is operating in a similar way to the “power piggy” on Bitrue, where you have regular periods of opening and locking, and rewards are linked to the period. So does this mean if you delegate you then to keep the tokens delegated for that epoch and not move them to get the full rewards? If you remove them earlier will you get partial rewards? This is very much like staking but without a lock. Trying to think through the rationale of doing it this way…. maybe it is something to do with preventing malicious actors from manipulating the system…. maybe it is to prevent constant movement of tokens between providers that might overwhelm the system?
  16. I'd be surprised if just one provider was permitted to do a test that others couldn't. It would skew a lot of the ecosystem and give an unfair advantage to Bifrost. My guess is that someone was planned but then pushed back by the Flare team. Remember until the 27th the network is technically not live, Flare could unilaterally kill it off at any time.
  17. Yeah no one seems to know what this tweet means haha. I was hoping it would mean rewards would be turned on but that didn't happen so who knows
  18. Hmm no the rewards don’t need any snapshot as far as I know
  19. Also noticed you guys are now second on the list, congrats! Likely @brianwaldendelegating his fat stacks put you over the top.
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