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  1. Past 2 years everyone was yelling we will go up and went down. Now everybody yelling we go down. This is good news!
  2. If we dip down for a bit now that would form head and shoulders on the graph. This could be a sign of a drop following. Next few hours will be interesting I guess.
  3. I did go short but earlier on this same price point so I am fine for now. But I am actively monitoring what is happening. You are right that I called it too early. We did break the bearish trend line I posted earlier so let's see where this goes. If we go up to 0.23 I'll buy back-in and take that loss.
  4. Bitcoin will drag everything down again with a 2% drop within 15 minutes.
  5. Please start selling ASAP 😉 I've been through the same but now I've became numb to losing which is actually why I started winning
  6. Most charts are just reflections of what people desire their selfs. I only look at sentiment and the current sentiment is very depressed so I see no value in holding at the moment. I'll buy back my full stack lower or a bit higher when an upwards trend is confirmed and take the loss. It's not like XRP will suddenly rise and never have waves down again. People are so focussed on missing out "the big pump" because everyone dreams of being super rich. I did so myself as well but with this mindset you focus on your XRP amount and not your dollars "real world money" amount. We're all greedy hoping on 2000% profits. This mindset is being exploited by the market for 2 years now. Still long term I believe in XRP and it's future value. But at the moment I am 80% stack sold to wait for lower prices or see a break of the bearish trend and buy back in.
  7. Another fake-out with a big 10% dropping following happening?
  8. I think Bitcoin will drag the entire market down for another 10%-20% drop. From there it will bounce and start a bullish market. I don't believe this decline can end without a big downwards finish to reset the sentiment of the entire market.
  9. This $6800 should be were we stop this madness and start a bullish trend.
  10. Hit the bottom yellow line like expected. Now let's see if it keep following this channel..
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