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  1. That chart is pretty useless as an indicator of price action. Here is the full chart with the XRPBTC chart from the same time period above it. Huge spikes and falls in numbers of shorts with virtually no price action.
  2. Nice, I didn't sell, but added another position at .28
  3. I don't see why that would happen, but maybe it does. Of course the movement of the market is a combination of billions of factors, but we can safely say virtually every human actor in the market is attempting to make money. I would guess whoever just sold there bought back lower and is now in profit. But it could be one person, a group of people, or just the combination of those billion factors and there's no single intention behind it at all. All we can know for sure is the movement of the price. I see us reversing the initial dump. Let's see what happens in the next few hours.
  4. That one minute candle that wrecked us from 29 to 28 has been 100% retraced. Expecting this to be a full reversal.
  5. I don't think that is the whole argument. Another aspect of it is speculation and investment (on huge scales, the way people do with gold for example). When normies encounter DAs they think "Hey this isn't money, it's just a bunch of numbers and letters." The 'imaginary monopoly money' aspect of crypto is still strong, and people have no idea why, say, people would pay 10k for a string of numbers and letters called a bitcoin. But when DAs become part of the real economy, which they inevitably will in one form or another, I think they will be traded and speculated upon in a similar way to commodities now. Which crypto will attract the most investment and attention? So far it has been BTC, first mover etc etc etc. But I think an assumption for many of us here is that once it becomes clear that this magical monopoly money called XRP is actually being used by serious people with serious amounts of money in serious ways, then XRP will grab a lot of that money and attention that BTC has so far had. Institutions hording XRP and all that sure would be part of it, but the other part is funds, large speculators, traders, making a market just as there is a market for gold and silver.
  6. Well this is interesting. The guy who was waiting for the pullback - you've got your chance!
  7. It is very difficult to say but for big money people yes that would generally be the plan. Push it down and get people to panic sell then push it back up. Of course this is all just pure speculation. It is entirely possible that there is someone out there with 50 million dollars who was actually expecting a bigger announcement from swell and decided to press sell just then.
  8. That happened in 2 min candles. I don't think large numbers of people pressed sell at the same time. I think a small group of people with a lot of money pressed sell. I think it is manipulation and we will go from here. But we will know again in a few hours
  9. Putting a buy order above the top here. I think if we break past the top again we are going.
  10. I agree. I'm just saying to Chocobo that the chance to "buy the pullback" lower than here might've already passed. For what it's worth, I have been leveraged long from .24, and I had an order at 28.5 when we wicked down but it wasn't filled, which I'm a little salty about. I really hope it's go time now but if we don't go in the next few hours I will expect us to drop back one more time.
  11. Risky. If we break out of this range I won't be expecting us to come back for quite a while, if ever. But you might be right and we slide back to 28. We will know in the next few hours.
  12. A few reasons: 1) I'm fairly confident we are going to around that area, after that I'm not sure where it's going 2) I really don't think it's a straight line to the ATH, if we are going there it's going to be very bumpy IMO 3) At 12K my RR will be very nice and I will be happy to take my money and go home. Holding out for a break of 14k or holding for another few(?) months in the hope of the ATH is not worth it. I'm trading on margin, and the swap would kill me.
  13. Sometimes it's wise to have feet in both pools. I longed BTC at 7.5k and am still holding, target is somewhere around 12k. XRP my take profit target is around 40-50 cents. This is my trading money, holding stack target is 589 of course.
  14. Don't assume it's an impending bull run. This person could be planning to create the mother of all crashes down to 3k BTC and is depositing money so he can clean up when there is blood in the streets. I'm not being pessimistic, the point is that I don't know any more than the cryptomaniac dude does. Does this money transfer mean up or down? 50/50 either way.
  15. Sorry just noticed that thread! This one can be deleted if it serves no purpose.
  16. The TMI video references this article which says: So you might be right. The fact that this accounted for 50% of all crypto transactions raised my eyebrows. Something is certainly afoot, and I doubt it is spammers.
  17. Any theories as to why this activity has suddenly ramped up?
  18. I posted about this in the XRapid usage thread but I think it warrants more discussion. We have seen huge spikes in payments and transactions on the XRPL in the last few days. Transactions almost broke the bull run ATH. Modern Investor just said in his video that some are speculating this is Ripple testing the DEX on the XRPL. Apparently XRP transactions accounted for more than 50% of all crypto transactions yesterday or a few days ago. Can we discuss what might be happening here? Here are the relevant charts:
  19. This may be happening to a certain extent. Remember that entities will not place one huge order that will push up the market, instead they will spread it out over a significant period of time in order to accumulate. OTC sales, XRP gifts and loans, and other kinds of deals could also be part of this 'loading up'. I agree with others though that the big demand is not here yet. Proof of utility will help to stimulate that.
  20. We have seen 5 weeks of upside for XRPBTC, so it is not unexpected that we will see a bigger correction now. More upside is still expected but nothing goes up in a straight line. It might seem like BTC is doing that now but look what happened in the 4 months before that. Also I don't think there is much to read into here with regards to XRP vs BTC. This is all bot trading.
  21. I'm not sure why Brad needs to be the superstar. He didn't mastermind XRP. He's not himself some visionary or stone cold genius. As others have said, he is a manager, and he manages a great team well. And as others have said, you need someone who is corporate and predictable to deal with finance. We don't need an Elon Musk character who will flit between ideas like a madman. Elsewhere today I saw this quote, and it comes to mind for this situation: Persuasion is beta; only the uncertain persuade. The strong perform. Ripple's success will speak for itself. We don't need someone who can come up with a better analogy about moving money; we need results.
  22. I mean it's a pretty hefty spike. If it's an escrow then it's never been that large before and if it's a whale then they ain't moved that much before either:
  23. There was a massive spike in payments yesterday according to the xrpcharts metrics, basically double the ATH in Jan 2018: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics What does this mean? Is this linked to ODL utilization?
  24. Question I have though is: we are getting excited here about rapid increases in volume and transactions, but are we still talking peanuts in wider world terms? In other words, can someone make an educated guess at what levels of utility we will need before we start to get mainstream news attention? Are we sitting here getting excited as if its 2013 and BTC just went from 20 bucks to 45 bucks? Or are we closer to BTC going from 3K to 10K in terms of mainstream attention?
  25. This seems most likely to me. It is highly likely that regular remittances will follow monthly cycles in the way OP originally assumed. But the market is still quite small and so sudden noise can drown the signal. I would expect as the years progress that ODL remittance transactions will settle into monthly cycles according to when people are paid in different countries, also yearly cycles related to public holidays and tax events. Exciting times!
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