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  1. This seems most likely to me. It is highly likely that regular remittances will follow monthly cycles in the way OP originally assumed. But the market is still quite small and so sudden noise can drown the signal. I would expect as the years progress that ODL remittance transactions will settle into monthly cycles according to when people are paid in different countries, also yearly cycles related to public holidays and tax events. Exciting times!
  2. Second. These few threads are the last ones that haven’t become toxic and totally derailed by petty arguments with trolls. Please don’t encourage them or engage them in this thread.
  3. Absolutely. What happened in Japan, Korea and then China is about to happen in South and South East Asia. A whole lot of people, in the hundreds of millions, are about to get richer and they will want to send money.
  4. Ripple has clearly tried to reduce selling pressure by reducing sales and pointing OTC buyers to exchanges themselves. But I think crypto markets are still mostly moved by speculation and the big players; I mean the people with big pockets who manipulate all markets. They are still the main reason that suddenly the price will jump up IMO. Furthermore I don't think XRP going up is a surprise; we are at the bottom and we have been in a very long period of consolidation. I agree that how we are going up is interesting: there is continual buying pressure without it being FOMO. Are we seeing huge buys that would before have been OTC now being pushed onto exchanges? Institutions spreading out huge orders that are just continually beating out exhausted bears? Perhaps. The Bitso liquidity index graph is incredibly encouraging, a clear uptrend and it is sharp too. We talked before about not particularly wanting a huge pump and dump to happen. I would like us to do a BTC: rise well to about the middle of the range and then hang about there for a while. No more bumping along the bottom.
  5. Ripple and XRP also exist in the 'crypto space' which is highly influenced by public perception. You think regulators and politicians in the US are unmoved by public perception? You think if BTC still had a reputation for just being the money of drug dealers and criminals it would have gotten as far as it has today? These things matter. Human beings are influenced by these things and in the end human beings make the decision to pursue ODL or to sign on the dotted line with Ripple or to explore using DAs.
  6. Totally agree with this. It would be great for some of us to have a massive spike because we would take some profits and wait. But a parabolic move will bring a parabolic correction. Not sure that's the kind of volatility we want.
  7. I mean how much manpower and man-hours do you think it took to write those couple of paragraphs? It's hardly a huge investment of resources. Also look how far BTC has gotten purely on name recognition. The technology is worse in any number of ways, but the public perception gives it a huge boost. Why wouldn't Ripple be concerned with the public perception of XRP? They would be, and like it or not, Twitter perceptions filter through to crypto 'news' outlets which then filter through to the MSM. Finally, many of the big names in crypto and people at the centre of the biggest projects have engaged into Twitter wars on behalf of their coin. I see nothing wrong with Ripple putting a few paragraphs in one report to counteract public misinformation.
  8. A chart like that is skewed by the massive interesting in winter 2017-2018. It would be more informative to see where we are say starting from early 2019, or 12 months ago.
  9. Right I think TA wise I respect what he says, I just mean looking at the chart here and the amount of volume that was held at 30, I would guess there are walls there for now. I'm not a big believer in fundamental moves, especially at this early stage in the market. I think it is whales who still decide when it is go time and they use 'events' like Swell to drag in the small fish. If the whales think it's time to go then it will be time to go.
  10. 30 cents seems like a pretty big resistance. I can't see the order books but looking at the chart I am guessing there are huge sell walls around 30 cents. Hopefully we will break up above it and then it's party time.
  11. Yes I think it is coordinated. Of course there are whales here too looking to move the market. I doubt we will see 2017 levels of hysteria among normal people here unless we go back to 1 or 2 dollars. But whales will still move it for sure.
  12. It's not night here in Korea. It's just gone 6pm. Not sure what the movement was or why. Maybe whales are starting to think it's time to go.
  13. Such a predictable cycle would be very quickly cancelled out by people trying to take advantage of it in the way you suggested. IIRC such a thing happened several decades ago in forex or the market indexes, when people noticed a pattern around November or January, can't remember which. Anyway it was connected to taxes and the end of the financial year, and as soon as it was noticed it was drowned in noise as people attempted to manipulate it. I agree though that this should be an encouraging sign for investors (not speculators) that xRapid will drive demand. But I was under the impression that xRapid transactions, being neutral in buys and sells, themselves will not move the market. What will move it is the demonstration of real world utility and the speculative excitement that would create coupled with accumulation by market makers wanting to move bigger values.
  14. What numbers are you referring to exactly? I don't see the spike. It's difficult to infer anything from the numbers, as the movements at the top could be people moving money around, splitting it into different accounts, etc. The increase in XRP in the top accounts is interesting to me, but this might be the result of escrow or OTC buys. We can assume that people are accumulating at this level, but these numbers might not be much evidence.
  15. I would also pay for this. Imagine renting a movie on Youtube or whatever and getting bored 15 mins in and only paying for that 15 mins. Or at the same at the movie theatre. There are so many things that this could apply to and have obvious appeal. I really hope it gets going.
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