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  1. I would also pay for this. Imagine renting a movie on Youtube or whatever and getting bored 15 mins in and only paying for that 15 mins. Or at the same at the movie theatre. There are so many things that this could apply to and have obvious appeal. I really hope it gets going.
  2. This is right. However the customers will want the pay-per-second option, and it only takes a decent competitor to offer that and began to seriously take over the market. I mean the ads write themselves: FADE IN. Young woman asleep in bed in her studio apartment. Above her head is a graphic showing her bank balance slowly draining as seconds go by. Title: You can't watch TV while you sleep, but you're still paying for it. Title: Coil TV Streaming. Pay when you watch. Don't when you don't. OK it's lame but it took me all of 30 seconds to think up. It would very compelling for people looking to pinch the pennies. Of course getting licences from big networks would be the biggest challenge, but not impossible.
  3. Haha you can just call it Korean barbecue. They have different names for it depending on the type of meat and the cut. But yes it’s awesome with some soju and a light beer.
  4. Thanks mate. Yes I’m in Seoul. I won’t be posting much here, I just dip in to read Hodor’s blog and catch up with news in General. Not usually reading the Price forum. When the price goes back up the toxicity will disappear again.
  5. One post is trying too hard? Alright mate. BTW, name of this forum is "XRP Trading and Price Speculation". I speculated that the price was at the bottom. So....yeah.
  6. Dude you figured out my scam. I knew the readership of XRP chat was so massive, in the hundreds of millions every day, that just one well timed and perfectly worded post would move the market in my direction. And look, it worked!
  7. Yes they were all wrong. This is not my opinion. Look. At. The. Chart. Or are we going to disagree about the definition of the word 'bottom'?
  8. Bottom is zero. You should invest assuming it could go there and never recover.
  9. Dude, calm down. By pre-bull run I mean the same level as we were before the last bull run in 2017/2018. Wow, I didn't realise how controversial this post would be. Been away from here for a while. Sentiment must really be in the toilet if there is so much toxicity on the forum.
  10. Look at the chart. I've marked where a dollar was. Now ask yourself if that was the bottom. Look where we are now.
  11. I don't get the aggressive tone. I didn't tell him what to do with his money. Did you read our exchange? He said some people say 1.75 or whatever was the bottom, and I'm saying that was wrong. We are back at pre-bullrun levels, that's why I'm saying its the bottom. We are not in the middle of no man's land. We are at the bottom. Look at XRPBTC. It's at the bottom. You can see that right? I am not scared at all. I haven't invested more money than I can lose if we go to zero, and I am actually buying more right here. I'm not showing off. I'm trying to tell people not to sell at the bottom.
  12. I disagree. You could look at the chart and see 1.65 was not the bottom. Now is much more likely to be the bottom, IMO. I don't think it's going there, but you might be right. I can't be 100% confident of course. Good luck to you too.
  13. 1.75, 1.10, and .75 were not at the bottom. It might go a little lower, it might even go to .17. But if you bought at .5 or 1.46 or 2.99, is there really a big difference between 0.25 and 0.17? You might say yes, I say no. But I agree, calling the bottom at 1.75 was stupid, because you only have to look at the chart to know if that's it. It might well go to .17. If you are confident enough to sell now and buy back then, then the post is not aimed at you. The fact that you say it could go to 12 dollars next week tells me that you are not interested in discussing this seriously, or you don't know how the chart actually moves. It is this emotional decision making that I am trying to combat. Look at the chart, we are near the bottom. This is the time when you buy, not when you sell.
  14. Yeah this kind of post is not aimed at people who bought in at 0.02. It is aimed at the people who are despairing. The advice to hold right now is not because of memes or hopium or whatever. It's because as I said in my post: selling now puts you at risk of suffering twice. 1) selling lower than you hoped and 2) later buying back higher than you sold.
  15. I agree, but the market is still mostly bots and whales. BTC is the obvious choice for the whales to move first, followed by the main alts. I think there will be wealthy people who are not acting as 'whales' in the market who are accumulating through all this too though. Most likely BTC but also the other main alts. But remember also that for every sell at these levels someone is buying. It's the smart money.
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