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  1. Yeah I mean XRPBTC is looking relatively strong, but if BTC falls we will likely fall too. I still think 1.60 is the next stop, it just might take longer than I was hoping.
  2. You might be right, I'm hoping we will move a bit more independently.
  3. Taking a bit longer than I hoped but we are still on track
  4. @jockeyng if you are sticking around we can follow it together. First we should see 1.45 in the next few 15 minute candles
  5. haha I don't think so mate. At least I'm not expecting that. Of course I could be wrong...
  6. My two cents: Retail traders do not have the capital to create support and resistance. This is done by the big movers in the market. You are right though that common retail trading techniques are exploited by the market makers for liquidity, most commonly in 'stop runs'. This create things that people like to call 'false breakouts', etc. There is nothing magical about fibs. They are just another way of imposing a pattern on the market. Sometimes the price goes there and sometimes it doesn't. This is one reason why I'm so skeptical of 'market cycles'. A lot of the time it seems
  7. I haven't looked in detail at all charts obviously but I think it's fair to say that among the top coins XRP movement is the most bipolar, with long periods of inactivity followed by massive spikes.
  8. That is my impression as well, which is why I included some caveats on the transaction data. But it still doesn't explain why someone who is supposedly so big in the space doesn't know that other chains are host to a lot of activity.
  9. Don't have time to read it all. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-secs-cryptocurrency-confusion-11618611723 Cryptocurrencies are a new force in financial markets, but their emergence is following an old pattern, for better and worse. Wednesday saw a step toward institutionalizing their trade with the $86 billion public offering of Coinbase , the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange. But regulators are creating danger for currency developers and retail investors. The uncertainty is on display in the Securities and Exchange Commission case against Ripple Labs, a digital currency is
  10. Quiet morning for all. A lot of the market is moving in step which makes things rather boring. We still have to just wait to see what happens. One positive is if we compare XRPUSD and XRPBTC then we see XRPBTC is more bullish. Below the two charts are overlaid. When you have two charts that correlate, when there is divergence it can be used as another indicator. XRPBTC didn't fall as much as XRPUSD and this can be taken as bullish. Apart from that nothing much has changed, not much to say.
  11. Thanks for this. I don't know about it, but reading what you've written it strikes me that he's saying gold is difficult to change to fiat so people don't often do it, while at the same time arguing that you should hold 500 bitcoin for hundreds of years, not spend it just borrow off its value. So... like gold then? There's so many things about this space that I don't get. In 20 years time are we gonna look back on this period as a kind of collective madness? Does anyone know how people looked back on the tulip bubble after it was over?
  12. No idea. Galgitron (who is always missed from Twitter, if you are reading this mate come back and at least post on this forum!) is the one who always talked about this, and that's where I found this site on BTC metrics. He was firmly of the belief that the previous BTC bull run ended because BTC 'broke'. You can read this in his infamous Weekend at Bitcoin's blog post. He also thought this would happen again. Personally I don't know. From Galgitron's blog:
  13. As of this writing, bitcoin transaction fees are $51.64. For those of you who are into patterns and cycles, the end of the last bull run coincided with fees going above $50. This is the first time it has happened since then. I have a BTC maxi friend. Genuinely curious, I asked him how people in bitcoin circles talk about high transaction fees; are they seen as a problem or not? He pointed me to this podcast interview with Michael Saylor. Luckily, the website shows a transcript of the whole thing, so you can scan through and browse at leisure. One of his main arguments for BTC
  14. Congrats, if it gets to 100k you will almost be up 2x! Hope you put more than $50 in because it's gonna cost you that much to send it anywhere.
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