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  1. I think if people were passing these things around for 10 cents then it would make sense. But paying hundreds of thousands of dollars? Is there an equivalent of this in playing cards or Pokémon? How rare, valuable, and culturally significant would such a thing need to be to command a price in the millions? What I’m really asking is for someone to justify the prices to me. So there are 10,000 monkey pictures… so what?
  2. The problem is the tech is the same for any NFT. It’s not like these monkey things are the only NFTs available.
  3. I’m no art historian but I’m pretty sure Warhol’s soupcans represented a radical shift in the concept of “art” in that new age of advertisements and consumerism. The technology behind these monkeys is revolutionary, but the pictures themselves are not I think.
  4. The ONLY thing I can think of that might be adding value is that they are among the first famous NFTs. But even that is pretty weak sauce and I’m fairly certain that that fact is not adding six figures to the value. Who knows we could be insanely wrong, but art NFTs are not that rare. Five years from now is anyone gonna care about this monkey pictures? I don’t think so, but let’s see.
  5. I mean I agree with you, the evidence seems to point heavily towards the SEC giving the green light to ETH. The question is why? that's the question they don't want to answer, because it really seems like there isn't a good answer except 'cuz they gave us bribes to do it'.
  6. What timeframe are we at now? It's been, what, 5 or 6 weeks since launch? FTSO was tested first, then State connector is being tested right now I think. I would hope S-assets are coming in the next few weeks.
  7. I like crypto. I'm a believer. From the first moment my friend showed me one of the early youtube videos explaining bitcoin, I knew it was genius. Yes, it is magic internet money with ridiculous returns, but that doesn't mean it's not real, that means it is magic internet money with ridiculous returns! When people say the future is DeFi I believe them. When people say XRP is gonna be used by three household names, I believe them. When Saylor says bitcoin is going to cure cancer and bring back the dodo, I believe him. And yet... I don't get it. I did a bit of reading, and I find that there's like a thousand of these monkey things and so people are collecting them. But artistically they are not special, aesthetically they are not special. So here we are. When people said crypto was a fad, it was back when crypto didn't do anything. Crypto still kinda doesn't do anything, but it's doing a decent job at faking it until you make it. People understand now that crypto (except BTC) is not just a string of letters and numbers, but instead it can actually be used to do stuff. So they are different from tulips. But these jpegs... are these the real tulips of crypto?
  8. If they can get the fans into it, NFTs will be huge in kpop. The companies already have the idea of 'collectibles' locked in. They produce albums with 'photos' in them, different ones, so you have to buy multiple albums to get the whole set. If you buy like 10 albums you get a special sticker thing. If you buy like 500 you get to have a five minute chat with the kpop idol. Stuff like that. You can see on youtube videos of people unboxing the special editions. There are youtubers whose entire schtick is buying a huge number of these things in order to get access to the special stuff. I've also heard anecdotal evidence of regular young people buying like 50 albums in order to get some special poster. It's a little frightening, but it's like a form of hyper-consumerism.
  9. Maybe it's because I've had a few drinks, but it's times like these, when people are helping each other with no expectation of return, that I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It is an absolute pleasure to be on this crazy ride with you fine people, and I sincerely hope that ten or twenty years from now we all look back on this and think: wow we had no idea (in a good way). Anyway, cheers all
  10. It wasn't for me it was for @ZerpTidalWave Make sure you keep the transaction record my dude!
  11. Hmm yes I guess so but a prompt only for WSGB doesn’t seem too onerous. Anyway it is ultimately the user’s responsibility but it would be easy to think that wrapped tokens are the same as non wrapped if you don’t know the technicals. It was just a thought.
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