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  1. When the real bull run starts coinbase will give us welcome liquidity. The time for coinbase news sending us to moon has long passed. That kind of sentiment is just gone for now.
  2. Exactly right. I'm not sure why they opted for a subscription service, maybe because the payment structure is far more simple that way. But I agree with you, give me a way to support content creators per second I consume (a kind of highly specialised and response patreon) and I'll do it. As you say, the key is the link between clicking and paying. You should know exactly when you are paying and exactly when you aren't.
  3. Haha could be, though that would be stone cold trickery on behalf of this dude's family. But there are some crypto that we know is lost forever, especially early BTC. I personally believe that Satoshi is dead, and so who knows? Access to all his BTC could be lost forever too.
  4. One of the problems is, as you pointed out, is about infrastructure and trust, rather than money itself. And besides, there is some money there. At the moment we are talking about poorer, developing countries like the Philippines, Mexico, or even somewhere like Nigeria. We are not talking about people who literally don't have clean water booting up their iPhone to use xrp. You are an investor in a cryptocurrency aren't you? The major selling point of crypto is that it doesn't need to be backed up by guns and that you don't need to trust the guy on the other end. I will grant you that this concept will be hard for people to get used to, but once people start using it then it will become as trusted as sending an email. Again, counterfeit is not possible or the whole system breaks down. Theft can happen if you have your hallowed USD in your pocket too. Finally, the saltiness of people has little to do with the value of XRP.
  5. Maybe but those will be the smaller exchanges that were established earlier on. I would be surprised if one of the large exchanges or one of the newer ones established in countries like Canada suddenly scammed people. A bigger danger is the collapse of tether leading to the collapse of exchanges. That would set crypto back years, maybe even a decade.
  6. I don't follow you. Isn't this in fact one of the biggest attractions of xrapid: that people can transfer money more easily in and out of difficult places precisely because the currencies and governments in those places are less trustworthy and/or stable? That poorer people experience much higher transaction costs for this reason? This is why people in those countries often use USD, as mentioned above. Because USD is a trusted and stable asset. Well XRP could also be that. And this comes back to the point: XRP is not just a digi-dollar. It has other properties that make it more attractive.
  7. I think pinning any hopes in price rises on the deflation of XRP is futile. In this area what is more likely to drive the price is scarcity. In the news today it is reported that potentially a billion XRP might be lost after an XRP whale died without giving anyone else access to his private keys. Once reliable metrics are available for how much crypto has been lost, I think the circulating supply numbers for many of the older coins will decrease fairly significantly, particularly BTC but also potentially XRP.
  8. Also this is a pretty huge blunder by this dude. I know he was 30 and no one expects to just drop dead at 30, but for you to be the only person with access to the entire store of crypto for all your customers is just not good business practice and now everyone is paying for it. It's a sad story but at least it will help some people avoid this in the future. If you have a significant amount of crypto, let someone know how to get it if you are suddenly hit by a bus.
  9. I keep some resources on two of the biggest exchanges for trading purposes. I know it is a risk but I also figure that if either of those exchanges goes down, the whole crypto market is going to take a huge hit and I might well have lost out on that same value anyway.
  10. Yep there's no rule that says Washington has to run the show. In fact, it's tough to imagine but once upon a time decisions made by the Bank of England caused financial crises in the US, not the other way round. Personally I'd prefer a more multipolar world. If one of those poles was in Tokyo, that wouldn't be too bad at all.
  11. Yeah Friends already covered this. Basically its an endless circle.
  12. Thanks for your response. "a few speculators" could actually be quite a large number of speculators. I know retail traders who trade crude oil. Why? To make money off the movement of the markets. There are plans for the NASDAQ to enter crypto. There are already investment funds that deal in crypto. These people aren't buying up xrp so they can use it to buy ice creams Again, not neccessarily true. People buy gold and silver. Why? You can't use it in your local mart. Of course, some people use it in industrial applications, but most don't. They buy it and then hope to sell it higher, redeeming it for fiat. Why wouldn't crypto be the same? That links to my point about other uses of xrp. If a streamer gets paid in XRP through Coil, then redeems it for USD, what's the problem? XRP is not just a digi-dollar. It can do other stuff too. The problem here is the word 'currency' and I don't think Brad Garlinghouse would ever use the word. XRP could be used as a base bridge asset across the world, and while it's unlikely it's not impossible. A bit like saying Google would never be able to take its huge market share in the competition among search engines. Well, they did. Ripple could take massive amounts of market share away from Swift and XRP could be used in the background of trillions of dollars of transactions daily. I don't expect it though, and neither should anyone here. It would be a nice pleasant surprise, but I'll settle for a decent appreciation in XRP price and then I'll sell and wish Ripple well.
  13. As crypto becomes more established as an asset class and a trading instrument, there will be retail traders and institutions who buy and sell it to try and make money. I agree a lot of trading we see now could be bots and/or fake volume, but that won't always be the case, especially once the major stock exchanges get into the game. Crypto as digital gold is not a completely wild idea, and a certain percentage of people may wish to hold value in crypto. Furthermore, other use cases for xrp are being worked on as we speak. Being able to use XRP as a currency in the street may be, ironically, thinking a little too small. The IoV is an incredible concept that will create use cases for digital assets that we currently can't imagine, but also some that we can, such as directly paying for internet content through things like Coil. I agree with you that right now liquidity on the exchanges we have now is pretty suspect, but that is only going to be less the case as time goes by.
  14. Predicted future FUD ATHs: 2018: Banks will never use XRP 2019: Yeah but it's not a major bank 2020: Yeah but it's not the majority of banks in X country 2021: Yeah but it's not the majority of banks in the world 2022: Yeah but it's still a banker's sh*tcoin and BTC is still the only true crypto At which point XRP holdlers will no longer hear FUD over the sound of their own self-satisfied laughter:
  15. The problem with this is the "right about now" part. Why now? Why not two weeks ago? Why not in 6 months? No perhaps you are desperate, but the market is not. Institutional investors are certainly not desperate. If you are still uncertain whether crypto has any kind of future, then I'm not sure what to tell you. Stock exchanges are introducing their own crypto platforms. Billions of dollars is flowing into the crypto space in the form of investment in projects by very wealthy individuals and organizations. This isn't 2013. Crypto isn't going to just disappear. Notice this is different from saying that XRP or the Ripple project won't fail. They might. But the technology of crypto will not disappear and some crypto projects will begin to make huge waves in the next decade. XRP may or may not be one of them; that's why it's good to diversify. Digital assets will be used in some form in the future. There is no going back now.
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