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  1. OK, dump them. I plan to utilise them straight away and start collecting the many, many kinds of rewards that can be gotten, especially in the early days. I will also glad accept my Flare Finance airdrop and start using that to gain too. I'm quite confident that Flare is going to be massive. I understand not everyone shares the view.
  2. Yes I bought IOUs on Poloniex, which will be converted to FLR when the network launches. People seem to be using the terms Spark and Flare interchangeably, in fact people say Flare more commonly I think. No I had no crypto in Poloniex, I moved some USDT to there and bought the Flare. However people cannot withdraw or deposit Flare onto the exchange, so it is a closed system. You can't buy on Bitrue and then sell it on Poloniex. So the Flare I bought is now stuck in Poloniex, which I'm OK with because I like the price I bought it at.
  3. It's easy for me to say 'do it!' but do it! To a certain extent the flare network's initial success will be dependent on the hype and interest of the xrp community. The more channels the better.
  4. I agree so far the channels are immature, but they will certainly get better. For people who are completely lost about what flare is and what is going to happen in the future I think these channels can be helpful though. If there are better channels out there I'd love people to suggest them! But honestly I think this is the best we've got so far (apart from 'hype channels' of course).
  5. There are new channels popping up relating to Flare which can answer a lot of the questions people seem to have about the network. I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of channels that people have found useful in learning about here. I'm focusing on information channels, not 'crypto' channels with words like moon and buy now!!! in the title. So far I have encountered these below. Please add any more that you have found useful so far: Flare Community Flare Finance antyFOMO Micky B (strongly endorsed by Crypto Eri) Deep Space Flare (so far some explorat
  6. Nope, they get penalised because rewards from reward pools and inflation rewards go to those who are using their tokens on the system. This video explains it very well:
  7. We might miss out on this bullpen, but my point was that these moves still occur, or I should say some people are making moves like this happen. Time is obviously a factor but it can still surprise us.
  8. The market is irrational and manipulated - change my mind. Just because it makes very little sense for xrp to be pumping right now, doesn't mean it won't pump.
  9. Yawn. Yes, I am trying my hardest to move a billion dollar market by making one lightly worded post on one internet forum. You think it will work? I mean I did get an A in high school English for my persuasive writing essay...
  10. This is why you know it's a bad time to buy - newcomers are FOMOing in. Smart money isn't FOMOing in right now, they are either preparing to induce another FOMO session or to dump it. This is why it actually makes me sad a bit to see BTC at these levels. Because I know people who are not very knowledgeable are buying here, just like those people who bought at 20k, and they will be shaken out. If BTC actually did something I might be less salty about it, but it's literally one of the crappiest coins in terms of tech. I still can't accept that the markets are irrational and that the world
  11. Fair enough but he might have a huge stack of stocks that he wants to sell. Anyway the principle is the same: man with interest in product talks about product. This is not surprising.
  12. Yes this is the opposite extreme of buying BTC because normies on Twitter have suddenly discovered it.
  13. The risks of buying increase exponentially from here. As I said about BTC, if you bought at the ATH you doubled your money, great. But other coins have done much better as you know. ADA is not at the ATH so it’s not so risky, but it has moved a fair amount without a significant correction. That says danger zone to me. It may go parabolic and I could be wrong, but if I was looking now I would look for coins that either haven’t much yet or have only just begun. I bought AVAX and am currently up about 2.5x. Would I buy it here? Again it’s a risk, ATH. However difference with AVAX is I think
  14. I agree the opportunity cost is not good, but if you are in the red now it seems like a bad time to sell unless you really need the money or you are very confident in another project. With Brad and Chris, it galls me too. However I think one reason is that they are so visible and their behavior is confirmed. Are there others in major projects hyping it up while dumping? Absolutely, we just don’t see them. Also I expect the CEO of Ripple to hype xrp the same way I expect the CEO of Shell to speak positively about oil.
  15. Yes I also bought ADA. I bought around four cents. For those wondering why: because if you look at the range from the ATH to the bottom at that time it was low. Would I buy more now? No, not unless we see a significant retracement. It has already moved.
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