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  1. Predicted future FUD ATHs: 2018: Banks will never use XRP 2019: Yeah but it's not a major bank 2020: Yeah but it's not the majority of banks in X country 2021: Yeah but it's not the majority of banks in the world 2022: Yeah but it's still a banker's sh*tcoin and BTC is still the only true crypto At which point XRP holdlers will no longer hear FUD over the sound of their own self-satisfied laughter:
  2. Seoulite

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    The problem with this is the "right about now" part. Why now? Why not two weeks ago? Why not in 6 months? No perhaps you are desperate, but the market is not. Institutional investors are certainly not desperate. If you are still uncertain whether crypto has any kind of future, then I'm not sure what to tell you. Stock exchanges are introducing their own crypto platforms. Billions of dollars is flowing into the crypto space in the form of investment in projects by very wealthy individuals and organizations. This isn't 2013. Crypto isn't going to just disappear. Notice this is different from saying that XRP or the Ripple project won't fail. They might. But the technology of crypto will not disappear and some crypto projects will begin to make huge waves in the next decade. XRP may or may not be one of them; that's why it's good to diversify. Digital assets will be used in some form in the future. There is no going back now.
  3. It also points to the idea there is a certain level that the market movers will not allow the price to fall below. We already heard this year that Ripple scaled down or stopped their selling of XRP when the price was near its lowest. They know that a complete collapse in price would be catastrophic. The whales know this too. That is why I can say with 99.9% confidence that BTC is not going to zero this year. Why? Because people will deep pockets can make easy money from the ups and downs and why on earth would they want that to stop? I don't think we will see a new low for XRP this year, but I do think we could see a new low for BTC. I think somewhere around 2000 is the absolute low for BTC. If it goes that low then just start buying everything because it will be rocket time.
  4. To get to number 1, Verstappen would need quite the "bull run"
  5. Impressive that this one will make it to number 4. That’s a certain hodl!
  6. With the Nasdaq opening its platform, to be followed by others for sure, I think BTC will be near the top for the foreseeable future almost regardless of how it performs tech wise. This is the digital gold argument and that will strengthen as BTC becomes increasingly exposed to traditional investors. Also the market itself will still be tied to BTC throughout 2019 and some of 2020 in my opinion. Therefore BTC slipping down by itself seems unlikely.
  7. I thought about putting ADA in there but I thought they are still a little behind in development compared to some other platforms. But I think ADA's time will come.
  8. 'Tis the season for predictions and there are plenty about the XRP price EOY 2019. But I wanted to get people's thoughts on what the top 5 cryptos will look like EOY 2020. I chose 2020 and not 2019 because personally I don't think we will see a radical change in the space in just one year, and so I think most predictions for EOY 2019 would basically be the same as we have now. Here's where we are right now on coinmarketcap: My prediction for EOY 2020 is 1. XRP 2. Bitcoin 3. EOS 4. Ethereum 5. Tron I think the next two years will be all about use cases and the Dapp and Smart Contract platforms will receive the most publicity from this simply because of the diversity of projects which will arise. XRP will be top because although its use case is far more narrowly defined, it will appear to people as the most 'legit' and 'serious'. I think until Dapps running on cryptos become more mainstream, people will still dismiss them as rather frivolous. People never view banks as frivolous. And bitcoin will be there because of its name and maybe it will be upgraded and be actually, you know, useful. What do you guys think?
  9. Seoulite

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    This is a great thread, thanks for that guys. It's above my paygrade to understand but it seems to me that @Ripple-Stiltskin's point about XRP being a truck is how I understood it as well. We are not talking about XRP replacing gold or becoming the world currency, it is an electronic bridge asset that is much faster and malleable than what we currently have. As he said in his post, the XRP truck can get bigger and bigger, according to the price. @Wandering_Dog, is the concern here about what happens if your theoretical Bob refuses to use his truck and he's the only one with a truck? Then of course the system would break down. But how is that different from everyone in the world refusing collectively refusing to use EUR anymore? Is the only difference the likelihood of it happening? Forgive me if this is a stupid question. This is a fascinating thread, as I said. Cheers.
  10. You've highlighted one year on what will eventually be a 10 or 15 year chart. For some perspective, here's the Amazon chart. Could a XRP and a few other crypto charts look like this in ten years? It's a game of patience.
  11. Seoulite

    2019 is gonna be epic

    I would add a third and more influential reason: 3. The people who move the market are in the accumulation phase, lead by BTC/USD. I personally think we will see a spike in prices, BTC somewhere around 8-10k before we see one last bottom. Or we have already seen the bottom. In either case, there is a certain point where the people who move the market decide to send it rolling again. The movements we see on the chart are still 90+% speculation. I have no doubt that there is OTC accumulation happening in all the big coins, especially the top 3, but it's not showing up in the markets yet. Once the players kickstart the next bull market, then we will see more public announcements of banks planning to use xrp.
  12. Seoulite

    2019 is gonna be epic

    I agree with one of your points that XRP isn't going straight to 50 dollars. There will be cycles of increase and correction. And I get what you are saying about the difference between BTC going from 1 dollar to 20k and XRP going from 1 dollar to 100. The scales are different. Let's say BTC goes from 4k to 400k. At some point we start encountering real world obstacles, as you say. Things like, there isn't that much money in the bank or there isn't that much money in the country for people to cash out or people don't have enough money to keep buying. Having said that, people's concept of wealth is kinda myopic. Look at the estimated wealth of the American tycoons back in the day. These men were unbelieveably wealthy and had power and influence inconceivable to us now. I will concede that these days governments are far more proactive in policing society and are far more able to do it than they were in the past, but still our ideas of the limit of wealth or how big a business can really be are historically framed. IMO it is more likely that XRP can reach astronomical levels than BTC, because XRP has an organization chaperoning it, with all the infrastructure, legal cover, and stability that comes with institutional power.
  13. Yes but I think he also purposely said "Financial institutions like banks" rather than simply "Financial institutions"
  14. Great work. Out of interest, is a project like this just a hobby project or are you monetizing this somehow? I think this kind of stuff is great but I'm just wondering at people's motivations.
  15. Seoulite

    Analysis of Ripple's XRP sales

    Yes, this. A sudden massive spike to $100 would be disruptive in so many ways. It would draw the gaze of regulators, legislators, hucksters, and gamblers from across the world, like the Eye of Sauron. It would be extremely volatile and likely unsustainable. You may say well something like that happened with BTC. Yes it did. But BTC isn't used for anything. It isn't tied into networks and companies and banks like XRP is. BTC is just play money and the people in power were happy to watch and smile as the nerds gave each other ever bigger piles of cash for a few lines of code. This is now the difference between serious cryptos with actual use cases and the rest. This change in attitude and outlook will also eventually herald the move from speculation driven markets to utility driven markets. It is coming. People are already talking about XRP overtaking BTC. Then crypto moves out of the basement into the boardroom.